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  1. Medicus, they had it all over their infomercials when they advertised the Medicus driver
  2. I'm not gonna lie, that doesn't look great. I would have to see it from address. I heard they weren't releasing a S55??
  3. Is there any way to strip the finish on ping irons without ruining the CTP?
  4. Nice review, on another note however, what did you put your KBS Hybrid in?
  5. I was wondering how much a putter like this would cost if were to order one?
  6. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with the Apollo Hump shafts. If anyone knows, how does it play?
  7. How do you think this shaft would hold up on really quick tempos and a 113 mph swing? Does it balloon at all or is it really flattening out your trajectory? And also how much would it have to be tipped to play around an x flex?
  8. Yes and no. A golf ball should be soft. Nobody likes feeling a rock shooting off the face on every shot no matter how pure it is. However, every club (except putters) when you hit it pure, is going to feel the same way. When I play, do I care about the way my club feels? Not at all. I care about looks, weight, and the grip. Anything else is just hindering your playing ability. Feel is just another killer of confidence more or less.
  9. What about 7.5* in the drivers? The tour gets them. And some people, like me, who throws moonshots with everything they get put in, need something that low.
  10. These look good. I'm sure I'm gonna be testing these and the PING i20 when they are released
  11. +1 at 3.75 a pop, they're worth their salt. They lasted me all summer and they held up when they got wet. I sweat alot and they never got slippery. And they look good too.
  12. Adidas. Looks classic. Not too flashy. Really clean.
  13. It's all about preference honestly. The S56's (the ones i game) are more of a blade. And if you don't hit it consistently, they aren't the club for you. An offcenter shot will lose about 10-15 yards. If you're looking for a little hit of forgiveness, you could go with the ap2's. The 910 hybrids are absolute beasts by the way.
  14. What RIP shaft is in your driver? Is it the stock shaft?
  15. I say use whatever works. I don't think it should matter whether or not a guy cab anchor a putter against his body. Thats the same as playing an extreme MOI mallet putter. The way I see it, the player still has to get the line and the speed right. A player could putt horridly with a long putter (me, for example). It's all a matter of preference and what works best for the individual golfer.
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