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  1. Dude, It sounds like you have the same problems with spin I do. I would recommend the Titleist 910D3 with the UST proforce v2 76 g shaft. The heavier shaft will keep the spin down and the profoce v2 it is an awesome shaft. You can get one from GPPgolf.com online for $399 + delivery. Good luck mate.
  2. Sweet looking driver. Any idea on the price??
  3. I agree the graphics visible on the crown are not required. Looks good though will definately try!!
  4. I like it it looks sexy!! Damn the japanese why do they get all the good looking stuff!!
  5. I usually play a Pro V1 but I have tried the penta and it flies off the driver!! But it is very expensive so I'll stick to the Pro V1
  6. I love the fact that we are finally going with different colour on golf clubs. I would definately play a whit ferrule.
  7. In order of past to present (1) Callaway Biggest Big Bertha (2) Callaway Big Bertha 460 (3) Taylormade R9 Supertri TP
  8. All I can say it that Taylormade know how to make a sexy club!!!
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