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  1. Who in there right mind buys a golf company at the moment. Let alone TM, Adidas aren't going to let it go cheap.
  2. Maybe a couple of wedges, thats about all I need and nothing else is making me consider buying anything.
  3. Have you the new versions since they re-released it last year. You can one exactly like the original along with newer versions.
  4. Any chance the Chinese economy gets bad enough they call in the $$ they have loaned to everybody?
  5. My tee shots, for me when I score play well it comes down to GIRs. To hit those greens I have to keep the ball play. If I can do that "normally" everything else falls into to place. Of course, there are those rounds where I couldn't hit a barn door from 20 yards.
  6. I've got a Sizemore kicking round somewhere that I keep throwing back in the bag. Not that I play much anymore but back when I did I could never bring myself to part with it.
  7. I think I played 4 times maybe. Already played once this year, ahead of the curve already.
  8. The are pretty good. Nybrids were great too but they were made for a high SS,
  9. Other way around, Sonartec licensed the designs from Royal Collection.
  10. He became one of the best in the world at his job, made a lot of money. Then decided he doesn´y really want to do it any more. Can´t say I blame the man.
  11. 76 is a hell of an a scoring average if you´re hitting 8 hybrids for 2nd shots in a round. Well done.
  12. I play better when I walk. I´d say I walk 80% of my rounds. Summers here can be brutal so like some of the other guys said it´s temperature related. Anything above 33´c I´ll take a cart.
  13. I've always found the better I play the worse my putting stats are. The better I hit it, the more greens in regulation I hit, these lead to more (hopefully) 2 putts. As opposed to missing more greens and maybe getting up and down.
  14. There'Å› a difference between a career round and a career weekend. I played with a legit 10 h/c one day who shot -2 one day. I'd played with him before, solid, nothing spectacular. But this he holes out from the fairway on one hole. Chips in twice, has a tee shot over the OB fence by miles until it hits a power pylon and comes back in. It was just one of those days.
  15. I'm one of these guys. I'm 32, play off 4, have been as low as 0. 20s-30s if the weather was half decent I was playing at least 3 times, maybe dropping by the course after work to hit some wedges/ putts etc. No kids, no problems. A couple of years later I have an 17 month old, another on the way. I work 4 week stretches away from home. So when I'm back for a week I either sneak off to golf, or hangout with the young guy. My clubs are rusting away lol. Same with most of the guys I grew up playing with. Young familys, at least 5 1/2 day working weeks. Not really conductive to much golf.
  16. Dave

    Round Prep

    I'ḿ that guy that is normally running to the tee with a red bull in one hand, and quickly trying to count my clubs to make sure I haven left one at home again.
  17. I've had them that bad I didn't touch a club for 2 years.
  18. Why would they? How many OEMs at the moment are actually turning a decent profit off clubs only. Balls, clothing and footwear is where the $$$ are.
  19. I don't think I've ever regripped my current irons since I got them built about 4 years ago. Still going strong.
  20. Thanks HR. I did mean play your music, who cares but I didn't mean blast it out at 140db. Common sense goes a long way, pity it nearly an extinct mannerism now.
  21. You can't just create lag, the swing is a sequence. If you try to create more, you mess up the timing between club and body rotation. Leading to probably more problems than you started with.
  22. Spieth still could have lost points if he didn't play. It depends on whether or not a tournament 2 years ago falls off his 2 year cycle the points are calculated by.
  23. Did you notice the prices?
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