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  1. Collection has been updated again! The noteworthy additions are: Mark Crossfield, Grinders Cup, Dallas Cowboys, White/Black and Pink Chevrons
  2. Awesome opportunity and my first driver was a Ping! - James - Illinois, USA - Callaway Apex CF16 4-AW w/KBS Tour 120 Stiff - 165
  3. The collection has grown a bit and I've updated the first post with a newer picture, but I'll do the same here. Notice there's two golf website balls in that picture, but no MYGOLFSPY! Let's go guys As always if you have one not pictured here I'm happy to trade or buy it from you!
  4. It's not that they are creating "collector's balls" so much as being are just choosing to collect them, much like people do with coffee cups or other random things.
  5. There's actually two different Padres balls. One with the Pentagon and another with a Homeplate shape. Still looking for that one LOL Can you tell me where you found that Grinder's Cup image? That's actually not the ball I was referring to. This one is: Well some have been ebay purchases, but the majority were trading with others. There's a close knit handful of us that takes cares of one another. A lot of these are from private clubs or events. We go to what we can, get as many as we can, and trade with guys who did the same thing with a different one. My collection got started out of the kindness of some guys who just gave me a bunch to get going. The secondary market is just plain stupid and not needed. Yes, you may never get a Whalburger ball, but 80% of the collection I have is from flat out trading. Stars and Stripes can be found in retail easily right now at normal Chrome Soft prices. Don't forget about me LOL
  6. The most prized ball in my collection is probably the Morgan Pressel Evian Championship ball. It was a limited release for a European tournament and very hard to get a hold of. My favorite though is actually not in the picture yet (I have 8 that are in route to me) and that is a Cohiba one. I'm a very avid cigar smoker so that one is just neat to me. I would argue that course coins were originally made to be used, but people started collecting them. That seems to be the same thing with Truvis. A lot of higher end courses have started doing a custom truvis ball and sell them as singles; it's replacing the cheap pinnacle with a logo in that sense. At that point I don't think they are intending for you to play it, but you certainly could. Then you have tournaments that are starting to do them as well and corporations for charity events etc… To me, at least, it seems they are intended to be collected. Through other golf forums, social media sites and everyone's favorite auction site I have search filters set up and check them pretty frequently. I am unfortunately missing a LOT of them. The two I am most actively looking for are "The Grinder's Cup" and the Mark Crossfield ball.
  7. Couple of them in there I am desperate to track down.
  8. There's a good 30 or so that I'm missing I think
  9. No, there are a LOT I am missing
  10. Like the title says, is anyone here a Truvis collector? Just curious to see what you have in your collection. I'll go first
  11. Name - State: Jay - Illinois Handicap: 20 Used a GPS Watch: No Used a Shot Tracking System: Yes, Arccos. Liked the idea, but didn't want to carry my phone in my pocket and editing shots was unintuitive.
  12. Great opportunity here! Name: Jay State: Illinois (plenty of rounds left for me this year) Hdcp: 18
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone! So my X20s do look good at address and I feel good hitting them, but I do seem to have dropped a club in distance over the last year. My primary reason for taking a look at new clubs is the tremendous pricing available to me on them and the X20s would get handed down to my teenager whose new to the game so I view it as a win-win.
  14. I have the opportunity to save a significant amount of money on any of the following sets Callaway Apex Callaway X2 Hot Callaway X2 Hot Pro Wilson D100 Wilson C100 Wilson FG Tour M3 My question is should I? I have no issues with the X-20s and enjoy hitting them, but I'm wondering if any of these would be a significant improvement over the X20s. Obviously I would demo them all and get fit, but any general feedback about the above models would be great!
  15. So I followed that up to a point… I agree that rule 33-2 requires the margins of water hazards and lateral water hazards to be marked. Rule 26-1 is where you lose me So option A is available, but you suggest is not the proper course of action (or thats how I read). Option B is how we are playing, which I originally did not think was right. Option C -- Just to make sure I'm reading this right the player can basically drop outside the water right? Any idea why the club owner would say you HAD to re-tee? Here is the hole layout for reference
  16. I recently joined a weekly 9-hole league; hurray me! Last week during league we have one particular hole that has a narrow fairway and on the left is a water hazard (I assume it's classified as lateral because you do not drive over it) and on the right a housing development and the yards are white staked. One person in my group hit in the water and another into a back yard. When this happens it's a 1-stroke penalty, but what are the options here. According to the final player in my group, the course owner, they have to re-tee. Something about some USGA ruling. Can anyone provide some clarification here?
  17. I did enjoy the stick and it has an attractive price point, but at the end of the day I don't even subscribe to CA anymore because they still haven't gotten the memo that their asses aren't hats. That said it was great for the Pepin/My Father factory because they are good people and the brand as a whole is certainly deserving of the recognition.
  18. I do smoke while golfing, but I will usually smoke a 'yard gar' since I know I won't be able to enjoy it properly. If I'm pulling out a Padron 46, Le Bijou 1922, or heck even a MUWAT I want to be able to sit and enjoy it, not work to keep it lit; worry about dropping it and so on.
  19. I actually ordered a SkyPro last night and it should be here today. (Go-go Amazon next day delivery) I will post up some swings, specifically with my wedges, because for all I know the swing has changed in the last two years.
  20. So I probably am not explaining it well, but basically I've been told (by a coach) that my take away is steep. I pick the ball though and 99% of the time take no divot.
  21. I'm curious why you say I'm a digger? Not saying you're wrong, but I would classify myself as a slider/sweeper/picker of the golf ball. Yes I occasionally do take huge divots, but that's always when something crazy happens with my swing. Thank you VERY much for your feedback
  22. You've been plenty helpful so no worries! Hopefully Rookieblue and some others have the chance to chime in
  23. So when I go to the online purchase tool at Hopkins I get the following recommendation based purely on my region 50° = Full sole grind (for versatility) 55° = Channel grind (for varied sand conditions and tight lies) 60° = Wide grind (for playability around the green) When I emailed their customer support number with the same details I laid out here I was recommended this 50° = Full Sole 54° = Heel/Toe (for increased playability no matter what the course conditions are) 58° = Heel (so you can open it up and hit it like you're used to hitting your 60) It's the inconsistency in the two recommendations that has me seeking out some outside opinions That ARC grind sounds interesting too which just further complicates the matter. My lack of really understanding the grind options
  24. I got fit last Sunday and ended up with a JetSpeed in the Stock Shaft (Stiff). While the carry was a little better with the SLDR I was pulling the ball a lot and my spin was way up over the JetSpeed and thus the rollout and overall distance suffered. I really wanted to end up with the SLDR (it just looks cool and I like the weight), but I just hit the JetSpeed better.
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