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  1. I have a brand new Fujikura Blur S 005. It is on the lighter side, but it is a very very strong shaft. I'm looking for 140 shipped or best offer. Let me know if you're interested by PMing me back. Thanks http://i76.photobuck...23/IMG_2122.jpg http://i76.photobuck...23/IMG_2125.jpg
  2. I have a brand new fujikura blur....let me know if you're interested.
  3. Price drop on both... Driver-105 shipped Shaft-185 shipped
  4. I have a 907 D2 9.5* with a VS Proto Stiff. I used it for about 15 rounds last season and has not been touched since. It is in great condition. There are no pop-up marks, just some normal wear. Comes with a headcover. Looking for 120 Shipped. US Only please. Also, I have a Fujikura Blur Stiff 005. It is uncut. Looking for 200 shipped http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j38/steevo123/IMG_2122.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j38/steevo123/IMG_2125.jpg ALL OFFERS ARE WELCOME OF COURSE.
  5. Want to get rid of this! Somebody help out here!
  6. Want to move this! Someone help me! Give me an offer I dont care!
  7. BUMP Price at 215...offers and scotty cameron headcovers acceppted
  8. Callaway is having an awesome year...what are you guys on? FT-Tour is one of the best drivers callaway has ever made. X-Prototypes and X-Forged are some of the best irons out there. so they are from being unimpressive
  9. rather at the end instead of speaking, he should just put a mark on his checklist of companies! give 'em the silent treatment!
  10. you should show a guy walking around an OEM test center with that company's polo shirt on and have him walking down halls grabbing stuff. then you see him go to his car in the parking lot and toss the prototype equipment in the back seat. he then opens the trunk and tosses the company's polo shirt back in the pile and then puts on another company's shirt and drives away to the next test center. then he says like off to the oven! or off to the kingdom! ....and it fades to the slogan.
  11. Willing to do trades as well for scotty headcovers (one or several), or scotty putters newports or wedge sets 56, 60 (cally or cleveland)
  12. Have a new Fujikura Motore Speeder 6.1 STIFF I am willing to part with. Serious offers only Asking around somewhere around 275 but offers are accepted.... price will be paypal'd and shipped. Best offer wins...PM them to me. Specs + Pics:
  13. He's playing an FT9 tour authentic with Fubuki 73 x stiff and then FT-5 Tour authentic with a whiteboard 83 for the low guy
  14. I don't believe this....Scotty would never go to a brand like Taylormade or Nike, they are way to commercial and in my opinion would cheapen the product which he would not approve of. If anything, he would survive more than comfortably on his own, but i doubt Titleist will get rid of SC.
  15. not as expensive though right? saw fubuki imix going in the 130 range. they are upwards of 250 with no adapter right?
  16. if i'm not mistaken, the shafts for i-mix are cheaper than the glued shafts, but perform the same.
  17. I've been pretty callaway faithful woods and wedge wise, and this new line totally justifies it. I'm excited for these new woods. don't know if i comestically like the jaws though... x -tour and x forged do fine.
  18. I don't know how tall you are, but maybe take the regular and tip it a bit or cut it down? make it effectively in between. just an idea
  19. Hoping he'll be back in time for the CA, going there over spring break, would love to see his comeback live and up front...
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