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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to give a shout out quickly to one of the best customer service units I have dealt with in my lifetime. now there has been some questioning between the marketing aspect of taylormade and the "other" OEM's not particularlly pulling their weight to push the envelope (fully agree) but I would have to say Callaway is making splashed in Customer service. I am making this statment fully on my dealings with Callaway tech support on the GPS side of the world and have not fully been through anything from a club or apparel standpoint considering i just don't play or w
  2. Hi all, sorry to the those who were in contact with me about these. once I found out I underestimated the value I went to ebay and sold for a greater return on investment. forgot I still had my post up on this board
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey everyone, I have a RIP aldila Gamma - 60.3.4 stiff Driver shaft (46-47 Inches) for sale and will throw in the lightwieght Miyazaki (pulled from my cleveland FL fairway wood) shaft for free. looking to get 25 for both shafts. shipping paid by buyer Contact me at franksav1@verizon.net
  4. Hey everyone, I have a tour edge exotics 3 hybrid for sale hit maybe 20 times. I jus tpurchased the Rocketbalzzzzzzzz 3 and 4 hybrids so getting rid of the old "NEW" equipment already. the shaft is the aldila RIP 80 gram stiff Hybrid shaft and has been pured recently by George Izett golf. looking to get $85 with shipping. I promise this time i will have pics tomorrow Contact me at franksav1@verizon.net
  5. Love this Idea. the MGS Hot List would be predicated strictly on the performance of the club. I agree looks and feel should be left out as these are perosnal attributes (specific to the golfer) as for the performance of the club, regardless of the stock shafts etc the number don't lie if everyone is hitting the same head and getting the same performance as far as the numbers of accuracy, distance and such. not sure if GD would oppose or has some kind of restriction but a side by side comparison in some kind of media format would be an awesome iudea as well. GD doesn't give the detail just
  6. trimmed .335 tapered on all. I will be sending the pictures tonight as I jsut got the shafts wednesday
  7. Gotcha Moecat. I said tomorrow but I have to pick them up from the shop once I get my new sticks.
  8. Good stuff I am wondering if you could help me out with the following: I am not to savy with all the apecs fo the clubs so anything will do. What is? GP NDMC midsize 16 toe, 4 hee
  9. Not too savy on the tip specs but I will get them for you
  10. SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey all, I have 6 KBS tour stiff steel shafts for sale along with 3 nippon 115w stiff shafts for wedges available for sale. best offer takes them. shipping will be worked out. was hoping to get $100 for the lot. Sorry All here are the pics. Also, forgot to mention they have Iomic grips attached a littl3 worn but playable. I am also offering a set of Lamkin grips to go along with it 13 grips in total. Contact me at franksav1@verizon.net
  11. Hey everyone, just bought a new driver and having it reshafted I have a Hathaway V6 driver head and devotion 6 stiff shaft up for sale together. if someone wants the shaft alone I can do that as well. looking to get $175 or best offer for the combo prices can be negotiated for seprarate sales i will ahve pictures tomorrow. contact me at Sorry Everyone here are the pics
  12. Back on th eblock now used. i will sell for 300 plus shipping I also have a set of ADAMS IDEA TECH V3 FORGED IRONS STILL IN BOX. I won this set and was going to keep them instead of the miura's but whatever one sells first will do fine. these clubs have never been hit still in box I opened the box to make sure all clubs are there. that's it!! wrappers with rubber bands from ADAMS still attached. these clubs sell for 799.99-899.99 in the dreaded big box stores. I will let the bidding start here before I throw them on e-bay. give me a shout again if really interested. I'll take best offe
  13. SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>>>> good morning, I have a set of the highly saught after miura CB 501's for sale. Pictures will follow this weekend as an update but I wanted to get this out ASAP. the clubs were purchased this past february and have been used for about 20-30 rounds. the wedge and seven have some slight face nicks due to hitting range balls. some normal cart wear/dings on the bottom near the number. All in All still in practically NEW condition. Club Specs: Right handed Standard lies 5-PW and 51 degree Y wedge KBS tour Stiff Shafts
  14. I have to tell you from personal experience that the work is top notch and the communication superb. I have to take a few pics and post here but I have a scotty newport 2.5 that I had the white with stainless face added the sky blue paint here and there remilled the face and the putter is new as can be. THese guys do an awesome job a littl elengthy witht he process due tothe hype and PUB they are recieveing but if you have a winter season send it over that period and you will never miss it. I had mine jsut in time for a tourney last week and the thing is the talk of the foursome......
  15. I like the white with the face bronze as MGS suggest. i recently put my putter in with Putter lounge and am chomping at the bit to get it back. I'llpost some pics when I receive it. Good luck and send us the results anxious to see how it turns out
  16. fsav


    I'm sure to all those guys out there in the spy group that you heard these two topics but I was wondering what you thought? First, Tiger and golf digest have "mutually split" due to them wanting more of tigers time and he not willing to give it up....may have been a bad choice of words sorry TW. I guess GD has gotten enough payouts from OEM's (adjusting the "HOT/COLD" list) to get rid of the big man. Secondly, for the gamers, EA sports has finally put AUGUSTA national in the game. Once and for all we can get a chance to play the course. now only if they can find out a way to put award
  17. one word............FUGLY! and yes B60 copy Prototype??????? I mean come on we can take anything that was made before refinish it and make a prototype what has the biz come to????
  18. fsav

    Longest 3 Wood

    Late post but longest is the Callaway GBB II 13*. I would occasionally, with about 10 yards roll, blow it by my driver. Hot trajectory and face. Only problem was using it off th edeck a little to deep in the face without the accessiblilty to take the occasinal divot if need be. currently playing the R9 tp motore which is 15* and about 15 yards shorter but goes anywhere I want it too and off the deck too
  19. Reformed Putter Ho here! I was in college for the longest time changing from mallet (grace little man my subsequent nickname on college team too after tht purcahse) to the yonex blade (mickleson Style circa 1997) BUT......now I am currently gaming the newport studio stainless 2.5 for the last 8 years and running. Currently it is in Putterlounge hands getting a cosmetic upgrade, reshaft and grip. Have the dual look face remaining stainless and the back ghost with the UST shaft. Should come back sweet!!! Have a couple local tourneys coming up but the putter will not be back in time so i hav
  20. the funny thing is wouldn't this bag take up more space inthe trunk basically limiting the concept of getting a couple guys/lasdies inthe caqr and heading to the course. those wheels do look shotty at best
  21. Well....I already wwent out and purchased myself a set of CB-501's got a hathaway V6 for my Bday 8 days before x mas so now all I am asking for is clothes to go out and play in 20 degree weather. Oh and I found a body balance for performance place close by getting GC's to this place should help with the fitness for the new year. On top of that, I have a little one on the way so my time playing will most likely be sparing at best. So much for wishing.
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