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  1. Frank Pa 6.0 Callaway razr (been a while and the raze is good but would love to test an upgrade now that I am back playing consistently)
  2. Frank Ambler, Pa USA 6.0 No system from track but have been messing with new clubs and have an inconsistent feed on distance from simulators would love real time in different climates to see changes in distance
  3. Frank Pennsylvania Constant walker Current bag it the ping 4 series which is really beat and I have heard great things of sun mountain carries
  4. Frank - PA GHIN 6.9 The DST compressor will help my game because since playing college I have been a horrible iron player and much of it is because of contact and compression of the golf ball. I have always been a great driver of the golf ball but the middle part of my game has struggled many because of flipping at impact. many drills and much practice to work on contact have made it a little better but still this would take my game to that next level. it would close gaps in my clubbing and add confidence I completely lack sitting in the middle of the fairway which is a lonely feeling to ha
  5. Frank Pennsylvania USA Adams xtd regular flex steel fiber 95i stepped once Handicap 6.9
  6. Frank, ambler pa, USA Titleist 915D2 8.5 Aldila rogue silver 70 stiff 103, 258
  7. Frank, Pennsylvania Cameron golo 5 mallet Tour series mallet My common miss is left
  8. Frank Ambler PA 7.5 GHIN Titleist 915 816 19-24 degree in a mid or firm flex steel fiber i95 shaft stepped .5 for firmness
  9. I just went to the local golfsmith in willow grove PA. Unfortunate that the demo day isn't until 4/16 so they didn't have the needs for my swing. I currently play the Adams xtd irons with steel fiber i95 regular shafts stepped .5 to a firm flex. I was very interested in the rogue pro being they are first to market and I love the driver and fairway shafts. That said I stepped in the bay asking for even an Aldila rogue regular but was told only the steel was available First appearance was nice slim top line solid look and the feel was pretty buttahish....as far as distance goes not
  10. Frank ambler pa 7.5 Adams xtd i95 steel fiber regular stepped 1.5 Yes custom fit
  11. Probably late Aldila rogue MSi 110 70 between a stiff an reg regular stepped 1.25
  12. Review INTRO Superstroke set out to expand their product line with the Superstroke TX club grips. The grips per Superstroke are “upper half cord design with a soft tacky cord and a rubber lower half providing soft feel with enhanced feel and feedback.” The product sent was the black and white standard grips with the following specs: · Length- 10.75 · Core - .600” · Weight – 52G Much like the competition the multidiscipline grip construction is pretty standard (half cord/half rubber) but not until writing this review did I notice the grip is about
  13. First impression Okay ladies and gents it has been a hectic summer I was not anticipating. sorry for the delay Always good to have new toys show up when you return from work. Also, even better when you don't have to explain to the wife that you spent $XXX on the “toys”. At the unboxing, the grips felt awesome when they were installed they felt a little slickish especially at the bottom half of the grip. Now this could be because I stretched them a bit to accommodate my hands (-1/64) but I have done this with many grips without similar results. Originally I was unsure about the cor
  14. Received my grips the other day. Beautiful black and white grips shipped fast and packaged well A little inside info the grips although I though we're going to be rough with the cord are amazingly soft go as far to say SUPERSOFT!!! I am trademarking that right now. Thanks mgs superstroke and ups for the nice gift Can't wait to start smacking my shanks
  15. Just received my email from bones. honestly this was a shot inthe dark for me but I am supper pumped. I will do my best to make this meaningufl to all
  16. Handi 5.5 Lamkin similar to your velvet Twice to three times a year I replace grips I would be a great tester because I need to have minus 1/64 grips which is a nucance to stretch or build up to normally when I find one consistent grip that fits my hand and allows easy application I stick with it until I read something like this. Love the super stroke putter grips and play enough rounds to get it in.
  17. Gang, I have a fujikura fuel 60 series regular shaft tipped a half an inch with a titleist 915 adapter playing a t 44.5 inches. The item number on eBay is 181703861865 but I am willing to take it down for the right price. Looking to get 70-75 for it plus shipping costs (i can send it 2 day mail through ups for an extra 10 bucks). Anybody interested contact me at frank.savarese@uphs.upenn.edu 6 days left on the auction. Thanks,
  18. Great subject. over the course of my career I have always found myself thinking about the end of the round when I start to get under par. I am not playing enough when I do this so when it comes it hits me like a friehg ttrain. last september I was playing a course i never broke par on. I was 2 under after 9 and 4 under after 16 only to hobble in with a 69 nothin to snuff at. the 17th is a tough par 3 down hill with a stupid green basically nothing can be made above, left or right of the green and noramlly the pin is in front becasue the last 4/5ths of the green is not useable. anyways the
  19. Drop kick if the ball still goes futher than 125 chili dip if you lay the sod over completly AHAHA I agree with your principles but regardless it does SUCK BUTT!
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