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  1. bones good stuff. the Gloria cubana has some very interesting cigars in the line very nice...
  2. Good Job and good luck with the testing. I have since bought the R1 and Stage 2 amazing clubs in my opinion. also have fitted shafts so it make sa difference.
  3. Hey RevKEV, Not a tester but I was bought these for XMAS. I only played 6-PW in my miura's. When I made the switch I had a significant gap between my 5 hybrid and my miura 6 irons so to close the gap I went 7-PW 1 degree strong. This worked great for me. Doing this allowed me to add a club on either end of my bag too. I added, for now, a 61 degree wedge but am tinkering with a 2 hybrid (possible the Adam LS) for added options of the tee for the longer courses. so my answer to your questions is yes these things even when mishit go straight and as longer as you don't lay sod over th
  4. The alec was in my infancy in full cigars so i am still trying to give it another go. the behike is great but at 30 plus a stick you need to take out loans.
  5. hey rook. Paint types used for those destined to try it out?
  6. Applause applause...well done. I actually liked the raw version too
  7. Alirght all, I have another to try. The Acid Toast. I know I know blasphemy. I lit this up on the way to the course the car smelt like cinnamon while the cigar had nice spice notes and a cherry finish in the first third. it started to get a little cocoa but kept the spice in the middle and the smell was still awesome. typical acid sweet wrapper. this is a dark maduro and you will not be disappointed. however I had the deep dish which is a box press "BIGBOY" gauge. The burn was uneven from an inch in and it lacked the flavor and smell of the other acids I have tried so far (wrapper was swee
  8. funny when they post their "top 25" its almost like Golf Digest. people run out and buy buy buy. go to any site and they are out of stock (i admit I did it but fortunately had the out of stock option). I guess if they are taking the Big 'OEM" dollars for marketing the cigs then the two are parallel
  9. I thought you didn't mean you were against fitting.. HAHAHA nothing wrong with being curious at all I make alot of much "TRY" purchases through reviews from the staff and members alike. I agree about the stock shafts too. funny thing I did with my R1 is put a proprietary matrix code 7.1 stiff in it (i have the Aftermarket xcon 7 regular in my RBZ) I did this as an experiment thinking I would be pulling the xcon in a week and putting it in the R1. The shaft fits perfect (plays a little weaker than the aftermarket which gets me the kcik even iwth a stiff) and the mid launch low spin face wor
  10. Have last years version of the ultra on a Grace Littel man which i just swapped otu at the end of the 2012 season. couldn't be happier. wasn't sure at firs so i went withthe smallest of all brands and I am very pleased
  11. I find that CA sometimes like the really heavy complex extreme smokes. I ahve tried the Alec bradley from last year and didn't like it much. not sure where they go and how they really set their final top 25 I have liked some but not many
  12. Hey Wd, Do you really mean the fittings? I can't agree less if you are saying fitting make little sense. to each their own and maybe that is for you but for the vast majoirty I would highly recommend it. the proper swing needs to be put on a properly fitted club but the misses on properly fitted equipment can help an average joe gain dramatic in scoring (lack of penalty strokes etc). Also, not sure how many R1's sold due to this site but that isn't our intent. or at least my intent. When I like something I speak to it and Vice Versa. The RBZ was a good fit for me last year and I hit t
  13. grabbe dthe acid 1400CC today which is the blue line like the KUBA. litl epricey but sure looks like the real deal can't wait
  14. Nice right up but I am curious. you made the decision on the 7.2 tour spec and higher loft without hitting it? is your fitter that good that he knew it would be a perfect match? the kyoshi is a beast of a shaft but if you are looking for kick I am not sure it will give it. haven't tried the others. just curious.
  15. Hi all, actually went through this a while ago with Fit golf training. never pulled the trigger as I was already dropping serious cash for the training but now i must look into it again. I had the same issues as Matt.
  16. Like golf equipment and some many other things in life to each their own. I wil be buying me some KUBAs this weekend and enjoy one for you HULA!
  17. So T....Bones gave his driver fitting experience inthe forum review thread. He and I both had a chance to hit the R1 both fitted to our specs. compared tothe RBZ last year I gained easy 8-10 yards..Lowered ball flight and increased ball speed=distance and now I actually get roll out too which in the summer may equate to anothe 5-7 yards. Not just distance either accuracy, when i swung like a normal perosn was amazing. Toe hits ended up at target same with heal adn low onthe face. I couldn't beleive the results and hit the RBZ time and time again to try and beat it. I beleive that all the
  18. Golf store LM are garbage I don't trust them one bit unless I kneos one one working there I do trust flight scope and track man though these have been my favorite but then again my coach and fitter us rthen and there is no messing with them. Bring your six iron in to the same store an double or in Rps case triple check ....classic!!!!
  19. Bonesy, You beat me to it you son of a gun!!!! Temp is 41 with 24 mph winds. I took to the range to warm up and work on the swing. hit a good eighty balls before I took out the big dogs. Yes it wasa Competition after all rbz last year vs r1...dum dum dum dum!!!!!! So I was having trouble seeing the balls land on the range but I had a clue from the ball flight. Rbz felt good but it was a bit high off the jump which I had stated before . Love that club oops sorry use past tense already..... So I started with the r1 on the setting between 8.75 up not knowing what setting was what but
  20. Nice my ball speed has been slightly lower mid/high 150's with a smash about 1.47-1.48. this is good news considering you see an increase in 3-5 range this should get in around 160 which is definitely a pickup if the mishits are the same as the RBZ we are golden. I also think my RBZ launches a bit high which this time of the year is killing me with soft turf. if I can lower the launch a tad (mid/low launch shaft with low launch face) and increase ball speed we are looking close to ten yards....UM WOW! we shall soon find out. The one par five at my home muni is always open after work and I know
  21. Good luck Bones. I have been pondering the purchase for some time and pulled the trigger last week with the bill me later 6 month interest free deal. I got the TP for 265 free shipping. The guy had it listed at 300 or best offer I low balled at 250 he countered with 275 and I grabbed it for 265. NICE!!! Anyways, I went out and grabbed a proprietary shaft Matrix 7.1 since I didn't want to go crazy. I grabbed the shaft for 30 bucks which if it works out it'll be great. I asked the matrix customer service how it would compare to my aftermarket Xcon 7 and he said it would play softer. I grabbed a
  22. I hear ya i have been swamped with budget season but I will be more in tune with this thread
  23. Vodka guy here! grey goose I have been known to indugle in the beer occasionally too. recently a little too much and have to hit the GYM. the goose islands are becoming a favorite had the indian ale over the weekend also had a troegs dream weaver very light wheat ale which was quite nice. I try a couple different brews every weekend but need to start keeping track
  24. RR, something about these things. I am a mil dsmoker but my tastebuds have been chnaging where I do like the oily dark wrapper more and more. these won't appeal to the Snobbies much akin to the R1 or stage 2 graphics but you hit th enail onthe head OMG. great aroma for people around you and the sweet different taste is very unique
  25. Hey bones, I have just started to take part in the acid line absolutely love the kuba ordered a sampler from cigars int for 45 bucks which is a steal it has all the big brand about nothing in the coffee line. They are infused with herbs botanicals and oils some even red wines. I took a trip to the local shop to take in some of the smells from other brands and they smell a bit floral but I am anxious to see what comes of it. After smoking the kuba two weeks in a row I have the taste in my mouth by Wednesday but I want to stay a weekend smoker. Have yet to try the coffee infusions but thinki
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