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  1. Here goes sorry for the shotty photos I have to get rid of this I 3
  3. Sorry for the lateness crue. I actually liek the deal its like a cigar swap type thing. you get a free pack sent and then have to ship something out this way you pass the buck along. for those willing its a good way to try differnt cigars and keep up the commoradary
  4. Not bad Mr. Theo. doens't look for the bucks that it may be worth the effort based on score but i hope to get more out of the prodcut review as you grow with the product. The one big thing is the accuracy with this type of product which is probably why they declined the MGS contest review. Glad to see it registered well with your laser but again mishits are being picked up. Is there a way to wipe out a bad swing/mishit? if so that may alleviate the BS the gadget is spitting out. this way when you view it on the APP you are looking one to one.
  5. Agreed. the forum reviews are set for real life interaction. finding a club that has your specs would be on you. there are many shaft reviews and such. best thing is go get fitted then you can play with differnt clubs heads in differnt shafts to see which one outplays the other. I have recently went through this and am always tinkering with the newbies. last years' RBZ is in my bag until taken out. I have tried the G15, Adams 9064lds, Hathaway V4 based on reviews and none outperformed the RBZ. I have already tried the Adams Super S this year with a differnt shaft but same profile as my Matrix
  6. agreed. if there was something like this is would have to be developed around one teachers approach to the golf swing. many different approaches to many differnt methods of the swing. this would drive people bonkers. not to mention bloat handicaps Also, look at guys like furyk, no not that we all have loops and play on tour, but lets say a guy was a 1 capper and had a loop this thing would be recommending changes in the swing plane yet the dude is striping it.
  7. Great list so far. I bought the swing smart after last years review. here is my feedback. after two uses I had to send back the main body as it would not charge properly. Customer service sent me a new without any beef. I had some of my swings in the 120 range with the driver in january on a bad knee and I know that wasn't the fact. I never reached above 105 in my life. I would like to see if they could add some things to the app. such as picking up ball speed (not sure if it is possible...alogrithm??) also the angle of attack and the path (as mentioned in the review)building the product in on
  8. Congrats and good luck with the reviews can't wait to see the final product
  9. Same here. I was wondering how stout these were as I need a shofter shaft and didn't order one to do some winter work because I read how stout they are. i need soemthing with some kick
  10. Neer ventured into the nickent world I think i may be missing something as the big boys from MGS all have them or like them...HMMM gotta get me some toys to try damn it MGS
  11. I guess TMAG I mean ADAMS # BROUGHTIT!!!!!!! wow big time stuff there
  12. Triple doubles work in basketball pretty well so there's some validty behind it As for the outfit comment I agree if I had said that even to my wife she may have backslapped me. now I have recently started wearing loudmouths to tourneys and weekend mathces with my boys (sorry no girls plays with us but are welcome) and i get razzed just rollingin to the parking lot. GO WITH WHAT YOU LIKE AND TELL THE OTHERS TO TAKE A HIKE! now I added poetry to this thread OH BROTHER! There are some that like to use it as an expression of their personality and others who just do it because they want
  13. Understood I appreciate the hard work! tht's why I added teh IF...I just wanted to get it out there because these are some bad mama jammas. have an order at my door right now waiting for me to get home from work too bad the snow they forcasted two days ago hit today but its minor and supposed to be 55-59 over the weekend GOLF ANYONE!!!!!
  14. Hear ya Rook! I actually never upgraded mine that I tested because they were non conforming. Took them out f the bag right then and there. I am more than happy to send them to anyone here to give them a run if they want. none of my comments were directed at any of the members which have reviewed (especially to your thoroughness..is that a word). I was just making a comment that not everyone has these qualities and I beleive MGS does their due diligence when selecting people to then be randomly selected or however it goes. (i.e. someone coming out of the woodwork for their first post here t
  15. Hey Frank, Haven't been around much in this section lately. loved the xitar review. look forward to this/these. I know this might be against the connesieurs out there but did you reach out to Drew estates for the acid collection? I have had the KUBA lately and absolutely love the smell and flavor etc etc. again flavored cigars aren't the "standard" but they should not be overlooked. If drew estates obliges.
  16. Tuna, I second you opinion here with weight and shaft length. I was fit a while back for a 43 inch drive rand was killing it. lef the game for a while and came back buying off the rack. fit last year, not so much for length, but put into a 45 driver as the fitter said they dont like to go lowe rthan 44.5 and said they would start higher for now and cut if needed. I went ahead this year and added 2 swing weight points and to offset tipped the driver 1/4 inch while shaving the other side 1/4 as well bringit to 44.5. the palying length is so much more managable for me. I don't think I am read
  17. Hey all, didn't have much time to read all the posts but I wanted to weigh in on the bounce subject. i recently added a 61 wedge to my bag this year. I like low bounce because I play some pretty dry courses in the summer. Anyways, its not summer and the ground is soggy so the first couple goes I had at the wedge didn't perform the way I wanted. I was trying to hit higher shots over bunkers and such but coming up just a bit short. I took it to the practice area to figure out the issue. since the club has low bounce it was digging a bit much and causing to grab a little turf between ball and
  18. Hey Bones, I thought about that but you can tweak the RBLDZ plus or minus a couple degrees to cover the gap back or forward if need be. I mean if you really wanted the add forgiveness and not just the distance. I made my 7iron an extra degree strong to play at 29.5* and then one strong the 8,9,PW. I thought I would have a gap between my RBDLZ PW and my gap wedge bent strong but its minimal at best maybe 2 yards which for most people isn't really big. I bent the gap which was 51 to 49. my irons go. 7-29.5* 8-34* 9-39* PW-44 Miura Y - 49* vokey SM4- 53 vokey SM4- 57 Mizuno t11 - 6
  19. we do need to stop this could be classified as bullying.ier.....
  20. everyone left in my office is looking at me while I roll on the floor laughingier.....the comment and the facial expression can not be more dead on.
  21. Let's give the benefit of the doubt here. Tech savyier and the clubs were included. at best it thins out the crowd for those who have read the initial post. for goodnessier sake! This would definitely be on the ESPN COME ON MAN special.
  22. AHAH if only everyone followed suit RP.....as they say money talks and BS walks in this case the high priced items bring out the less virtuousier, integritier, and honorier ...sorry had to keep theme too!ier.......
  23. Spanar, Unless your ego gets in the way whats to say you can't get the short irons in MPs and Long irons in RBLDZ. if the results aren't on the course don't bag it man. your handicap will thank you later. probably your pocket too when you take the weekend skins/scat moneys
  24. Agreed. while the majority of us want to test the new goodies. The "benefit" of testing is keeping the clubs I wouldn't be opposed to the send back for move reviews option. Problem being not everyone is honest and it should be viewed as a contract but getting it in writting...the legal issues would be a nightmare I presume. with high priced, highly sought after products it is always a damned if you do damned if you don't situaiton. There is a hell of alot of work the talented and valued reviewers put into this and that is greatly compensated with the benefit of keeping the club(s). the opposit
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