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  1. Got used to the look real quick beleive it or not. the wedges (PW through Lob) are miura Y 49, Vokey 53 & 57 and a mizzy 61 T11. wedges have to have that look for me. the 8-PW in the GI RBLDZ are quite nice after a couple usages as you already know.
  2. Hey guys, great that you are keeping up the info. finally finished my project of RBZ with the aerotechs 95i HS once. I have these at Mizuno specs (which i beleive are a .25 inch shorter than standard 37.25 6 iron length in my seven RBLDZ .5 inch increments down to the wedge) they perform just as good or better than the KBS at .25 long same distance and more control. amazing. Anyone who is willing to let ego and pride getinto the way of playing better golf well.......I hope to i see you in some tourneys. I will take the advantage any day of the week forget the rest of the noise. BTW i u
  3. Thanks MGS and TMAG for giving the opportunity (AGAIN) handicap 2.5 Fairway wood 14.5 tour and Hybrids 3-5 are all RBz 2012 model or STAGE 1. WIDERANGIER -(meaning I will use a wide range of shots across the board compared to my custom fit current models to obtain and overall performance rather than just distance claims). Callaway is claiming their clubs work great (longer) everywhere not just off the tee so working the ball left, right, high, low, tee, fairway, rough (THAT's WIDERANGIER) ON TARGETIER - the Stage 2 and R1 for that matter have claims that the graphics help alignemn
  4. I have the SM 4 and the T 11 from Mizzy. witht he spinner the mizzy spun more. I have sine repalce all the steel shafts with the i110cw steelfibers and I still see teh same result. I little more zip on the mizzy all playbale from differnt lies depending onthe bounce and such. the SM4s I bought were the M grind so I couldnt' adjsut them. I don't have an issue controling different shots though
  5. Sparnar, good Stuff. I recently put the aeortech i 95 regs in my rocketbladez and played this weekend. I have huge changes in my distances sicne I took out my 6-PW and added 7-PW RBZ 1 degree strong (trying to clos emy 5 hybrid to 6 iron gap) which I did and then added a 61 degree. I hit the irosn more consistent and that was another thing i was looking for. all in all after some work they shoud be stout addition to my game. I didn't have the 7 iron as I was still waiting onthe shaft but have it and plan on getting it in during my snow day today.
  6. JBones, great write up as usual and great story as well. Don't you hate when the wife pulls those you can get it but not until X day. Don't they know we love them already we just want to be happy with our new toys!!!!
  7. Well done and welcome to the gang!
  8. You can do as rover states or contact the staff at Mgs they have templates they can provide to keep the symetry.
  9. Wow based on these conversations it seems the rbz advertised is measuring to some of the (tour) stuff amazing Can you guys elaborate more very interesting
  10. First build complete and used for about thirty swings today in 37 weather. I hit my miura 8 iron and my new rbz wedge within 6 yards of eachother this is the gaping I wa sloping for with the one degree strong set. So far so good well se as the other come along
  11. You can do better or worse for 29 bucks ten cigars aren't bad the torano is nice but I didn't recognize the others
  12. REV what a great day...man do I have envy! While using tabaco products isn't my great accomplishment I do use it sparingly and enjoy every minute of the smokes. I have yet to sit with a nice scotch and a cigar due to the rules of not being able to smoke indoors. ahve to look into grabbing a bottle and having one over the wekend in the yard sometime. problem is I don't quite have a waterway in my backyard. I live in the concrete jungle of the city so suffice to say I have a cement back yard that is about 200 sq ft. either way i ahve the gril and can be at piece once the kid is asleep.
  13. Thanks for the guidance and having tested it was a great help!!! to save a few $ I am staying with the c tapers in my wedge as I never had a problem with them... just installed my first and after getting tips from Chris on abrasions the tip fit was butter. Well see how it holds up don't think I will be able to play with the build tomorrow but maybe tomorrow afternoon range session ...well see there is always next weekend.
  14. Found the goose island....good call bonesy good call I actually bought the Nero and pere Jacques too very nice. Bought a few others I will add to the mix later
  15. Thanks fr the feedback I had a chance to hit the I 95 an i110 in the rocketbladez while in a trial of the fuel shafts today. We had the i95 6 iron at d-6 then bam that thing was dead on!!!!!! My numbers were of the charts and the ball flight was beautiful maybe come down a touch The funny thing with the woods was the feul shaft had a little more tightness than my matrix xcon but once we brought the weight of the xcon up again to d-6 i was all over it. it seems I am d-6 across the woods and irons I have the I 95 hammerd in now and I might just go with the hard step and let it fly it worked
  16. Bought this a while back when the Tin cup craze went around. LOVE IT! unless I am playing with an MGSer I know my ball is marked uniquely and it gets raves too.
  17. Have to admit I like nike and like the marketing but the black and white background worked for tiger and his dominance. These dudes just don't cut the (we're better than you mold!) even though they are BETTER THAN YOU! the intimidation factor that goes with this type of marketing needs to be prominent orelse you have people laughing saying....these dudes look like little kids or "watney looks like he is wearing his big brothers hat ) LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  18. Hey MLB, No feedback yet as I have the wrong ferrule (needed collared) for these clubheads. Trying to gain a 4.9 frequency and asked Chris from Aero to see if he could help. he recommened hard stepping the i95 reg once. that is what I am doing but it seems the swingweight will come in around D-0 or jsut under. I am worried adding lead tape to get to D-4 playing weight will hinder the flex. Thoughts? P.s. this is a first time bild for me and I realize I am working with expensive equipment. I did get a chop saw and have the correct heat to extract the shaft. I have the epoxy and kno
  19. Great price and good luck with the club. BUT......You want to talk fugly this club is off the charts FUGLY! then again if it hits the ball straight for $65 sign me up.
  20. Great analysis all! really digging the attention to detail on the compression factor relevant to side spin. thanks for the insight. by looks of it I will be staying put with my PRO V1x
  21. Thanks st! Hope the aerotech install will straighten that out then things might be crazy good.
  22. Bk use the name of the person who created the app for tour tempo that's the guys and I am not sure if you can get them without the app unless they are in here somewhere John novosel is the person
  23. Come on rover Rick bailing out when u play in December???? Ahahah just kidding I love playing this time of year without people in the course and to try and work thing out ur ready before the bears who hibernate int he winter🐻
  24. Merry new year all!!!! My knee came along a little better than thought after the scope on dec 20th. Being the crazy person I am I had new toys and wanted to get them to work. Obviously the mid winter day 40 mph winds and soggy snowy turf aside I Said screw it. Mgs does it year round least I could do Is man up. All kidding aside my knee is remarkably strong 10 days out of surgery. Anyways, on with the data. Took my swing smart out and clamped it to my 8 Miura and 9 rbZ. The average swing speed was 88.66 rbz to 88.33 miura all coming rest around the same area I maxed out the rbz 9
  25. Add ons...mp 11t wedge and swing smart recent purchase. The swing smart after two uses is great but there is some work to be done with it
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