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  1. Gpp.com had the double digit pro vs and I had my dozens with my highschool football number 40 on it. Back then we didn't get. Choice it was the jersey that fit and what coach ave you no names on the back just go play for your school. Other than that I put two dots on top left of the word and bottom left of number both sides. If I do them ahead of time it is a cigar on the blank side of the ball another great product (tin cup)
  2. Don't have any pics yet but received the Santa workshop la aroura five pack for Xmas with a Bugatti lighter and two black ops cutters for those of you wanting a pure cut time in and time out get one I these it has a back to it where the cigar stops for a perfect cut I post some
  3. Man oh man!!! Since I joined here I have bought based on reviews and testing the miura cb501s been fit for everything top to bottom, the tour temp app, ping putting app, putting fork, I was able to give the c carnahan review and added three awesome wedges, the rbz line including the bladez. Was able to review the swing profile app and the 30 for 30 competition. They are all the purchases based on reviews and testing but I'd have to say the realization to get fit was the best advice even though I knew it and went through two bogus fittings unfortunately had I just dropped the money up fron
  4. Hey all, Got my set for bday/Xmas and I did clos ethe gap between my five hybrid and six iron with the seven rocketbladez one degree strong. The hieght was remarkable but with the kbs 90s I lost some one the short ions to ballooning going to add the aerotechs an see what happens. In any event I will have to make my other wedges strong to fill in the lower gaps and I have since added an mp 11t mizuno which is sick the first shot from 55 yards spun about five to ten feet which in the range I usually see a grab and bite.
  5. The higher end balls aren't like the Bridgestone fix or 5/6/7 series where they are dedicated to less side spin and therefore end up losing feel so maybe tmag was looking for distance and bck spin instead of side spin considering the target group. No problem about the hex comment the pictures were great and everything well done I am interested to see if the hex design callaway plays the same with side spin? do you play this ball? I neve have
  6. Great write up! interesting that in a state of decreasing side spin and maximizing distance these balls seemed to perform bad on the left to right range. Also interesting, from the pics, is the resemblance to the hex pattern
  7. Clubs are in and as thought the stock kbs 90 shafts produce a balloon effect with the lower irons seemed like the seven iron worked well. I order myself the I 95 to see how it compares.
  8. Thanks jbones! Need to see if I can grab these in my area. Here's another brand you might want to look into. Oskar blues....pretty much all versions they only make cans and are based in Colorado. Don't be put off by the can these beers are great. Personally I liked the old chub scotch ale goes great with anything. But they have 7-8 beers ranging from the coors light drinkers to the imperial heavy stouts....
  9. Thanks AJ! I hav the c tapers in my miura cb501s but I wanted to try the aerotechs in my irons as I have them in my hybrids....always tinkering
  10. Anyone help me with the head weight of these irons can't find it anywhere. Trying to get a feel for what I want to do shaft wise . Of course I can always pull them off but normally you can find this spec somewhere I even email tmag with no avail
  11. Sorry not knowledge knoble rot damn auto correct!!!!
  12. Jbones, Haven't really had a "lambic" beer per se but by the definition it looks as if this beer is sour or fruity which I believe any nice Connecticut would blend well. The knowledge o is sour and there are Saison beers out there sour too I could be off the beaten path as I am not familiar with these. Maybe u can enlighten a brotha😇
  13. Great write up! Not sure I like he few pounds heavier category but would have to feel it in action. Last year I went with the ping 4 series due to the lightweight feature but the biggest problem I have is clubs getting stuck in and out basically making me start walking with the bag while the club is hanging out half way😤 still haven't found that perfect lightweight bag with all the bells and whistles.
  14. Thanks MLB. I think I am going parallel as these are a straight for and probably easier to work with. Going to order a i95 and i110 to see which one I like better. As is stated I play the c taper and their weight is 110 so I am not really sure but trial and error is the best bet I guess
  15. Hey all, Yes not like mizuno makes big blades but the baby's are just that I have the cb 501 s and realized I need to upgrade or increase size 😭 for us stubborn folks its tough but this forum has made me get over the testisteone and realize performance is ultimate goal that and some BS performance in local qualifiers
  16. Hey all, Look forward to the outcome drooling over here. Had elective arthroscopic surgery yesterday to clean out some loose bodies causing me issues. Anyway, I have the new rocketbladez waiting and am here reading writing for the next week and a half. Seems interesting that the chip shots showed lower ball flight hmmm tm5 with rocket blades equals 35 yards????? Ahhahaha not on meds guys took the day off too groggy. How about putter face any insert??? I have the little man and every ball feels like putty but the results work so screw it😬
  17. Hey folks, Just got. Above couple sticks for my bday. One is the perdoma Maduro 20th anniversary beautifully light smoke with ubundant flavors. The other is another Maduro pedron I can't remember the specifics right now but will post later. I smoked the perdoma wednesday and it was great
  18. Hey guys, Spoke to aerotech and they advised hard stepping a regular once. But obviously other features are needed. Have you guys worked with the constant weight shafts? Feeling? Can you cut these as others one inch to get the hard step and to install in .370?
  19. No buy now I will😏 thanks Zilla!
  20. Hey Tim, Thanks for the reply. Few more things. If the forgiveness is only minor to the callaway what makes it a have to have. Yes the feeling is better but I am sure as RP says there are many cavity forges that have the same or better forgiveness but have the better feel you describe. I was actually thinking 20-30 guys wasn't a lot if you have been playing them and putting them in peope hand at the course. I guess maybe for this time of year that number does make a little sense. Either way we would like more details how is the distance control on mishits compared to the Miuras or mizu
  21. Got a question for u guys again looking into these shafts and trying to reach the same specs as my kbs tours c tapers ... 4.9 on their scale can I get stuff and soft step twice?? Looking into the i70 which I know are considerably lighter and will adjust fr that in swing weight can't pass up the deal????
  22. Hey BK, Thanks for the feedback! I am quite new to these parts but have ventured out to ge thte swingsmart to reduce the costs of lessons with my pro (we have been working on minor stuff tha I can see on the swing smart). this app will put the real live picture with the data. so this coming in for review was quite nice and offset my cost of the snwing smart (BDAY PRESENT CHA CHING!!) On a real note .... I didn't do much intel on the other devices on the market and intend to do this over the holiday break. I did read that there are some cheaper Apps but it did seem the functions of
  23. Welcome Tim!!!!! Good article! Kind of look more the like Miura Cavity than the Callaway IMO. Few questions: As for top three - What are the other two in your top tier "feeling" clubs? Can you add to the forgiveness in respects to the Callaways? what are the distances comparable to the callaways? How are the specs in comparison to Callaway/Mizuno/TMAG "forged cavities". Where are these being sold? Only in the Chicago area? are there plans to be at the show in February? Feel is great but if they are 5 yards shorter (maybe due to the double forging process
  24. Great point Ice man!!!!!!!!! thanks for correcting my thinking!
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