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  1. True links are great but be carefull of any muddy spots if you are running. they can be like ice skates if you hit a patch of mud. as for the TW Just got this shoe tons of traction, I liked the feeling and they are waterproof. didn't get a wide version which made them a little tight and needed breaking in.
  2. Optimal would probably be option 3 but based on restrictions #2. sorry for the hedging it just seems based on teh range we would want to cover we should give eveeryone an opportunity without limiting the smaller companies.
  3. Beauty wish I could play them. We would expect the kbs tour to launch higher a the c taper controls the flight a little correct? Man hitting the pure with a c taper must produce penetrating shots
  4. havign a secret santa at work put the shirt or legging on the list to try them out. if they work out as stated I may be makinghte switch fromthe pricy under armour even though i swear by that stuff
  5. Thanks RP, a little addition to my above. the shotty photos are from my "outdated" I phone 3 AHAHAHAH I told you with electronics things go quick:) the clear phottos are the emails sent via the APP....VERRY CLEAR!!!!!!!
  6. Hey WD, Sorry yes there is a way to draw the only thing I don't like about this part now that you mention it is the thin single yellow line it creates. something like an auto circle like in excel would be nice. the line does draw pretty easy though. there is an eraser as well. you can also toggle and make a righty lefty...not sure why you want this? The video gives the option to play at normal,half and 1/3 the speed. you can also play a continued loop just in case you are in love with your swing. Charl may want the current swing playing day and night in his house...THING OF B
  7. Like the product for two things. 1. closest to the pin contests 2. as a putting tool device for practice. I have been think about this during my putting sessions. would be easy to use even with movable flags which my course has. even easier to mark multiple spots and put it away and spend an hour or more on the green....like it thanks MGS Frank!
  8. Hey Jbones, Have been wanting to get around to this but haven't yet. Here are a couple I tired and really liked. Stone - Old Gaudian (heavy stout dark beer probably nice wiht a full flavored naduro) Dogifsh - Noble rot (probably good with a mild to medium) Unibroue - Grand Reserve 17 (med to full flavor) funky jewbelation - (probably will go with an assortment of cigar flavors top to bottom.
  9. Hey guys, Just grabbed these an wondering anyone checked the tolerances for lofts? If so any insight would ne great I assume the normal 1-3 degrees but that would kind of go against the string loft equals more distance scenario
  10. i felt like I was at the rrange wathcing th eshot. very dramatic very precise. well done! I am inthe market for shafts so I will wait to hear the 6iron story;)
  11. MLB sorryf or the confusion not fighting it just don't want it to be TOO high and effect performance. obviously if I am playing hte c taper and it works for me I need a shaft that provides a low trajectory and if the SF shafts are originally going to produce higher ball flights this has potential to ballon and lose distance and performance. again all of this would have to go through my fitter and then see how the performance works. it jsut so may happne ethat the KBS 90s I have coming work better than all. I will have them matched to my specs if possible. if not pulled and something of the two
  12. OH BOY!!!! she "making" you clean out the gear already?? Good luck ! with both the sale and pending Nuptuals. I thought I had a big lot with four putter in the basement 1 in the bedrooma nd a trunk full of about 15 wedges and woods. My wife keeps coming witht he XMAS gifts every year gotta love that woman HAHAHAHAHAHHA
  13. Appreciat the back and forth on this ST and MLB, MLB when I made the statement that the ball flight would be "TOO" high in the RBLDZ I was referring to already playing the C tapers (reg flex) and while these are supposed lower trajectory they play great for me. I spoke with my fitter, experienced over 80 years between he and his dad, and he said that they would have to get my specs on them but he would think that the overall make of the shaft would produce a higher flight than the C taper. he also said as true static weight the 110 may be too heavy considering the dual formula of graphite
  14. Honestly...I have been looking into yoga and i started getting back into the gym but tired of the old time T bar back workouts and bench presses. still love me some squats but they get old too. I have been looking for a golf related workout regimen and something time efficent. currently I am up at 3:30 just to squeeze in the work. knowing all it takes is a half hour this could easliy fit into my day even at lunch at work.
  15. have to add my two cents!!!! Weyerbacher Merry Monks Ale at 33 bucks a case and 9.3% this beer is Awesome and it doens't have the over embelished triple taste. its in the ball park of Stella and yeungling
  16. "UNBOXING".....FREE PROMO CODE APP UNVEALING First impression upon accessing this App. Last night I took to the I pad just to get a feel for the App as i will be putting some of my high school players through the test this weekend...Had to con them with breakfast and a ride to and from the course to get them there in 40* at 9AM on a Saturday....but they are 17 and that is more than i would've done for my coach at their age...GREAT KIDS!!!! Sorry for the detour but I have to give them their props.... The PROMO CODE worked great and the instructions to add the APP were very easy. Down
  17. RB7, Looking forward to your work and maybe over the holidays I will have some time to personalize mine. I have taken them from the bag for the grooves only. they are a great product and I may have to order the conforming version
  18. Thanks ST! I may have to spend the $ for one install and put it next to a current C taper problem is I paly Miura's andfi i put this in a RBDLZ it could react the way it's supposed I guess the playability is what truly matters
  19. looks like I will not be trying these after all. my fitter said that the aerotech would probably generate higher launch (compared to c tapers) which with the RBLDZ we definitely don't want to go higher (thoughts?). considering the cost of 85 a pop too I am not sure I want to put another $350 into this set. I had the option of ugrading my shafts to C tapers for $22 a piece and should of took it. this was a gift and I had a limit so I have to either play the KBS 90 or put my current C tapers in at a lesser cost.
  20. It's cool I am new to the adjustments of clubs as doing things on mine own (not this) but personalization and stuff hopefully I will be able to get into doing my own shafts and such because ti cuts back on the cost a ton. I did some putters and reshafted those (very easy) but tipping irons and wood shafts takes practice and I don't have all the equipment so i stick to the pros to get this done. Appreciate the chat all will def get back with my findings. might be a while i am going on IR over the holiday for a knee scope so after this weekend things will be SLOWING DOWN!!!!!!!!
  21. Madelaine, Thanks again for the offer here and for choosing me. I hope I do you jsutice and provide excellent feedback to the forum. MGS is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Will do WD! I believe my bounce will go the other way though. I am taking higher lofted clubs and decreasing loft. or am I wrong?-
  23. Hey ST, I personally love the c tapers and love the stability of the heavier shaft which is why I like the i95. I have been fit on the heavier end in all shafts starting with the X con 7 for my driver and the ACCRA AC 75 shaft for my fairway wood (may actually go to a heavier piece because i don't "feel" it the same as I do my other clubs.
  24. MLB, I actually thought about it but had the KBS C tapers just installed and wasn't going to add to the cost. I have the Rocketbldz coming in next week so I might think about it the only thing I like is the weighting of the c tapers. apparently they are supposed to lower the ball flight but they didn't do much to mine and with the RBLDZ expecting higher launch angles I may need something to minimize ballooning
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