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  1. Sorry Hula_rock! I missed to post the pic but I re-posted it!
  2. Hi everyone! Recently I saw a confirmed trademark from TaylorMade. AeroBruner! Is it true that that the Burner-line is making a comeback? After I had done some searching I found this logo! What do you think?
  3. Thanks Boss! This is the one! Can I in some how get it "unblured"?
  4. I think that they could market the driver with: Shorter for Precision & Longer for Distance
  5. Thanks Ag. Plano! It's nice to be here and I love the site. All members is very kind and I love to see clubs before the release date! The Best to all and especially Ag. Plano.
  6. But where should I post my pics on the the Callaway Hybrid?
  7. Hey! I'm a young golfplayer with 1,9 i hcp and i'm a bit of a TM freak! But i will try to find secret things from TM, Callaway and also Ping! My most secret thing in my bag is a Callaway Tour Hybrid (U/18) and is not on the market and is not comming to the market! Looking foward to the future!
  8. If you have seen any pic that could be a product from TM so post it! If we got some pics we could start confirm some teoris!
  9. But waht should we say about the adjustable shaft length?
  10. No I am just a huge fan of TaylorMade and is extremly intrested of TaylorMade News!
  11. Okey thanks! Is there anything more you have heared going around now??
  12. Has any one heared of the name troy or troj as a product name for the new Burner replacer?
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