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  1. Adding some additional data to this discussion I am sharing my experience with a a driver tuning exercise I recently conducted outdoors using my trackman. I was intrigued by a new shaft just released by VA Composites called “Nemesis”. The design concept incorporates counterbalanced characteristics to the shaft. Yes that will reduce overall SW and potentially increase club head speed but there’s another element that can be applied to dial in an optimal fit. The VA fitting notes suggest adding weight to the club head if it offers a removable weight feature. The idea based on physics is that KE= MxV2. If clubhead speed can be held constant with added weight to the head in the proper place there can be an increase in distance. I game a Titleist TS2 driver that offers the ability to change the weight in the sole plate. I purchased 8g,12g and16g weights the standard is 4g. My data consisted of 10 swings with each weight in two sets of 5 each going from heavy to lighter in the first and lighter to heavy in the second. The VA shaft is the Nemesis 57g R. The results were positive I was able to increase ball speed 2.5 mph and my launch angle went up to 13 degrees with the 8g weight while I was able to hold my clubhead speed between 88 and 91 mph. With the 12g and 16g weights launch angle went well beyond optimal spin up into the4K range, carry went down along with swing and ball speed. What a I getting at? Optimal fitting is personal and based on the physical limits of the player and the shafts ability to handle dynamic mass. As I added weight I was increasing MOI and the characteristics were predictable more spin higher launch angle swing speed and ball speed going down beyond 8g weight. I know this is a bit of long winded data overload, however don’t rule out the notion of adding weight in the search for increase ball speed. Low swing weight and lighter clubs are not for everyone. Ollieb
  2. Love to put these wedges through the paces, we have a great short game at my club. I’m currently using Cleveland 900 series 58 and 54. Ollieb Scottsdale, AZ.
  3. I would like o be part of the Tour Edge test. I am a 2 handicap player. I am currently using the Calloway epic 3 metal. I play around 200 rounds a year so I am confident I can provide a good sample of data in this evaluation. It looks like the newer metals deliver higher ball flight and I would be curious to see if that is the case. In the past I have found that the Tour Edge fairway metals delivered a low trajectory with long runout. Thanks for the opportunity. Ollieb
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