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  1. Linwood Virginia 30 (hey, we all have to start on the road to better, don't we? and if we haven't played much until now, this will be an incentive to get out there!) JPX 850 forged Hot Metal (should help me with distance and control)
  2. Linwood Virginia 90 TM RSX Senior std. graphite Don't y'all NEED an old, high hc person to test these - just for the sake of drawing that generation in?
  3. I'm thinking about a set of Mizuno MP-54's, and Nippon steel shafts - 950's. I've never hit these shafts - and wondered what y'all think of them? Any insight to trajectory, etc.?
  4. I would like to test these - I still haven't found an all around ball that I like. Feel is important to me. Linwood Hines, Virginia 26 (only been playing seriously for almost a year) 50+ pro-shop (support your local First Tee - they are part of the future of the game)
  5. I definately don't have the game that's the norm here (I'm just a lurker here), but after just two years of playing/learning with a good coach, and being able to try lots of name clubs, the Mizuno forged JPX irons have a feel and accuracy I've found in no others! So I don't know much, but what I Feel is superb. Get some!
  6. Hello I'm new to this custom putter thing. Help me out as I like the center shafts - but have never tried one. Any advantage to them? It seems that it would make sense with a straight swing, does the "traditional" Anser style prevail just because it traditional?
  7. Hello I'm new to this custom putter thing. Help me out as I like the center shafts - but have never tried one. Any advantage to them? It seems that it would make sense with a straight swing, does the "traditional" Anser style prevail just because it traditional?
  8. I'm a "returning" player - haven't played in 15 years (shoulder problems "kinda fixed"), and am enjoying the heck out of - well, I'm STOKED! and I don't have a golf buckle - or even a good belt (I could use a good belt after my scores)...so this one got me to looking at what's out there - the corporate stuff....and I wouldn't wear one of those other ones if it were the last day...but THIS ONE- NOW THIS IS PURE SEX, when it comes to belt accoutramont! I hope they'll be sold here, and not be as expensive as the Muira clubs you reviewed.... Linwood
  9. Man, I've been looking for a good center shafted putter - hoping I could get an idea of cost! Linwood
  10. Geez....this is doggone neat work - sexy stuff.....will my pocketbook handle it? You know when you see something that just DOES IT FOR YOU?! I'm there! Linwood
  11. WHOA - WAITAMINUTE: So, where can we find the data Maltby gathers? Is that something that MGS could link to? What would it tell us about clubs? This could be significant! at least gnarly! Linwood
  12. WTB - small, simple bag to hold just four or so clubs to take to driving range. Must have good shoulder strap. Years ago, Ping made such a simple bag, maybe other companies did too. Yes, I know I could make my own, but.....there should be one out there that someone wants to get rid of (and inexpensive). Thank you! Linwood email: lshines3@verizon.net or reply to this message.
  13. Please forgive my ignorance...I'm looking for such, but am not familiar with if this will work. Will it hold a stand bag with all clubs? Thanks, Linwood lshines3@verizon.net
  14. I got such a great response concerning clubs to buy/try (I ended up with Mizuno JPX800 Pro's, but for training also got (slightly used) Mizuno 2 & 3 irons - geez, those should give me an education quickly) - well, as in that thread, I'm a "returning" player - haven't in almost ten years (shoulder problems/operations), am 60 yrs old, not very "athletic", seem to be able to consistently float a 6 iron shot 150yds average (yea, thats all - but generally straight). Please forgive my ignorance at the modern game, but thought that your experience would be offered as readily as that on irons. So, what make / model ball do I get? Titleist's site doesn't tell me much (that I can extrapolate). Thanks, Linwood
  15. DIBBS! As much as I've admired damascus shotgun barrels and damascus knives, and anything remotely made from even tiny bits of damascus, this is just the most fabulous thing on putter earth - and maybe heaven!!! Especially the center shaft one, Dear Santa.....
  16. (forgive my inexperience with the golf world, I'm just beginning to learn about it all) I see a link/subject topic about the PGA show. I assume that is a show that retailers attend - with all of the mfg's of all sorts of equipment and stuff, and isn't open to the public...Are there other similar shows other than the PGA show? Are any open to the public? There was just a small show in Richmond, VA that I went to put on, I believe, by the Mad-Cuban, Bobby Lopez. No mfg's booths (just a few retailers were there), but I did meet a rep from Mizuno - who was friendly and helpful, thank you for the info! (I'm becoming more and more pregidous (sp?) toward Mizuno, their clubs and philosophy, especially after hitting so many different brand clubs in the last month). And, is there anywhere that has info on what was there, for example, in the PGA show. Thank you MGS for your info/reports on that! Linwood
  17. I understand your dilema, and have experienced it. I'm a re-beginning player - haven't swung a club for over 8 years, had two shoulder/clavicle operations, and am 60. Not the best shape to be trying out for the tour, huh...I've been to three different "pros"/shops and gotten similar results. I'm very lucky, I finally found one small local owned shop, with a college coach owner. Now, he's not a slick salesman type, and let me hit many clubs - all the while spending HIS valuable time watching me, suggesting (coaching a little - which was WORTH the small cost for the fitting!). I ended up with the same clubs working best for me - Mizuno MX200's (he didn't have the JPX 800 in stock at this time), suggestions on what would work, and probably not work, for me. And, you're darn right - I spent my $'s with him, and will continue to, even tho' he doesn't have a fancy store or huge inventory (tho' he can order anything those guys can). So, I suggest that you take a few days, get to Hamilton's Golf in Colonial Heights, VA and talk with Jeff..... Linwood
  18. Thanks everyone. Sound advice!!! Yep, working on a fitting (area is Richmond, VA) and starting swing lessons in Jan. As I said, kinda starting from scratch (to work toward scratch ;-) ). Sorry I havent replied before - caught the flu, and have been in bed since day before Christmas. Funny, when I played before, went crazy and bought new set of Callaway "their first g.i. irons - S2H2 I think, but didn't hit them any better than the old set I had years ago - RAM's - which were blades somewhat.... I do appreciate y'all answering - and I'm (re)learning a lot here. Golf show in Richmond in a week or two - hoping for some deals there on clubs as well.... Best, Linwood
  19. I just found this site last week, and am enjoying all the "real golfers' writing! Please advise me on something. After ~8 years of not playing at all (I had played for only about 10 years before that), and two shoulder operations, I'm finally getting back to being able to swing, doing ok with it too. I only have a few odd clubs, 'cause my son took the set a few years ago. So, I'm starting out all over again, and at age 60. I live in Central Virginia, will play mainly there, MBeach, etc. PLANNING A TRIP TO BANDON DUNES (when I can shoot and not be embarassed). And, need clubs. Advice, please, on what to get - especially irons. I know I'll need "game improvement" clubs, and probably senior flex shafts (tho' I'd love to get forged irons - if there are some that will give some forgiveness that I can progress into). There are so many out there, and so many have "rocket ship" advertising, it's hard to know/find. Can I get darn good playing, well made irons without having to think Callaway/TaylorMade? Same with drivers/fwwd's, etc. I did buy two Bobby Jones wedges ('cause they are advertised here - and they seemed to be solid/darn-good stuff)! What would y'all get if you were me? Thanks, Linwood lshines3@verizon.net
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