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  1. You might be right there, but if people can't realize that by answering 3 very simple questions they can be accurately be fit for the proper grind then its pure laziness on their part. I have also been through the online fitting with Scratch and think that it is very beneficial. More of the big companies should adopt this policy.
  2. I completely agree with you chey, something needs to be done about these people. It frustrates me to no end!!
  3. I pains me to say this but the repair guy at my store and this guy must have gone to the same afternoon seminar on how to repair clubs.
  4. ITS AWESOME!!!! ITS AWESOME!!! LOL. But seriously its not bad lookin.
  5. Great job on the putter. I have a set of old Alpha Forged blades that I started working on today with the same color scheme.
  6. Just got word from my rep yesterday that they will be releasing Burner 2.0 irons.
  7. Im a believer in the Hybrid route, only cause it works for me. I am more consistent with it and I can hit it about 260 if I really tag it. Consider the golf courses you play though. Weigh out the situations where you would use each club, if you come up with more reasons to go with one over the other, then there is your answer
  8. Love the red paint fill on the clubs, Nice choice!
  9. I missed a 3 footer one day and proceeded to lob my ball in the air and send it into the bush farther than Barry Bonds on steroids with my brand new Cameron SS Newport. It took some creativity and a vice but she's back to normal. I feel your pain.
  10. I've heard that you can change the effective loft in the hybrids without messing with the lie angle. Are there two different sleeves on these clubs. The first pic is what is making me ask this question?
  11. Not bad. Kinda looks like the puma drawings from a while back.
  12. My Scotty needs a black finish. Can you help me with that?
  13. Gives a whole new meaning to these guys are good LOL! Poor Jimmy. Where was fuzzy on that one
  14. Tuff to promote a putter as the "Most winningest putter on the champions tour" haha
  15. It is the 1018. I was fit for the Driver/Slider with an EGG grind.
  16. I just received my Scratch wedge from the MGS lottery today. Here are some pics of this beauty (Think of them as glamor shots in perfect condition before it hits the course) Review to follow. Thanks again to the people at Scratch golf and MGS for letting me participate in this review process. I can't say enough about the people at Scratch golf. So a couple weeks have gone by and I've only been able to get in about 4 rounds off golf. One being a scramble. All of which I have given the Scratch 58 plenty of chances to get a good feel for. Looks 10 out of 10 I love the classic look of this wedge, right from the set up position to the black finish. It is a very classic looking wedge with very little graphics on the club which I enjoy. The club has a very flat, almost blade like leading edge which when you look down on it gave me confidence that I could pick it of the tightest lie, where my X Forged 58 has a more rounded leading edge, believe me I've skulled a few from tight lies on a fwy before. The only negative about the wedge is the grip, as stated in JB's review the grip was fairly "cheap" looking and feeling. Which didn't matter cause it wasn't on the club for more than a day after I received it. Feel/Performance 10 out of 10 The feel can be summed up by one of the reactions of one of my buddies from work while we were golfing one morning. I hit a 80 full shot into the first green, which was the first shot I hit with it on the golf course. He said "Man that thing sounds soft" To which I said F#$%ing rights it is. I was impressed right from the get go. The All Bite no Chew groove do just that, I spun an couple wedge shots from various locations including the ruff and the ABC grooves did little damage to my Callaway tour i(S). Performance out of the bunker was comparable to my X Forged, where I noticed an improvement was from really tight bunker lies which are quite frequent where im from. I was able to successfully get my club under the ball and hit the proper "lob" shot when needed. I credit that to Scratch's fitting process which fit my swing type to the proper grind. Overall. I don't believe in giving full marks for any thing so I'll have to give the scratch 58 wedge a 9/10. The half point deduction would have to be due to the grip LOL that's such a minor thing. The other half point would have to come from the price point of the wedge. Don't get me wrong I know this wedge didn't cost me a red cent but at $149.99 I don't think too many people would consider buying this wedge when the market is used to the $129.99 price point. I love the look and feel as well as the performance of this club. I loved the feel of the KBS shaft as well and in conjunction with the 8620 head it was perfect. Thanks again to MGS and Ari and his crew at Scratch for allowing me to participate in this amazing program. It has and will continue to bring more exposure to to those companies who make great products that people don't know about.
  17. Oh man that thing is sick!!!! When can I get one?
  18. Rounders

    New Pro V1

    Sorry, here are some pics. A little blurry, Damn Blackberry and your shitty camera lol. Enjoy
  19. Rounders

    New Pro V1

    My titleist rep was in today just back from sales meetings in the U.S. He handed me a white sleeve of balls and said try these. Aparently Titleist is working on some new materials in their balls. Hopefully I'll be hitting the course soon and I can give my 2 cents on this "Possible" New ball. Let me know if you guys have heard anything else about these.
  20. Thats a sweet program you have for your score card where did you get it?
  21. Golf Town is like the Wal Mart of golf in Canada, or otherwise Golf Galaxy in the states. Im not familiar with Golf Galaxy, just like im sure Americans are not familiar with Golf Town, but in comparison they are the same, lots of stock but zero customer service. So I have heard.
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