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  1. 1. First things first. We are getting our website modernized or working towards it. I was hoping we would have it finished now. We could do the change over now but there are some things that are still not ready and I want it up with everything possible intact. 2. Changing of the Logo. The old school wave will always remain a part of our heritage, and will probably be handstamped on putters for years, but we are moving away from it on the website, shaft bands, and headcovers. This will probably carry over into the wave on the putters as well. We had a win on the Nationwide tour in 2010(how many others can say that) however because of the smallness of our current logo we hardly even received notice. We have to change that, we are not a huge company and have to grasp any kind of publicity we can. 3. We will be lowering our pricing on the Yaupon and Surfside DRAMATICALLY. These two designs are at their end of life and the Yaupon(first putter I ever designed) will be retired as will the Surfside. I am talking RIDICULOUSLY low pricing for a hand crafted putter, with any hosel you can dream up choice of weight/loft/lie finish and handstamping. 4. I have a pile of DEMO/ and a few SPEC putters that are a year old or better that I will be letting go at almost a steal. Remember this are hand crafted 100% milled putters, so no they will not be 50.00 but they will be too low to advertise. 5. We will release some new models this year, at least one maybe two. We have some ideas on generally what we will be doing but nothing in stone yet. 6. We will also be offering some discounts on more than one putter. As long as we can ship to one address we will help you out. 7. We plan on having some grass roots locations for you guys to see putters. For certain in the coming months we will be part of the SC Golf Center where Hugh Royer III will be teaching, this location in Myrtle Beach will allow a large number of golfers traveling on their vacations to have a putter in their hands. We haven't forgotten about other sections of the country either. We are working on a location in southern California as well. Once everything is finalized the website will be updated with their locations, they will have some demos on hand, and a great fitter onsite to get you into what you need. 8. We will be offering a full range of handmade putters. We will have a variety of metals we can work from, which will be ever changing, and just about any design you can dream up. This will all be done exactly how Sunset Beach makes our CNC putters. With an unbelievable eye on accuracy, detail, and at a very reasonable price.
  2. 8620 steel CAN be forged and it CAN be cast. (The below is assuming same swingweight, shaft, and grip. If you take two exact clubheads one cast from 8620 and one forged from 8620, NO HUMAN BEING WILL BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. If you take two exact clubheads one cast from 304 or 431 and one forged from 1020 maybe 10% will be able to tell the difference. If you take two clubs of different clubhead designs one cast and one forged maybe 30% will be able to tell the difference. I have seen this done numerous times by a teaching professional. I have seen results from 10% to 40% getting it right every time. It is also not the better golfers do better at telling the difference. It also different depending upon the heads chosen. Some head designs are inherently going to feel softer. The major club designers that work for the big boys agree on this, metallurgists agree on this, physicists agree on this. Saying they are wrong well I think you know what it makes you look like. ------- 1. The difference is people believe forging is softer, because it has be told to them for years and years. 2. The other difference is most forgings are 1020 or 1025, and most castings are 17-4 or 431. So the forging is always going to feel softer because it is made of softer metal. The same reason if you compared a set of 845's and Hogan Edge's with the same amount of rounds on them the Hogans would have suffered and be beaten up much more. Also the reason you should check your loft and lies on forged clubs once a year.
  3. We are getting dangerously low on our left handed models. Here is one of the latest done for a facebook friend with his comments.... "The lie angle and the way it sets up seems to be perfect...looks great, the finish and feel is exactly what i wanted...In fact, took it out this morning straight to the course and set the course record where I work...63 with 25 putts.
  5. LOL Well on the Nationwide tour our putter is in third place and we are pulling for a great round tomorrow. A little setback on the Hooters tour has dropped back to a tie 48th.
  6. Sunset Beach has two putters in play this week. One is tied for 5th(One shot back) in the NGA Hooters event(Kandy Waters Memorial Classic) and the other is tied for 16th(Three shots back) in the Nationwide event (Mylan Classic). Awesome week so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Shoot me a message or e-mail at cbjordan@ssbeachgolf.com and I can get you all of the info you need.
  8. Let me know what you think, and we have been given the OK from Byron to use these hosels on our putters.
  9. This one has spend a little more time here than planned, but is ready for a vacation to Bermuda, its new home. It is a South Port head with an extended Santa Fe-style hosel that has zero offset and was bent to create the toe hang that the customer preferred. It is done in our Oil Rubbed Bronze with the fill colors that are known well in the Rasta lifestyle. We did the single siteline on the crown and split a pair in the flange, as wide as possible. It frames the ball nicely and has a great feel to it.
  10. Well I am still in the process of getting the Masonboro and Masonboro 2 added to the website and doing some other addition/modifications. All of the accessories have been updated and the online store has been updated as well. Two Spec Putters are available now, with many more to be added soon. Shirts / Headcovers / SSB grips / and Iomic grips are available to purchase online. I hope to be able to add the ability to configure and purchase a custom putter online as well, but that may be quite a bit in the future.
  11. Moe, my recollection is that all of the Copper Stix line were bought along with the Sizemore name and designs he had done in the Sizemore Collection and what not. I wonder what the two people who own Sizemore think about Superstroke Putters by Sizemore? I always thought it was hokey that Sizemore (The Company) is still designing putters under the Sizemore name without Bruce there. I wish them the best of luck, but I can't putt with their campbell soup sized grip, but know plenty of people who do.
  12. Here we have an Ocean Isle copper plated with a Flow neck. Requested at 350 grams. I think I have a serious competition for my favorite finish between the copper and the oil-rubbed bronze.
  13. If you look at the website under the custom free options tab in any of the putters you can click on the finish options to see examples. I will see if I can dig up some other examples as well.
  14. We have had more than a few requests for mallets, recently LaMont put his hands to one of the Pamlico raw heads and this is what came out the other end. There are pictures of this one, next to the base head and a Cameron, for comparison sake, as well. The head and hosel are 1018 carbon and tip the scales at 368 grams, as it sits. We would have plenty of room for milling a cavity, as one way of bringing the overall weight down, if needed. We could also use face milling as a way to take off a good amount, and still have a very solid feel and sound at impact. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think. Thanks, Chris
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