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  1. Very cool guide, thanks for sharing! I talked with our GM for a half hour last night. We would have opened up this weekend, but we are on a 2 week "stay at home" order. Bar & Restaurant closure extended to 5/4. We are trying to get clarification if courses will be allowed to open on 4/10 without use of the clubhouse when our stay at home order stops.
  2. Presented without comment and I'm not going to start taking things down the from the shelves in the garage...
  3. I think it's Vision golf balls? Wayne Bosley and it was something like Boz in NZ
  4. Matt Every goes 65 - 83 a week ago. Last year Kevin Chappell goes 59 - 73 (I think, can't remember exactly what he shot the 2nd day) If pro's can do that from day to day why do we expect to shoot lights about every time we step on the course or range? Let alone after a 4hr session on the range?? Enjoy the time's you're striping it, realize we are amateur's for a reason when you aren't and just try to have fun or walk away if you can't.
  5. I was sitting on a plane waiting to take off when I saw the Twitter discounts, a quick DM and one order later and it was on the way. Came in a couple weeks ago and I thought the build quality looked good. Hopefully my course will open in the next couple weeks and I'll get a chance to put it through it's paces.
  6. It's been a while since I've been able to participate in this thread, but the last couple of weeks have really had me itching for golf. If you can't play, might as well buy stuff so you're ready right?? New Groove it brush... Then I was lucky enough to snag one of the American Flatsticks/Gibbons Handmade Baby Yoda mallet covers. Yes I'm going to game it and it looks way better in person. Last, but certainly not least. I finally picked up a Fujikura Ventus Black in 6-S. Turns out the cheapest way to buy this shaft is to do it as an upgrade on a TM SIM driver, so that came attached to it as well
  7. How does it compare in size to the standard igloo golf cooler? It's always been in the back of my head to have some type of Yeti cooler as a cart cooler, but nobody makes a mounting bracket I've been able to find yet. This may be a DIY type of situation but I'm curious how much bigger it is.
  8. So what's our affiliation with the company then?
  9. Probably 5-10 mins, but it's been a while. If it's real bad you can try the back side of an X-Acto knife. We use those a lot at work to remove stubborn paint. It will still scratch if you hit metal but it works pretty well. You can also try filing down the handle side of the tooth brush to a point. The plastic point should still give you a rigid point, but less likely to scratch the metal.
  10. For the paint fill did you try soaking it in something like Tal strip or Citristrip? I usually coat that on and then let it soak. For the tiny spots use an old toothbrush or a toothpick. If you want to avoid scratches stay away from sharp metal. I have one of my kids old battery toothbrushes that seems to work pretty good at hitting the tiny spots. I haven't seen anything about a magnetic vise and also couldn't find much online in the 2 mins I searched for it. I primarily use Copper, Brass and Aluminum for stamping. Ball marks and ball mark repair tools. Since none of those metals are magnetic I've never looked in to it. I use a piece of rail road track as an anvil and if I really don't want the piece to move around I'll just use gorilla tape and make a circle with the sticky side out and tape it down. If you really get in to wedges you need one of these from Ricky Johnson! https://rickyjohnsonputters.com/product/rjcp-wedge-anvil-pro/
  11. I guarantee that if electric/gas golf carts were around when golf was invented the rich folk would have been riding in them. Unless you're playing with sand tee's, a mashie, and a hand carved beech wood ball in a goat pasture then please stop talking about the way golf was "meant" to be played. Feel free to jump down off that horse and join us regular folk in the forum though. It's a fun place to hang out and talk about golf if you're open to others opinions.
  12. We routinely have 3-5 carts in our group. We all live on the course and have our own carts. Like others have said it should actually speed up play. We all drive to our own balls and hit, no need to drop off someone and then go back. If I had my way everyone would always be in their own cart, riding with a buddy just slows things down. FWIW we've had some crazy group sizes. Usually on Wed we go back out after our round about 7pm and do a big drunken scramble. We usually get anywhere from 8-14 guys and play as one big group. On the Sat of our club championship we play a full 18 after the tourney round as a huge drunken scramble. This year we had a 20-some and played in about 4hrs. We've had a 16-some that chased down the foursome in front of us and they let us play through. I guess all that to say that it has nothing to do with each person being in their own cart. Slow golfers are going to be slow no matter what and being in their own carts probably actually speeds them up.
  13. This makes me feel old Also great article, it's awesome to see the main accounts giving the forum some love and well done on the writing guys!
  14. It's on my list, but since we switched to hulu we are only doing one movie channel at a time and catching up on those shows. Currently on 6 months of starz/showtime bundle so once that ends I'll switch over to HBO for a couple months and catch up on those shows. I'm excited to watch it though!
  15. I'm in the same boat, right on the bubble between the two depending how I'm swinging that day. I had an interaction via Twitter with Bridgestone and the only question they asked was if I preferred a softer or firmer feel. I said firmer and they recommended the X. Now I'm just debating if I go all in or start with a dozen and try them. Really hoping they have some sort of promo for the spring. I could go for a buy 3 get 1 deal like Titleist does every year.
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