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  1. Thanks for the reply... I checked the rates and they are making tee times for $169 per person. Are you aware of any discounts? We will be teeing off in Floriday, next Sunday, only 5 days from now. Needless to say, since we live in Central Missouri, we are full of anticipation.
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    Match Play

    Round of 4 Picks: Luke Donald | Matt Kuchar | Keegan Bradley | Lee Westwood Title Match: Matt Kuchar | Keegan Bradley Champion: Keegan Bradley
  3. Thanks for the reply. We are surprised that for most courses advavce tee times are permitted only a couple of days in advance or at most a week. We will have a problem getting tee times if we wait until we are there?
  4. I just don't like long putters and think they should be banned. Maybe they just need their own league over maybe the rule should be for age 70 and over.
  5. I'm Rick from Jefferson City, Missouri. Average golfer, about a 12 hdcp. I've followed on and off MGS for a few years. I'm going to try a be more active the season.
  6. I've never been a training aid kind of user. Also, I can putt... is it just me that thinks putting is the easiest part of the game? I mean, I'm closest to the hole of any shot, I'm using the shortest (unless you use those silly long putters) club in my bag. It seems it should be the easiest?
  7. So far, I am considering Shell Point Golf Club only 15 minutes away from our rented house. About $80 per person, unless we catch a special via email. Are the any MGS members with experience about the course? Thanks
  8. We (4 couples) have rented a home in Fort Meyers, FL March 3 - 9. Any suggestions on reasonable golf courses to play? For location reference, we are told the Gulf Harbour Golf and Country Club is about a mile away. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Just send it all to me! Me and 'my guys' will review it and send it back.
  10. MSG, I think you are on the right track regarding trying to ensure participation and trust worthiness. However I disagree with using only the amount of posts as a qualifier. I have been a member and actively ‘read' a lot on the forum. But I doubt I qualify as an active member simply because I don't post much. So hopefully you won't cut out the 'participators the don't participate.'
  11. You a lucky dog... wished I had recieved a wedge!!! Enjoy
  12. Ummm - OK I was fine with the flag story to odd to make up. But, cmon, 3 in a row!? Where were you miniture golf? Even still...
  13. "Colin Montgomerie 'pulls a Tiger,' and we're not talking about golf." Yes - but he is not GGtG either, so no big deal. (ummm Gods Gift to Golf?)
  14. Hey no plus ones for me??? I guess time will tell, I just believe awards and star attributes should be based on what are you doing now not what you have done in the past.
  15. Yes - that's what we think is it hit the cup edge and moved it forward. We didn't hit the flag so it had to just go forward. It finished only a few balls away from the hole. (yes we gave him the putt)
  16. My point is, I am so tired/annoyed at the drama he has brought to the game. The coverage before was always on TW but at least then his performance merited it. Now the coverage is even more obvious and what's worse it's not because of his golf, it's because every person is watching for him to falter and say see 'told you so'. He has not played up to 'his level' and he never will. So, let's move on and find the next phenom and quit dwelling on this now common golfer.
  17. Yep - we were surprised it didn't hit the floag pole.
  18. One of the guy's I was playing with yesterday was this close to a hole in 1, somehow it hopped forward about an inch instead of coming back into the hole...he's never had a hole in 1.
  19. I agree about putting for a gimmie... I am always trying to 'make it', I just figured I would penalize myself if I putted so bad I couldn't keep it inside 'the circle'.
  20. I disagree with jamo... Tiger should earn the spot, not just be given it to him because of his past, ummm performance. Furthermore, despite the rankings which have no bearing on current play, Woods is not the best player now... nor will he ever be again. Finally, it would be nice to watch golf without constant coverage of Tiger Woods. I mean jeeese only so much of a bad thing, please!
  21. Yep, only -2 for me yesterday (3 birdies and 1 bogey) I have amended the rules, in that if I putt more than inside the leather out (i.e. either long or short) than it's a +1. My thinking on the long putts you should still be able to putt for a gimmee.
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