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  1. Love seeing how varied peoples approaches are with goals! For me this year will be my first full season as a member since being a junior so really looking forward to getting some work good work in. Big goal for me this year is to shoot under par in comp conditions. I have managed it before during casual play on courses that suited me more than my new home course. Hoping I can use this as a start to trying to get to scratch in the following seasons (currently 4.7).
  2. I think another reason (sorry if it's been said and I missed it) is that blades actually spin more that cavity backs. The CG gives lower launch but higher spin. Tiger is documented saying he likes his stock shot spinning high as its easier to take spin off than add more. I often think this is actually what is meant by workability, controlling launch characteristics rather than left/right curvature. Of course you have the other reasons such as appearance (Ricky and the Rev33) and turf interaction from a thinner sole too.
  3. I have used PJ Putters (theputterroom.com) before to get a black finish on a Rife before and very pleased with the finish. Has held up well!
  4. So the ferrule on my driver has broken and come off (only above the adaptor). Obviously it still plays fine but looks rubbish and trying to get my bag sorted ahead of courses reopening in the UK. I either have the option on glueing a split ferrule on above the adaptor myself or sending the shaft off to a club builder to pull and reinstall (my club pro shop can't do this and no builder near me). Wondering if anyone has some advice on this as having to pay postage to and from the club builder plus the work seems a bit excessive for something just cosmetic!
  5. Name: David Griffiths Home: London, UK Handicap: 8 Current Irons: Mizuno mp-68
  6. David from the UK Currently using a custom murdered Rife Aruba with a Slim Salty Grip Would like to try the MLA Tour Mallet Usual miss is right
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