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  1. I'd love to hear some reviews of that driver.
  2. I can't tell if they are going for the would grain look or Prince and the Paisley Park.
  3. I don't think it will matter much with McDowell. That crap back in the 80's and 90's was pure garbage, he shouldn't have that tough of a time with the Srixon transition. Phil won two Masters with different iron, and so did that guy who nailed all the waitresses...what's his name?
  4. Lime Green is the new white, didn't you know? Better start looking for a green belt.
  5. These putters are good right off the rack. I'm glad that someone is making putters that don't require a car payment price and having to get fitted. I'm not a huge Cleveland fan, but these are quality flat sticks.
  6. Sounds like a lot of money to hit it 40 more to the right. But hell, what do I know. I keep going back to my soap box to preach about the ball-someone has to get control of that before anything else
  7. I'm putting with a Mizuno TP Mills #4...I love it. Cameron took a lot of ideas from TP Mills...
  8. There's a company in Colorado that can do a deeper indigo on wedges that's very cool. Click the link and page down to check it out-they did my Vokey 60 and it was very nice. https://www.customgolfworks.com/golf-club-refinishing.html
  9. I agree, Cleveland is regressing. That whooshing sound is Cleveland getting passed by.
  10. I think they are trying to get the phrase "Ghost" synonymous with TaylorMade. You're right, it's odd...I think they just wanted the GHOST to be in your face. God Bless...
  11. Now if TaylorMade can find someone to win a major with this.
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