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  1. Some people like the "spider" look. As for me, I like the more classic look without the spikes and prongs hanging out. To each their own as long as it gets the ball to the hole.
  2. I tried it. The "Pyramid Grooves" seem to grip the ball and it rolls close to the ground. The ball seems very soft off the face too. I've always wanted a Kevin Burns putter after hearing so much about it. May have to convince the better half that it's an early holiday present to myself.
  3. Looks pretty nice. How is the finish holding up? Does it roll smoothly?
  4. I have a single line on my putter and it helps me line up to the ball (with a line) and to my intended target. Once I have determined my line, it's all about speed and rolling the ball to the hole.
  5. Just wanted to share some photos of the new Kevin Burns Mallet putter. He told me he's been busy, designing, programming, coding and milling this new putter (in addition to his other models). It took a while just to get everything just right, but he feels like it's one of his best. He said to remind everyone that his fitting system enables him to customize his putter for each customer: lie angle, length and weight are based on the golfer's putting stance.
  6. Is it distracting to look down and see the white ball next to the big white mallet? I only want to see the ball when I putt. Some people must not mind, I see some pros playing it, have not personally come across anyone playing it yet.
  7. Good info Moecat. Eyes over the ball, arms below shoulders and take the hands out of the stroke. At least that's what I've been told. There are so many tips out there, use what works then aim and fire. Most importantly, get the ball to the hole.
  8. Looking for a new putter. Would like a milled "Anser" style and have narrowed it down to a SCameron Newport, Bettinardi SS1,TP mills and KBurns 05. I still need to try all 4 and get a feel for them. Note: I think I need a 32" putter so not sure if they're available. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  9. Good luck Adam on your new venture. Miura has always made the highest quality golf clubs.
  10. Well stated MSG. Some folks just want to "promote negativity" behind the keyboard which is sad to see. These small companies need to be supported and encouraged. The entire golf industry is having a hard time right now, and the smaller ones are finding it hard to grab a piece of the pie. It's the smaller companies that innovate the business and come up with new ideas.
  11. Cool idea! Bag looks heavy though....looking forward to checking it out in person.
  12. Take a look at Iomic Grips. They feel good, come in many colors and last.
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