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  1. Really interesting I would try it might be my future tee club. I love hitting hybrid off the because it's the only long club I can get enough out of to use. Hybrids remind me of a persimmon wood with a small head. Only drivers I could ever hit well were the small headed ones from yesteryear.
  2. I just updated mine for the last time this year in at 18.
  3. I like the logo myself even though I know some don't probably order one of those test packs and a hat because I'm a hat collector.
  4. I think this is my next to try golf ball.
  5. Great bag love the v steels. Is the shaft on the driver rare?
  6. I got the ones with a black number 2 days ago. They feel great and look good after chipping practice with them. I only hit a few full shots with them but appear to be longer and have better feedback when hit I think than the duo I currently played. Still golfing in Wisconsin in November so hopefully I can play a full round with them before it snows.
  7. you lucky dog. :-D Still a few days away for me. Welcome sharpstik
  8. I got my first real practice of the season in. None of the courses around me are open so I went to my dad's country land where he has plenty of practice field. I decided to get my yardages down. I came away with some real yardages for the season. My wrist injury(constant battle) flared up so only got an hour in. What I found was that I am a really straight hitter like usual but man I am a short hitter. Practiced with my fitted driver and my exotics 5w. Exotics are long. I hit the 5w about 190 and the driver 200 so I usually will carry the 5w. Here's some stats some of you might like...I hit my
  9. I have not tried the original so I can't give you a comparison but I love the feel of the Wilson. I bought it with the intent to just try it but now I can't keep it out of my bag. It's so good on fast greens.
  10. Those grips are sweet. Green is my favorite color.
  11. I updated this thread because a few changes have been made. My Sig tells the story but I will be putting up some new pics of my kit very soon.
  12. I have the bag for speed golf, I don't run but I like the super lite bag and shooting good scores with less equipment. That's my favorite part about it they use 6 clubs max.
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