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  1. Jim has used a TaylorMade driver on/off for a long time while he was with Srixon, there's a good number of non TaylorMade staff guys playing TM drivers & many guys not on Callaway's staff use their woods. There are also big name players with big company deals that have or has had TM woods in the bag(Phil Mickelson to name one)so don't bash TM for jumping to sign guys. If I wasn't with TM & with another company I believe I'd still play a TM driver & woods, unless the price was right of course! But a lot of guys are playing what they are used to & what performs the best in their
  2. I've had my R11's for a few weeks now tinkering with the options & shafts. I've been hitting my 8.5° R9 SuperTri TP against my 9° R11 TP as I figured this would be the closest in specs to compare as I don't have any R9 SuperTri or SuperDeep over 8.5° in loft to compare to my 10.5° R11. I haven't been able to get on a launch monitor yet to compare numbers but I haven't found too big of a difference. As far as feel I found they are both the same, the R9 SuperTri feels a tad softer but for the most part IMO they feel the same. I've found that the R11 is not as easy to work the ball than t
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