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  1. Here is a coupon code to use at the SKLZ website for golf training aids. use coupon code DWATSON10 to get 10 percent off your purchase.
  2. have a set of clubs that I am not using, they are the new TP Taylormade MBs they are 3-pw shafted with DG X100 used for basically 4 rounds of golf, no bag chatter, no signs of use, could almost pass for new. Looking for $550 shipped. Hoot29576@yahoo.com
  3. Well after reading this I must say I may have found a new home!! I was one of the big gusy at BSG and one of the founders of GD. Richard did screw us over pretty godo at GD by basically using XtremeCruiser to build WRX for himself and using GD to build and get it started and then he basically told us all to go F ourselves. I was just recently banned from GolfWRX for posting too much in a single day. i was bored at work on Thanksgiving and was actually told that I posted too much stuff. I will add some info here when I have teh chance and hope that it sticks to the original foundation and does not become one of the other forums!
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