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  1. J. B. Holmes Winning Score: 277
  2. Charles North Carolina HCP: 15 I had to give up using a GPS app on my phone because it became to distracting and time consuming, sapping my enjoyment of "being in the moment" during play. I would love to try this GPS watch; I'm thinking a quick glance for distance would give me what I need without getting in the way.
  3. Consider me the perfect "guinea pig" for the SCOR Golf club test? Why, you may ask? Well, my handicap hovers around 21, despite the 7 years I have put into this god-forsaken sport. The main reason for my alarming lack of growth in ability: I'm am a tinkerer to the bone. In the past, when I have detected a flaw in my swing, real or not, I have tried to fix it with all manner of 'golf tips' and suggestions from experts. I have tried many, MANY different drivers, 2-woods, 3-woods, etc. trying to take frustratingly occasional hook out of my drives. I have run my eBay feedback rating into the triple digits buying... and then selling... and then buying putters looking for 'The One' that would give me the exact feel that I've searched my whole life for. The one good, fairly consistent part of my game? Short play. I'm decent around the greens and with short approaches, and I like the Solus wedges that I play with now. So of course, I'm here now trying to replace the few clubs in my bag that I haven't felt like tossing in the closest pond. It makes perfect sense and is SO ME (the 'Tinkerer'... remember?)! So I DEMAND that the fine folks at SCOR Golf further enable my revolting obsession by supplying me with these new play toys immediately! But seriously, I'd love to get more control over my short game and if these clubs can provide it, all the better. Below is the requested picture and SCORFit data and I apologize for all of the above rambling-- addiction has that effect on some of us... Your Optimal Scoring System: LOFTS 44° 48° 52° 56° 60° 113-117 102-106 90-94 80-84 70-74 EXPECTED DISTANCE Hand: Right Hand/RH Lofts: 44° 48° 52° 56° 60° Shaft: GENIUS® 12 Flex: Regular Flex
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