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  1. Charles / Winston-Salem, NC I have used a hitting net in the past, but it was so much of a pain to assemble/disassemble that I gave it up for the practice range instead. This net being tested looks way easier to setup. I have never really gotten into the launch monitor scene outside of the booths in my local golf shops.
  2. Charles, Winston-Salem, NC USA Evenroll ER1 Tourstroke I have been intending on pulling the trigger on a face-balanced, SBST mallet for a while now, but have not decided on a model. The Ping Fetch would be my choice for its straight back stroke design. I love how the color contrast frames the cut out, and the ability to pick the ball up with it is a nice plus, considering my (rapidly!) advancing age.
  3. Charles Winston-Salem, NC HDCP: 16 Callaway Original Big Bertha (returned to an old favorite after a years-long sojourn...) T200 (need the added forgiveness [see hdcp above...])
  4. Charles Winston-Salem, NC HDCP: 16 Callaway Original Big Bertha (returned to an old favorite after a years-long sojourn...) T200 (need the added forgiveness [see hdcp above...])
  5. Charles Winston-Salem, NC 16 Callaway Original Big Bertha (returned to an old favorite after a years-long sojourn...) T200 (need the added forgiveness [see hdcp above...])
  6. First Name/State or Country of residence: Charles/North Carolina Handicap: 16 Current irons in Play: Calloway Original Big Bertha (1994) 3i - LW The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 140 yards I'm also a current ShotScope v.2 user...
  7. Charles/North Carolina EVNROLL TourStroke Trainer (yes, I love it so much that I game it) 16 HCP
  8. J. B. Holmes Winning Score: 277
  9. Charles/NC 16 I have used a few putting aids over the years. I currently use a metal yardstick and indoor hole.
  10. Charles North Carolina Performance tracking via phone app Do not use GPS watch I'm of devoted follower of stats and tech, so I would LOVE to take part in this!
  11. 1. Charles, North Carolina ​2. HCP: 16, Driver SS: 94 mph 3. Adams Speedline. 10.5 4. PING G400 Max, 10.5 deg, stiff
  12. Charles, North Carolina Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50 Mallet, 34 inch w/SuperStroke Flatso Counterbalance grip O-Works Red #7S Putter
  13. I have been dying to try single-length clubs since I picked up the game years ago! Charles North Carolina HCP: 16 Ben Hogan Edge CFTs One length
  14. Charles North Carolina HDCP: 15 Ben Hogan Edge CFTs Biggest iron strength: long iron distance Biggest iron weakness: consistent contact/short iron accuracy
  15. Charles Winston-Salem, NC Strengths: greenside chipping; lob shots Weaknesses: pitching distance control; full swing wedge distance 3-wedge set config: 52*, 56*, 60* Model: Glide 2.0 Color Code: Black Shaft: XP 95 Flex: R300 Length: Standard Grip: Dyla-wedge Grip Color Code: White
  16. 1. North Carolina 2. 15 HCP 3. Never Compromise Sub 30 Type 50 34"
  17. Charles North Carolina HCP: 15 I had to give up using a GPS app on my phone because it became to distracting and time consuming, sapping my enjoyment of "being in the moment" during play. I would love to try this GPS watch; I'm thinking a quick glance for distance would give me what I need without getting in the way.
  18. 1. Your name and home state/province: Charles, North Carolina 2. Your current handicap: 18 3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking: I have played the game for 10 years now, but only in the last two years have I been able to finally unlearn all of the crap golf "tips" from magazines, YouTube videos, etc. that had accumulated in my head and had subsequently been mis-applied. Now, I have a simple, natural swing that I feel that I can trust and I think a training aid like the DST will allow me to really dial in my swing and give me more consistent contact and pred
  19. Charles Parrott, North Carolina HCP: 18 (not much practice time...) I have played 2 irons in the past, so 3s and 4s are a cinch and feel great to me. As a long-time owner and enthusiastic current player of the old Hogan Edge CFT irons, I would love to give these a shot! I also play the CFT hybrids (2h, 3h, 4h) which, although good, don't give me the same confidence that long irons have in the past (I played the old MacGregor GoLongs for quite a while). These new clubs look like the perefect combo of clubhead size, sole cut, and perimeter forgiveness for me!
  20. First name and home state/province/country: Charles, North Carolina Current iron set, shaft flex: Ben Hogan Edge CFT, regular flex Current handicap: 20
  21. - Charles, North Carolina - Never Compromise SUB 30 Mallet - MLA Tour XDream - Your common miss: left
  22. First Name: Charles Home State: North Carolina Current HDCP: 20 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex: Ben Hogan Edge CFT 2, 3, and 4 hybrids, R-flex TT Dynamic Golds
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