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  1. Regarding: FreeCaddie I'm using Shotly which I like accept for one issue It keeps going back to my main screen (I have a windows 8 phone). So I have to open the app back up hit the play button and it resumes my round. But it really gets frustrating AND WHO NEEDS MORE FRUSTRATION WHEN THEY'RE PLAYING GOLF! So anyway I loaded the Free Caddie free version and the GPS worked well and didn't leave the program. I was going to go with "Free Caddie" paid version it's only $2.99 but they don't have a handicap element to there program which is something I really like. I don't want to have to go to a different program to re-enter my score so I can keep track of my handicap. I loaded Golflogix free and it just seemed like too much and too many steps just to start a round. I just changed the App setting for Shotly. I had it on Power Saver. Maybe, hopefully that might be the issue. Headed out to play a round right now. We'll see what happens.
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