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  1. 5 hours ago, tony@CIC said:

    Welcome! You'll find lots of great feedback here along with encouragement.

    As Kenny mentioned a few lessons early on will shorten the learning curve immensely. However, lessons without lots of practice after won't be money well spent. There's a set of Strata clubs at our local sim, I haven't hit them but can tell you that the grips on these clubs look like they were for very small hands. If you go to your local golf shop (Golfgalaxy PGASS, or other) they have samples of different grips and sizes and you should try each to see what's most comfortable. While you're there you can have them check the lofts for each of your clubs.

    Totally agree.  Grips are your connection to the club.  If they aren't the correct size, or simply don't feel good, it will be hard to put a consistent swing on the ball.  If you have been playing these clubs for a year, the grips could be getting worn or the rubber is getting hard/slick.  If they are, the tendency is to grip the club harder which is not good.  Check with your local pro or the golf stores in your area to see what size grips fit your hand; generally regular or midsize depending hand size.

  2. Played Wolf today at the other course in town.  21º and sunny at daybreak... Frost delay, but warmed up by 10am.

    I hit every fairway, but struggled with wedges because the turf is so much different than my course.  This course struggled last year with a new owner and the main water pumps went out, so grass is spotty and some of the greens are marginal.  Green speed was much slower than my course, so it was a struggle all day.

    I shot 79 and lost 8 quarters.  One guy birdied 3 holes to my pars when I was the Wolf... TWICE putting from off the green!!!  I don't mind losing when someone has a good hole; I hate losing when I have a bad hole.

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  3. On 2/18/2020 at 8:41 AM, nevets77 said:

    I'm now one month into my training and I'm happy to see some speed gains in my driver.    I started at 99mph  and this morning I had two swings at 107 and two at 108.  However, I still haven't gotten any faster with my green stick.  I seem to be stuck at 112 with an occasional  swing slightly faster which might just be the radar.  My blue stick is nearly as fast as the green and might catch it in a few weeks 🙂  .    At the range I was consistently hitting 103 with a controlled swing.    

    what are the thoughts on using the radar at the range.   are there any pros/cons to trying to swing as fast as you can during practice ? 

    Welcome to the forums, and I'm glad you are using the SuperSpeed training.  It does work.  Also, don't worry too much about the green stick.  It's a little different for everyone.  Some people don't get along with light shafts, but it's important to work with all three clubs.  Working with the radar, you can see what swings give better speeds.  I am terrible with my left hand doing anything, but working with the sticks, I was able to get my left hand swings speed up to my right hand swings.  It also felt easier, so I knew that I had swing flaws that was slowing down my speed.  Time to work on that!!

    Best of luck!!

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  4. 3 hours ago, AmishJason said:

    I started playing golf last year and decided on these Stratas because they were inexpensive and I wouldn't be upset if they got beat up during the learning process. 

    I don't have much confidence in the driver, but that may just be down to swing errors because I have hit a few good drives with it.  Driver and 3W are graphite shafts. 

    Four hybrid and five hybrid are fun to hit, but have a really high pitched TING sound when they make contact with the ball.

    Irons are decent (again this is the perspective of a begginer).  They have a very appealing sound at impact.  They're cavity backs and have helped with the learning curve of golf.  Lofts unknown (will get to the later).

    Wedges that came with the set have been horribly frustrating.  I was nearly unable to escape a sand bunker with the SW from the set.  Could've been operator error.  I dont use the Pitching Wedge from the set either.  Just never felt right.  Both clubs will likely be pulled from the bag in the future.

    Texan Classics 52, 56, and 60 wedges.  Cheap forged wedges I found as a 3 piece set on Amazon.  I have been tickled with the 60 and so so with the 56.  Lots of trouble out of the 52, but my golfing buddy says its swing flaws.  

    Strata mid mallet putter.  Out of the bag in a hurry.  Never had any power to it.  I was leaving everything short with this putter.  

    Odyssey Red Ball mallet.  A fantastic upgrade.  White Hot face, Red Ball stance alignment sight, Odyssey pistol grip, but a non matching headcover.  I bought this putter Certified Pre-Owned from Callaway on Black Friday.

    Not pictured: Srixon Q Star Tour 2 balls.  

    I say the lofts on my Strata irons and wedges are unknown because I never found anything in the box that stated them.  The composition of the bag doesn't match the sets on Callaway's website.  The Strata Plus set should come with a 12.5 driver and only a 5H, but the Strata Ultimate set comes with the 10.5 driver and 4H and 5H.  




    Welcome to the forums!  Glad you joined us, and you are off to a good start with those clubs.  

    I know everyone is different, but when I started playing 28 years ago at age 45 I got a set of clubs and thought I was athletic enough to learn the game on my own.  I played a lot, and enjoyed it.  Then I decided to get lessons because I didn't think I was improving as fast as I thought I should.  Long story short... I would have been ahead of the game if I started with lessons.  It took me quite awhile to "unlearn" all the bad habits I had acquired.  Once I did, the improvements come much quicker.  I wasted a lot of time.

    I hope you stick with it; it's a great game, and the forums are a nice place to hang out.

  5. 1 minute ago, Vspin1 said:

    If ya played out at West with Arey I'm sure we've  seen each other. Bought a 5 yr. membership as soon as Rod got it. Played there all the time while he was still alive. Haven't played out there since the Leon Parnell tourney in 18 and not sure how long before that. Played Pro-ams with Rod, Larry, Marc and Danny as our pros. Man that's a lot of pros to play with from one course. Sean was a year behind me in school.

    Yep!  I'd probably recognize you!  I played pro-ams with all of them except Marc.  Yeah, I played with all the Parnells.  Leon's G-son, Quentin is now at Walla Walla CC.  Danny was my first teacher.  I was awful then!!  Jeff told me once that I had "hands of stone" chipping and putting.  I left West when Jeff started Buckskin, then I moved to Columbia Point in 2015.  I still play occasionally at West with Danny.

  6. My wife struggled all last year striking the ball, but she had a lot going on so she really didn't put in the time to fix it.  This year, she decided to rejoin the women's league, and asked me for some help.  I've tried to "volunteer" help over the last year, but you know how that goes,  🙄  so I've been keeping my mouth shut!

    While we were in Palm Springs last month, she asked.  We went to the range and worked on pitch shots; she's always been pretty good with those but recently not so much.  After an hour she was back hitting good shots.  However, the driver was still a "push shot".  Then she bought a Bionic golf glove (she loves it), and with better rotation from the pitch shot practice, drives started going straight again.  Then the confidence came back, and all shots got better.  Why am I telling you this???

    This weekend in our interminable winds she shot 86.  I shot 83 with 3 doubles and a couple of birdies.  Now I'm feeling threatened!!  The last time she beat me was one of my early rounds after my knee replacement 6 years ago, but then she had her knee replacement... and that was that.  I guess I have to go back to practicing again.

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  7. 7 hours ago, perseveringgolfer said:

    it didn't! 😂

    Every aspect of my game last round was good to very good....except chipping which was ugly to watch and ugly to feel, fats and thins galore.

    Having a lesson tonight to see what the obvious fault is as my set up is text book and comfortable, but the execution is where it all falls to pieces. The Pro I'm seeing is renowned for his wedge play so lets see.

    How'd the lesson go?  I'm curious what he said.

    The biggest change for me was moving closer to the ball; hands close to the knees.  That prevented me from pulling the club to the inside on the backswing which led to chunks.  Now it feels more up and down, even though with rotation I know it's not.

    I like to use my 60º for most shots around the green unless the shot is too long.  I use more shaft lean and low followthrough for lower running shots and a more vertical shaft for a higher, softer shot.  However, that's turf and green-dependent.  

  8. 15 hours ago, pulledabill said:

    Are you booked then? What dates can you golf?


    18 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I'm booked at the Fairfield Inn & Suites 6/24-27.  My plan is to stay overnight in route and arrive about noon on Tuesday 6/23. I would be interested in meeting up for a round that afternoon.

    So..... arriving on Tuesday 6/23 but booked into Fairfield on 6/24-27.  Where are you staying on Tuesday night?

    I'm also staying at the Fairfield, arriving on Wed 6/24 about noon.  I will play Wed afternoon, although rather poorly after a trip.  I will play 6/25-27, leaving for home after play Sat... hopefully close to 3pm.


  9. 1 hour ago, Rickp said:

    Does Rory close this one out??

    I thought he looks like the one to beat, but if the group struggles a little then someone from the next couple of groups could post a low number... snatch the victory.

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  10. 7 hours ago, Vspin1 said:

    Thanks, I play Point a bit too. I know a lot of people there and play gangsome once in a while. I get frequent player cards to both and joined both men's clubs. I play in the Wednesday night HERO league at Point. Still have some credit there from pro-ams with Joe quite a few years ago.



    a b

    Well, we've probably seen each other.  I don't play in the gangsome.  My wife was still working until this year, and she only got to play 18 holes on the weekend, so I play with her.  I play a few other times during the week, but mostly practice.

  11. 7 hours ago, Thin2win said:

    Apparently, I can't do this over July 17th. My wife took issue with me planning a golf trip over our anniversary.... whoops. 


    So, cancelling weddings, work trips, and anniversaries out of my schedule. It looks like the best week of the summer is June 24th through June 28th. 

    So, chime in if you are game for a trip to Bend, 3 or 4 rounds of golf over a few days that week. Last year was fun, lets add a few more people to this event this year and have a better time. 


    Likely courses would be Eagle Crest, since @DPattGolfworks there and we would need to harass him. Pronghorn and Tetherow sound nice. But lots of other options in the area. This isn't limited to MGS members, friends, family and spouses are all welcome. 

    So, Chime in, who is in? I'll edit the first post in the thread to add confirmed names. 

    I'm in with my wife.  We have a condo at Eagle Crest.  I had better check, it fills up fast so I need exact dates soon.

    I like the Ridge course at Eagle Crest; the Resort course, not so much.  If you stay in Bend, it's a bit of a drive; Redmond would be a better choice.  Juniper GC in Redmond is nice, so is Aspen Lakes in Sisters.

    Not sure I could swing the pricey Pronghorn and Tetherow in peak season.

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