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  1. hahaha You say that now, but when the weather turns, you will be scoring a PB in no time. You can't tell how you will play in a month by what's happening now.
  2. When the snow melts... everything sticks.
  3. This has been a horrible weekend. After yesterday's unlikely 86 with not a good shot to be found, today was just the opposite. I hit pretty good shots tee to green considering the wind played havoc with shots most of the day. I apparently left my short game home. Shot 91. If I had yesterday's short game, my score would have been low 80's. On a positive side my wife shot 14 shots better today than yesterday, but she was still 10 shots above her "normal" round. I'm ready for warmer weather.
  4. Well then you're ready... old guys don't rotate much!!
  5. Kenny B


    Congrats on 10000 Shankster. Don't worry about talking. Your thoughts are always on the mark. Anyone can talk, but it's another thing to actually say something. I think you've got more thoughts coming!!
  6. Another bad weekend for Spieth. His Saturdays and Sundays this year are pathetic. Doesn't look good for next week.
  7. I'm retired too, but my wife still works. I can go out to play whenever I want, but her playing days are limited. It has to be pretty bad to us not to play on one of those days!
  8. At the ANA a few minutes ago JY Ko just hit her 5i off the tee on a 190y par 3. Landed mid-green and rolled past a back flag. IK Kim hit hybrid and it was short of flag.
  9. A lot cooler today than all of this last week. 48º and a light drizzle when my wife and I teed off, but by hole #7 the rain quit and the wind was blowing 25 mph, changing directions on every hole it seemed. We haven't played since last Sunday, and I haven't been practicing all week. Yard work!! And I'm sore!! Summary: One of the worst days of golf I have had in years. I did not hit any shot longer than 80 yards that I would have called a decent shot, let alone a good shot. It was a struggle all day. Fortunately for me, my short game was pretty good. I shot 86, no birdies; a lot of bogeys but only one double bogey. I've shot worse scores, but I always remember that I had a good hole or two or several good shots. Except for chips and putts, I had zero good shots today. As bad as I played, I really felt sorry for my wife. She usually shoots in the mid to high 80's, sometimes low 90's. Today she shot 111 because she missed a 6 foot birdie putt on the 1st hole, otherwise it would have been 110. lol. Her game today was just the opposite of mine. Off the tee and from the fairway, she hit a lot of good shots. She lost all of her shots around the green. Tomorrow we play early and again a light drizzle is the forecast, but no wind!!
  10. I live on the dry side of WA... in the desert. Think Burns, OR, but we have the Columbia and Snake Rivers. I know Medford. We get less rain than you do, about 7 inches a year. We have 3.3 inches so far this year; slightly above normal. We probably need the rain, but living in a desert I don't feel like I HAVE to play in rain. I'll wait it out. Played today. A little drizzle to start, then sunny but 25 mph wind. More drizzle tomorrow.
  11. I wish you would quit sending the rain my way. It's ruining play up here; rain all day tomorrow. I'm headed your way on Monday; back home on Wednesday.
  12. That makes the 4th week in a row that a player has made an ace, starting with The Players and a total of 7 in that period: 3 @ The Players, 1 @ The Valspar, 1 @ the WGC, and 2 here at the Valero... so far What is going on??
  13. JS has had bad weekends all year. He needs a low round to get that off his back.
  14. Happy birthday fellas!! Keep 'em in the short grass!
  15. 30 yards is generous for several landing areas at my course; the difference between your course and mine is you have lots of trees to contend with and I have mounds in the rough with uphill, downhill and sidehill lies. Your course is more visually intimidating. We have many holes with landing areas of 40-50 yards, but several are 25-30 yards where I hit it. On our shortest par 5 #6 hole, my landing area is about 26 yards wide with a bunker on the left and mounds on the right. If someone hits the ball 280 off the tee, the landing area is 13 yards wide with bunkers left and right. Probably the hardest part of the tee shot is getting through the 25 yard "goal posts" at 120y off the tee!!
  16. I had never measured our greens. Thanks for the tip on how to do so. What I found out was that it was very difficult to measure greens at my course. As best as I can determine, the average green size is about 7000 sqft. The biggest greens tend to be par 3's at about 9500 sqft; the par 3 #12 is a little over 10000 sqft (this is the hole I aced 2 years ago). A lot of greens seem to be around 6000. Other than a couple of roundish greens, most are odd-shaped, some with drop-off slopes near the back of greens. Several are very long and narrow in an hourglass shape which making GIR difficult; #11 is 120 ft x 48 ft. Many greens have slopes off both sides, either above the green so downhill chips or below the green 6-12 feet so can't see the putting surface. I checked back on my stats in The Grint which I kept starting last September. I will be using The Grint from now on instead of GHIN. The tees I play at my course are about 6100y. Score = 82.4 Fairways hit = 62% GIR = 26% Putt/round = 30.4 with just under one 3-putt/round Everyone has valid points. I'm in the @CarlH and @PlaidJacket camp about the short game. I'm not saying that better distance and ball striking are not as equally important. I'm working on that too, but my journey to single digit was possible by a lot of hard work on my short game. I know that I am not going to all of a sudden gain 25 yards off the tee, although with the SuperSpeed training, I might gain some. I'm not going to hit every approach shot perfect, in fact I am pretty sure that I will mishit a lot of them just like I do now. I'll work on it. However, my scores live and die with the quality of my short game on any given day. When I can get up and down, I score in the 70's; when I don't I score in the 80's. How low into the 70's or high into the 80's is a combination of ball striking and short game prowess (or lack thereof).
  17. There weren't any (or very few) when I played. And it was only $80... of course it WAS July!!!
  18. I got the 54º a couple of weeks ago; first year for a 54º PM grind. So far, I like it. I wouldn't have bought it except for the new sole grind. I was worried about the 14º of bounce since my turf is firm, but it's been OK. I think I will be adding a 60º soon.
  19. My favorite one was watching Suzann Pettersen choke and let Morgan Pressel win the Kraft Nabisco in 2007. I followed her the last 4 holes; bogey, double bogey, bogey, and a par on 18 to lose by one shot.
  20. Lot more houses than when I played it in 2003.
  21. Yeah, I missed that. I was thinking it was right next door.
  22. I guess those 4 amateurs declined the ANWA invitation because they wanted a chance to play in a major championship against the top players in the world rather than play 36 holes at nearby Augusta CC with MAYBE a chance to be in the final round of 30 players who get to play Augusta National GC.
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