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  1. I've shot 73 (+1)at my course twice; most recently was 2 years ago. While on a business trip to Phoenix, I played the Palmer course at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Wildfire GC with 3 buddies. Shot 69; only time under par on a regulation course. Before joining my current muni, I played a 9-hole par 35 executive course in town for 18 years; 2 par 3's, 6 par 4's, and 1 par 5. I was playing with the pro and two other single digit players; shot 31 which was the course record that stood for 7 years until a high school senior headed to the University of Oregon shot 27. Dang kid!!
  2. Water, lots of water!! I pruned a tree today; up on a ladder all afternoon. I'm really sore!! I look across the street and see my 85-year old neighbor lady, mother of a local club pro, up on a ladder pruning a bush. WTH is she doing on a ladder?? Then I thought... WTH am I doing on a ladder at 71 years old!!
  3. Congratulations!! With all that data I will have to call you Professor chsurfdude.
  4. When I see that at my muni, I yell at advise them to stay on the cart paths. They have to have a blue handicap flag from the clubhouse to be that close to tees and greens. Actually, on the weekends the marshals are very good about helping them with course etiquette.
  5. You can always change back to Furyk after he wins the Valero this weekend!!!
  6. "The Shell" has more problems than his putter.
  7. I had a brain fart. I'm allowed that once in awhile at my age. For some reason I equated "conceding" with the loser of the hole. There have been many times when I have made a series of really bad shots, and even though I might have had an extremely slim chance (think a 40 foot putt, and my opponent has to 3-putt), I have "conceded" before I putt. I doubt a pro would do that.
  8. There is always the option to concede a hole, just not give a hole.
  9. Well, we had a frost delay so didn't tee off until 10:34. We played with another couple and he had a back pain as well, so we agreed to play from the White Tees. I still swung about 50%, maybe 70% on a few tee shots, and I didn't have as many poor shots hitting off the ground. Less yardage to cover helped a lot!! 1 double, 5 bogeys, and 1 birdie on a par 5 = 78. Yesterday, one of my 5 doubles was on that par 5. The difference between the Blues and the Whites on that hole is 5 yards!! I know that one of these days I will have to move up to the Whites, but I will stay at the Blues as long as I can still score rounds in the 70's.
  10. You will be glad you get your knee done. I should have done mine earlier. Golf is much better now and pain free (well, knee anyway). I waited until November for mine; was ready to play in February.
  11. After this weekend, all putts in Match Play must be holed out. Good enough for Medal Play; why not Match Play? End of controversy.
  12. Nick Faldo has 3 green jackets. He squeaked by Ray Floyd in a playoff, and Scott Hoch and Greg Norman gave him the other two. Faldo is so close to not having any green jackets.
  13. How many matches has Sergio played in his career? Apparently, not enough.
  14. Direct flight from Denver!! I will certainly join you.
  15. NICE!! Since you know what a Tinder blind date is like, could you please elaborate?
  16. Tweaked my back on the first tee. Right side at the bottom of my ribcage. Hitting off tees was OK if I swung at 50%. Hitting off the ground on anything but pitch shots hurt, even at 50%. It was 45º and sunny when my wife and I teed off, and it warmed up to 65º by the time we finished. I was hitting better shots on the back nine. We had a great time playing with two guys in their late 40's who outdrove me by 50 yards. They bought me a double BV/seven at the turn because I think they felt sorry for me. They MIGHT have broken 100. Me? 5 doubles, 8 bogeys, 4 pars, and 1 birdie = 89... my short game saved me. Could have been a lot worse. We have a 9:46 tee time tomorrow.
  17. I have this exact same shoe with the nubs worn down. Wish they still made them.
  18. As has been stated, the SuperSpeed system gets your body parts to move faster. How does it do that? It's not really by a bigger arc, although that is likely a result as you swing the heaviest club. What's happening by using light, medium and heavy clubs in the SuperSpeed protocol sequence is that you are training your brain to recognize a faster speed which will lead to faster motor sequence. You are not swinging out of your shoes; you are making the same swing as always, but your brain doesn't have the same speed limiter it used to have.
  19. Interesting that you follow up Nick Faldo tips with Greg Norman tips. I pick Nick.
  20. No practice putts!! Ouch! That 6 foot range is starting to look pretty good now.
  21. I'm the same... use my 58º for most all shots around the green. I will occasionally use my 50º if I'm short of a couple of our greens that are 40 yards long. My wedges are different than my irons, and chipping with an iron feels so much different that I don't have control of the ball like I do with my wedges. I have hit that long running chip that gets on the ground quickly and rolls like a putt. It's called a bladed or skulled shot. lol
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