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  1. Our rough isn't very deep, but it's sure gnarly; hard to hit out of. Now that fall is here, it's difficult to find balls in the leaves. For some reason I can see the yellow Srixon Z-Star better than a white ball. I have also found that very few players at my course play yellow balls. Several times a year when playing a white ball, I have had to chase down players from the adjacent fairway that came into my fairway and hit my ball without checking to see if it was theirs. I don't have that problem with the yellow Srixon.
  2. I checked the covenants of the neighborhood. Golfer have a right to come on the property to retrieve balls. I'm looking elsewhere.
  3. Sending our cold weather your direction. 30's and 40's last weekend... 70's and sunshine this weekend!! woo hoo!!
  4. Have a great trip!! Check in every once in awhile!!
  5. A couple of years ago I dropped out my 5W (couldn't consistently hit a good 3W) in favor of a 2H with decent results. However, I can't reach any of our par 5's in two shots and it's difficult to reach a couple of par 4's and one par 3, depending on the wind speed and direction. After I made a swing change this year, I was hitting the ball a little better off the fairway so I went to the Kenny B Golf Store (my garage) and pulled out my old TaylorMade RBZ 3W. On some days it works great and shortens my next shot or gets me on/near the green. On other days I remember why I put it in the garage and just hit the 2H. But overall, it's worth it for the added yards.
  6. Practice with wedges is important; I spend a lot of time on the practice green and on the course working on different shots with my wedges, but then again I'm retired. When you can't practice much, it's more critical that you have the proper wedge setup for your game and course conditions. Anything less, you are fighting both your technique and your clubs when you don't practice.
  7. Beautiful view. No neighbors behind, and perfect... I wake up at 5am every day anyway! But somehow it doesn't feel right living on a private GC, then getting in the car and driving 5 miles to play at a muni.
  8. I bought my house from my neighbor when my wife and I got married. It's small, but suits us just fine. Now with my wife retiring and bringing a lot of "stuff" home, we really could use a bigger place... so we started looking. Then my neighbor said he wants to buy our house back. Now we are looking in a little more earnest. No timetable yet. A house came on the market a couple of weeks ago that is really out of my price range, but it looked great so we asked our agent if we could look at it. Bad move. Dang!!! Lovely house sitting behind the 12th green of our only private country club in town. I don't think I could live there looking at a beautiful golf course knowing I can't play it; I know I can't afford the membership. Oh well, someone probably blades a wedge over the green every day... maybe that's why the house is on the market. Still looking!
  9. I agree. That's why I switched from opening up my wedges to playing fairly square, and I've have had better results. I do open up a wedge on occasion in a bunker if I'm close to the lip and need to get the ball up fast.
  10. yes... still faster than the average guy, but slower than easy setup non-majors.
  11. Opening up a 54 with 14º of bounce on my course means blading the shot. Might be fine on Bermuda or soft conditions, but hard tight lies... I need a 60. Of course, I could get a 54 with less bounce, but then I wouldn't be as good out of the sand.
  12. And fast players and slow players will play a little slower when course conditions are tougher. Throw in some weather, and ...
  13. Let's go Tony... we're all counting on you!!
  14. ?? Gotta keep playing, man!! Now you have to start all over Wednesday!
  15. League? Our leagues ended 2 weeks ago. Not enough daylight
  16. Depending on the bunker, my 54 and my 60 are both "sand wedges". The shot is the same; the difference is the distance.
  17. The euro tour does a much better job, but they are still too slow. https://golfweek.com/2019/06/02/euro-perspective-pace-of-play-continues-to-plague-european-tour-despite-a-looming-threat-of-losing-viewers-hillside-england/ I think tougher courses will certainly have a negative effect on pace of play. Longer to assess the lie, longer decision time on what club to hit and what shot to try if they narrow fairways and make rough more penal. Most of the problem is green-related; missing greens and difficult putts are where time is lost. Making the course harder at the greens will slow pace of play. https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/european-tour-pace-of-play-results/
  18. Welcome @CGERICKE22. I grew up in Corvallis and travel there frequently. Now I live 200 miles up the Columbia River from Portland.
  19. In my years lessons on the Moe Norman swing, I was never taught to stand far away from the ball. On those little delicate shots, you are not taking a full swing and the hands are closer to the body at address.
  20. I'm all for tougher course setups; seems like players need to shoot -20+ to have a chance anymore. However, it seems to me that a tougher setup flies in the face of the Tour's slow play initiative.
  21. I like heavier wedge shafts too, but I thought you played your SCOR wedges with the UST Genius 7 graphite which is quite light for a wedge. The shaft makes big difference for me in my wedge distance. I never hit a full shot with my 60, and generally not with my 54 either but I do occasionally. Since I went to the KBS Tour 90 in regular flex, I have gained full shot distance which now fit a perfect gap to my regular set PW. I have ditched a wedge from my SCOR days, and now play 44, 54, 60.
  22. I agree with @TR1PTIK. Consider what you use your 58 for and can you do without it. Just because your friend never used a lob wedge and is a wizard with a 56, doesn't mean that you can hit the same shots. I suggest that you only play with your 54 from all the lies that you might hit your 58 for awhile, and evaluate your ability with that club before you make a decision. The 2º of difference in loft from 54 to 56 shouldn't make much of a difference. The makeup of a set of wedges is a very personal decision. The 54/56 sand wedges tend to have higher bounce than the 58/60. However, the grind of the wedge make a huge difference in how they play. This year I switched from SCOR 54 and 58 to Callaway PM Grind C-Grind 54 and 60. The 54 has 14º of bounce and the 60 has 12º. That's a lot of bounce playing on firm turf, but I have no trouble playing the C-grind off tight lies, and that extra bounce is very nice from sand and thick rough. My 60 is my goto club around the green; gives me the option of high and low shots.
  23. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    I say YES!! You are probably going to AlienCon 2019 in Dallas this weekend, right??
  24. I only play in charity tournaments that I am willing to support and I don't care what the fee is. I don't care about the awards/prizes because I am never close enough to the winning score to win anything. The tournament prizes I dislike are putters, likely given to the person that made the longest putt, and drivers, likely given to the person with the longest drive. Give me a break!! They don't need it! One of the best prizes I won was 15 years ago at a tournament at Indian Wells, CA that was sponsored by my professional institute... set of four glasses engraved with the name and year of the tournament. Thanks for reminding me of it... I'll celebrate with a glass of bourbon.
  25. Probably karma for not changing the team name!!
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