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  1. Have a great time! Looking forward to your stories.
  2. Rev, Sorry if If misunderstood about your grandson. I couldn't remember which post it was mentioned in, so had to go searching. I found it under your Kids and Golf thread started on Tuesday. "@ Kenny I didn't realize my grandson was out your way." If you haven't been out here in the great Pacific Northwest, you are missing great views and great golf. I can tell you though that I don't miss the Bermuda grass of Florida. I thought I was a decent putter until I went there for the first time! Takes some getting used to. I am headed to Phoenix in a couple of weeks, so I will need to spend the first few days practicing on it again. But I think Arizona keeps their Bermuda a lot shorter than I remember in Florida. Seems easier from the rough and on the green.
  3. I play something similar in the winter when the ground is frozen. Can't get a tee in the ground. I haven't seen these before, but the one I use is a soft rubber. I punched a small hole in the base and tied fishing line and a lead weight to it. Stays on the tee box.
  4. I love this retriever! I won one at a golf tournament, but it's the short one. Very handy to fit in a bag pocket when I travel. I have had it for 4 years with no problems, but I am thinking about getting the longer one if it still fits in the pocket. I saw one in a golf store (yes, we still have one open in my area), but it was very heavy; probably thicker metal to compensate for the longer length. Will still consider it though.
  5. Amen on that! When it starts getting a little colder, I do use a hammer and nail to make a hole for the tee. But the advantage is lots of roll in the fairway.
  6. Quote from a GC host: "With the right line and the right speed, it will go in the cup" I can see that it might be useful to read putts as long as the break for the length of putt is consistent; not the case here! Unless the putt is less than 5 feet, most of the putts on my greens are double breakers. I might use it for a while, but I would probably end up taking it out of the bag and using the tee/ball method.
  7. +1 on that! Looking forward to it.
  8. Nice looking irons. They would look real good in a bag with X2hot woods. What is it with this color?
  9. Me too. We played both Black Butte courses and Aspen Lakes this spring; just before the Central Oregon Shootout at those courses plus Eagle Crest (my least favorite one in the area). Met some very nice people where were playing in the tournament; one Duck and one Beaver as a team!