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  1. I suspect some of the feel has to do with how long your fingers are. My hands aren't that big, but my fingers are pretty long. If the grip gets too big for the fingers, you will lose some wrist hinge and therefore distance.
  2. I used a pocket watch when I was in school to put on the desk when taking tests. Since school, I have only had two watches; Seiko and a G-Shock, both are in the dresser needing batteries. Went to the cell phone about 5 years ago, and haven't looked back. Watches and jewelry get in the way of golf. So... thinking about it, I have had the same number of watches as I have had putters. 3 Amazing huh?
  3. Welcome Sully! I really like the looks of your driver. Hopefully it will do well in the test. Best of luck!
  4. Way to go! It doesn't get any better than to share these times with family! Memories! They grow up so fast.
  5. It's a good ball up here for this time of year because it's soft enough that it's not like hitting a rock; it flies pretty far at these temps; and it stops on the greens about as well as anything else, which isn't all that good! I still have a few 3UP 2S14 balls that I will also use this time of the year. Not a whole lot of difference from the Lady. I got the Lady in Yellow because my wife likes the yellow Srixon Z-Star but it's too hard at these temps. She likes the Lady a lot. BTW, she walked 18 holes this last weekend and was +9. She had total knee replacement on Nov 19. Glad you had a lot of fun and got to meet some great guys. I really wanted to go, but wasn't sure how well my wife was going to be able to get around without me. Turns out she really didn't need me.
  6. I think you can get a good deal on a used one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  7. I think it is a matter of how it feels. I have always added wraps under my right hand to lessen the taper. I remember reading something 20 years ago when I started playing golf that adding wraps under the bottom hand helped with a slice (might have been from Golfworks because I bought all my supplies there). Don't know if that is true, but at the time I needed all the help I could get! So, I am still doing it because it feels right now.
  8. Yeah, I thought you were in Mesquite. That's tough stuff. It's a lot tougher than the Bermuda in Florida or AZ. We have it up here in patches on some of the lower end courses, but I call it crabgrass, and I have to put weed killer on it each year to keep it out of my lawn. Like Rev said, I found that playing the ball back in stance, taking an extra club or two and punching it works best, but not easy to control and not stopping on the green very well. But it is still better than the alternative! I haven't been to St. George/Mesquite for a number of years. I think I am headed down to Palm Springs later in the year and thinking about driving; maybe stop in Mesquite along the way.
  9. Congratulations! Well done. Here's to many more!! I actually don't remember my first birdie... I've slept since then.
  10. Yeah, that's it. My hurt wrist is causing my loss of 10-15 yards off the tee. It's certainly not because I'm a year older!
  11. It reminds me of a Transformer. Interesting that Bridgestone is releasing something this wild. I think most people here would chose the black. I like the design, but the red would would take some getting used to unless you are coming off a Nike or Cobra.
  12. And this is why I started this thread! Where are you playing in Bermuda this time of the year?
  13. Duo's are OK, but this winter I tried the 3UP 2S14 and the Bridgestone Precept Lady and the Lady won out. I like the yellow ones for the gray January days here.
  14. Yes, you can look through courses in the area where you are staying. Some have tee times at a reduced rate sometime around noon. For example, they might have a $99 rate in the morning, and a $79 rate at 12:30pm, but will have one tee time at 11:45am for $59 as kind of a teaser. It's been awhile since I have played in Vegas, so can't really make recommendations. Good Luck!! And have fun!!!
  15. Sounds like a great opportunity. Would like to make it back to the Northeast one of these days. Best of luck Blake!!
  16. I love Fuzzy Zoeller! He came out west to play in Peter Jacobson's charity event, the Fred Meyer Challenge in Portland many years ago, and I followed him around. Laughed the entire time. That event was great because it was not a PGA event so everyone was relaxed; there weren't many people walking the course so you could get really close to the players. Besides Fuzzy, Jack, Arnie, Daly, Stadler, Norman, Faxon, and a bunch or other greats were there. Jacobson hosted and did his impressions of Arnie, Stadler, etc; Daly hit a ball over the top of the crowd (could have killed someone if he miss hit it). Jack and Arnie teed off together at a demo; Jack hitting his fade and Arnie hitting a draw, and the balls almost hit each other at the apex. But I will always remember walking with Fuzzy! Fun times!!
  17. Those are wonderful. Congratulations!! Let us know how they play.
  18. I was watching the Humana Challenge and between shots a few pros were chatting with pro-am partners. So I asked my wife if she could play in a pro-am, which player on any tour: PGA, Champions, LPGA, or European would she chose. Has to be a current player. She had two choices: Fred Couples or Victor Dubuisson, but finally selected Freddy because her French is rusty and Victor is too shy. Who's my pro? After talking with Rocco Mediate at the Humana Challenge a few years ago, I'll pick Rocco. BTW, it costs $29,000 to play in the pro-am this week, so I guess I won't be teeing it up with any pro anytime soon! Of current players, who is your pro?
  19. Did you have to pay for the tire? I had a flat on a rental once and they charged me for it, well, the company that is. Glad you're safe. MGS would not be the same if you weren't here.
  20. When I started playing golf 23 years ago, I could carry it 276 but it was 176 down range and 100 to the right.
  21. And TaylorMade had hollow long irons in the late 80's or early 90's. Tour Edge had hollow irons about 8 years ago. The EX-3 was hollow, had Ti face, were very long, and very straight. Only straight. I still have them, but as my game improved it was difficult to control the extra distance and no working the ball. I expect similar results from the "new" hollow irons. Should be good irons for people looking to get in the game.
  22. Yep! A friend of mine went to take the Player Ability Test to turn pro. I went along to provide moral support and "acted" as his caddy. This PAT was in central Oregon... in the trees.... in the lava fields. Short par 4; dogleg right, he hits a cut and is in the trees. Lie is OK and he can punch it out to the fairway 75y to the green. That's what I tell him; he can still make par. Noooo, he says he can "make the shot" to the green. Hits a tree. Now he is in the really bad lava just like Langer was in, but there are lots of trees too. No where to go, can't take an unplayable. He kept hacking at it and took a 12, but he did one-putt!! He didn't pass, and I remind him of that every time I see him.
  23. All good reasons stated above. I guess I would add that golf is a sport that you can play your whole life. Kids in the clinics we hold each summer are as young as 4, and there are guys that play each day at my course that are in their 80's. You don't even have to have played it as a kid; you can start anytime. I started in my 40's when all other sports were just too hard on my body. Golf is a sport where one person can walk onto a course, play alone (depends on the course and time of day), meet new people each time you play, or play with friends. There's competition and then there's just fun with family. It's up to you how and where you want to play. It is an opportunity to get away from stress of the daily grind and focus on one thing, and one thing only... the next shot. Everything else doesn't matter at the moment. And of course, there's Dhuck Whooker's feeling of the well-struck shot, and who doesn't like that!
  24. Great list... (read sarcasm here). A nice rain cover (for $90)... oh, that attaches to your $200+ Big Max push cart. GD forgot to tell you that. Sure glad I live in the desert!! I do have a $45 Sun Mountain rain hood that I use when I visit the "wet side".
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