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  1. Very nice session!! I particularly like the "Alternated drivers with a wedge..." Trying to emulate how the pros' play... great idea!!!
  2. Let's look at it a little differently. We all know what Rory and Brooks accomplished this year.. each with 3 wins Rory with a Players and the Tour Championship, but not really in contention in any major and a missed cut at the Open Championship in his home country Brooks with top 5 in all four majors including a win at the PGA, a WGC, and he wins the money title. Which season would the rank and file Tour Player rather have? If they said Rory's season, they're lying.
  3. My wife and I played in a charity scramble today. One of my Wolf buddies put together two teams and we had a sponsor so the tournament was free for us. I only play in charity scrambles if it's a good cause. This tournament was the first annual and it's a wonderful cause. It was too bad that the course was aerated on Monday-Wednesday, but it did keep the scores from being ridiculously low. Putting was tough!! The low score was 60 with a 61 and a 63. There were a bunch of 65's with our team being one of them. We did beat the other team from our sponsor, so we have bragging rights. Didn't play bad, but didn't play great either. Putting is one of my strengths, and the greens were very slow compared to normal. I never got the speed, and thus the line, right all day. However, we had a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again next year.
  4. Actually, Koepka won the PGA of America Player of the Year and was the 2018-2019 money winner. The winner is based on a points system. McIlroy won the PGA Tour Player of the Year. The winner is based on Tour player votes, 'nuff said.
  5. Without knowing who voted or how many players voted, we will never know for sure if the vote was close or the result was decided by a certain contingent of players. The total number of votes could have been so few that it would be embarrassing to the Tour to release that information.
  6. Interesting. The box says Made in China. The original KSig 4-piece ball was made in Korea. Costco has been selling a 3-piece urethane ball made in China, so maybe they got some 4-piece overruns from the same factory. I liked the original Korean ball, but the China ball... not so much. However, 2 dozen for $30 is a great price.
  7. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    Very nice!! Congrats to your daughter, that's quite an accomplishment!
  8. Similar to how the prom queen is selected...
  9. That's great when you hit to the middle of the fairway. I think a guy in the group in front of me that just hit into the rough and walked directly to his ball, looked for it, found it, then walked to the 175 marker and stepped it off will be slower. I want him to use a laser.
  10. Kenny B


    Best of luck finding the right place!! My wife and I may be moving in the near future, but it will be a local move. Now that we are both retired, we need a bigger place. I know... I know... that's backwards, right?
  11. Another difference between pros and ams is the time spent on the warmup. Rev said 45 minutes for 50 balls; that's about right from what i've seen. Most ams hit those 50 balls in 10-15 minutes. My warmup consists of stretching and swinging the Skilz Gold Flex, right and left-handed. When I actually spend time hitting balls for a warmup, I will hit maybe 25 balls using partial wedge shots to the pitching green. They are range balls, so not working on how the ball reacts on the green; just honing contact. I may hit 6 full 9i and 6 drivers, but that's optional for me. I will chip and putt for 15 minutes. So, I am certainly and Am.
  12. Sorry for your loss. All the best thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
  13. My occasional round at Horn Rapids GC in town was moved today to Wine Valley GC in Walla Walla, WA because the guy that sponsors our free golf had a business meeting in Walla Walla. It's 45 minutes from my house. I love Wine Valley, but I swear the guy told me the tee time was 8:30. I got there at 7:40, but our tee time was 8:10!!!!! It wouldn't have been that bad, but during the drive I got a text from AmEX asking if two charges were legit. NO!!! So, while I was try to cart up, I was talking with a rep getting a new credit card. By the time I was done, we had 5 minutes... I rolled 4 putts on the putting green. Did I say that these greens a blisteringly fast and very undulating?? Head to the tee box; took 10 swings with my Skilz Gold Flex, then teed off. This is our game of Wolf. I was 3rd off the tee and I was the Wolf on 3 par 5's and a par 4. Lost one par 5, won 2 par 5's, and pushed on the par 4. It took me nearly the front nine to start playing well. I had four 3-putts on the front nine and one 3-putt on the back. But I had 2 birdies on the back and a 10 footer to snipe the other 3 guys. Once I figured out the green speed, I could see the line a lot better. Shot 46/39 = 85, and beat the other guys who had 86, 87, and 89. I even tipped my hat!! An absolutely beautiful day...
  14. At my old course... a dog track exec, I carried a "rock club" for those shots that miss the fairways. I used an 8i, but that's because the one par 5 and 6 par 4's were short. I have a nice gouge in a forged SW that really pissed me off. It's like having "rock skis" for those spring ski trips.
  15. Yeah, that's why I shortened my backswing too.
  16. Rory was very consistent throughout the year, but he didn't have a good finish at the Masters and missed the cut at The Open Championship. Since they both had 3 wins, I guess it comes down to a Players, Tour Championship and a lot of top 10's beat a win, two 2nd's and a T-4 in the majors along with a WGC win. I could go either way, but Rory's performance seemed almost Kuchar-like, while I think Koepka's performance in the majors is something we don't/won't get to see very often.
  17. A very good back nine!! That's a positive. I don't know if I'm having an aim issue or a path issue, but I'm just missing the edges. Well, there you go... Stop aiming for the edges, and aim for the middle of the hole!!!!!
  18. Low 70's is perfect golf weather.
  19. While my wife likes the laser to get the exact yardage to the pin, I don't. The GPS is much better for my game, as I'm not consistent enough to hit exact yardages. However, the front/middle/back numbers tell me a lot. The front and back numbers tell me what club to hit to get on the green, and what club will be too much. If the pin is in the middle, I use that number. If it's a front pin, I split the difference between the front and middle numbers. If it's a back pin, I split the difference between the middle and back numbers. The pros have caddies that have walked the course and know the greens in advance of play. They tell their player what the number is. Without that help I want whatever distance information I can get within the rules. With that said... if I'm close to the green and don't need a full shot, I will check the distance, but I don't use it as a static number. If I were good enough to hit wedges specific distances by varying my clubs and swing, I would consider mapping my wedges. I judge partial wedge distances by feel considering how I want to fly the ball, similar to throwing horseshoes and shooting hoops. It's also the way I putt the ball, looking at the hole. Of course, I'm better at my home course, but I'm acceptable at other courses.
  20. A course I played in Albuquerque has small bushes just off the fairway as the 150 indicator. Those stakes you can pull out... those bushes are, well... obstacles.
  21. Welcome Michael... from SE Washington State!! Hopefully, @PING Apologist #9 will chime in as well. He's in Boise. Maybe you can arrange a meet.
  22. If you can putt left hand low, that should help as well. I tried that grip for 2 weeks and it just didn't work for me; no control of the face.
  23. Glad to hear that you are back playing. I "self-diagnosed" TFCC for both wrists because I never did anything to cause them to hurt. I just work up one morning and both wrists hurt. But curiously, they didn't hurt much when I played golf; only if I hit my driver off the toe and shaft twisted in my hands. I kept playing. My left wrist quit hurting after a couple of weeks, but my right wrist took two months. I bought the Wrist Widget and wore it all the time, except when I played. I couldn't hit a straight ball with it on! This week is the first week that I have no pain.
  24. Same here. Course was closed Monday and it is scheduled to open Wednesday at noon. However, It rained really hard this morning, which might have delayed the maintenance crews work today. I have a round of golf on Thursday morning at Wine Valley GC in Walla Walla, WA. Great course, as long as it's not windy. No trees... not one!!
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