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  1. So Stenson and Furyk are undefeated playing each other tomorrow. Day and Mickelson are winless and out; playing each other tomorrow. Why? Can't they just say Good-Good and go home?
  2. Hole by hole playoff.
  3. Sir Nick's pitching techniques are basically what I do for pitching. I have been referring more to chipping rather than pitching; keeping clubhead in front of body not releasing it. There are a LOT of videos about chipping and pitching on YouTube. I've given up on watching them.
  4. I didn't say I use that shot; in fact I don't. That was what a pro told me. The idea was that a player should always try to land a ball in about the same place, and know what different clubs will give different amounts of Fly vs Roll. That is, how far is it to land the ball in that zone, and how far will a ball roll when it lands? Clearly, it depends on a lot of factors that you mentioned, and a player needs to understand and practice shots with multiple clubs. It's one way to chip, and I'm not talking pitch shots. I tried that method with lousy results. I am a much better chipper when I use one or two clubs. I know how the ball comes off those clubs and how far they roll. I can vary my stroke trajectory to give me the amount of carry and roll I need. I find it much easier to chip this way, rather than the multiple club approach. I was just curious if anyone had heard of the mowing of the green being a factor in where to land chip shots, and whether of not it's worthwhile to consider. Personally, I don't use that part of the green when chipping unless the pin is relatively close. EDIT: As far as the mowing technique, I am only familiar with the riding greens mowers. They are all the same here. The greens are mowed back and forth, but the last pass is always around the perimeter to catch the edge of the green that can't be reached by the back and forth passes. I'm sure it's different with the walk-behind mowers on the PGA Tour and fancy courses.
  5. I was once told that the chip shot should be landed about 5 feet on the green with whatever club you are using. The reasoning is that when the green is mowed, they make a final pass around the outside perimeter of the green, so that's where the grass is the most consistent for receiving the ball. Landing on the green further than that, the ball will land on grass that has been mowed towards you or away from you. I have no idea whether this is BS; just what I was told by a pro once.
  6. Matt Wallace won 3 times on the Euro Tour last year and wasn't selected for the Ryder Cup. Sergio had an off year and was a captain's pick. If I were Wallace, I'd have been upset.
  7. All Square has been around for 200 years, so it's time to change it. {read sarcasm}
  8. A veeeerrrrry underestimated player is Matt Wallace.
  9. Isn't that the point of high MOI putters... that they don't close much, which is why they are great for SBST swings and not great for arcing-type swings? I guess that, except for very short putts, nearly everyone has some arc in their stroke. According to Ping, I do. But I putt best with a high MOI, face-balanced putter.
  10. I have news!! If you are hitting fat, fat, fat off ground that is like a wet sponge and you like to use the bounce, that doesn't work off dry Bermuda grass in Florida either. I like bounce too. My turf is very firm, so just a little fat will result in a decent result. It's a different game off soft turf that takes getting used to.
  11. I think you are OK with elbows glued to your sides. Check out the two strokes in the "permitted" stroke section. http://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/images/infographics/2016-anchoring-the-club-final.pdf Not a rules guru... that would be @DaveP043.
  12. You remind me of, well... me many years ago, except I think you are a much better player over all than I was. I was a terrible putter, and I didn't like to work on that part of my game because of it. I focused on straightening out my shots instead. As I got older and lost distance, I had to change up my strategery because I wanted to score better. I focused all my practice time on short game, and my handicap dropped. It would be interesting to see what you think of putting in 30 years or so, but I won't be here to find out. lol
  13. I suppose my "strategery" depends a lot on the size of the greens and the amount of slope. Greens are my course are not the big compared to ones I see at some of the resorts that I have played. Since they aren't that big, I do tend to miss them quite a bit. I also practice putting a lot and rarely 3-putt, so my "strategery" works for me.
  14. Just an FYI for people reading this thread that don't have the SuperSpeed Golf training clubs... on the PGA Tour radio today, I heard an ad for these clubs. Get 10% off using the code Breed on their website. If you buy the SuperSpeed training clubs AND stick with the program, you won't be disappointed.
  15. I don't know what "Strategery" is or even "stategery", but my strategy is to always put the ball in the middle of the green. I'm not good enough to go flag hunting. I can't get to par 5's in 2 shots, but I will always try to get as close as I can. I like pitch shots over full shots.
  16. Favorite hole is White Dogwood. Favorite to win is Justin Rose. Favorite dark horse is Louis Oosthuizen
  17. My wife invites me to play... well, she tells me when we are playing. She makes the tee times.
  18. Once, my wife threw a wedge from the edge of the green. She had been told that if you are going to throw a club, throw it in the direction of your cart so you don't have far to go get it. The club bounced off the ground, hit the cart above the rear wheel, and put a hole in the fiberglass. She has thrown clubs since, but now she is more careful.
  19. Back in the day... Coors was not available in Oregon and Washington. We had to drive 2 hours to Idaho to get it.
  20. Although I have an SC200, I have not used it with the SuperSpeed clubs since I have their radar unit. However, I would think your speed will not register with the SC100 without hitting a ball. The directions clearly state that practice swings are not recorded or displayed. I would get a radar unit. Several of us have the SC200, and we have made comparisons between our driver swing speed with the radar unit and the SC200 when hitting balls.
  21. Trees are there to knock your ball back into play when you slice it.
  22. But... But... mine's the new powerful loft, and it doesn't go that far!!
  23. I heard later it was a 218 yard 8 iron...
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