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  1. First review I did was for a shaft that just did not work for me. After hitting it for a few rounds it was sent to another MGS member. If I can't use it, someone should.
  2. Jon - 45 Lexington, Ky Biggest bugaboo - inconsistent swing. Causes too many erratic shots and poor chips every round.
  3. 4 shirts, that's all? At least put forth an effort before placing your ad.
  4. I am 45 and play muni courses every weekend. I have played about 15 different courses this year and the yardage is so different its hard to have a standard. I play with my son and we will play the back tees - these range from 7100 yards down to 6200 yards depending on the course. My scores are pretty close to the same regardless of length because my putting and chipping are horrible.
  5. The club you say is "pretty banged up" looks damn good to me for a used club. My clubs look horrible compared to that one and they still hit the ball as well as they did when I bought them 15 years ago.
  6. I had been hitting my sons G30 while he is away at school, but recently went back to my RBZ Stage 2. Now I am thinking about trying a new shaft in the RBZ. The only issue is shafts confuse the hell out of me so not even sure where to start.
  7. Anyone ever notice if the scorecard yardage is quite a bit different than what the holes actually play? I played a course last week that was a little over 6500 according to the scorecard but came out to a little under 6200 according to the GPS numbers. I know tee locations can differ from day to day, but a difference of 300+ yards seems odd to me.
  8. For those of you that do buy used clubs, is there a particular club (wedge, putter) that you won't buy used? If not, is there a certain quality you won't go below, nothing worse than very good? Asking because a friend is getting ready to outfit his son with a new to him set and wondering if there is anything to avoid. Thanks.
  9. I would love to see this happen. If you take the past 3 Top Driver testing data and compare them, it seems as though drivers are getting worse. Of the top 5 this year, the longest was 250.5yds, while the shortest of the top five from '15 and '16 were 256.7 and 252. Accuracy is a little better with this years drivers having 2 of the top 10, numbers 6 and 7. The '17's also finish with the bottom 4 (and 5 of the bottom 6) in ball speed. Is that a result of better testing or worse clubs? That is what I think MGS members would like to know.
  10. Jon - Kentucky Ping G30 SF Tec / TFC 419D 105/260's Facebook - Jon Baysore IG - jo8uddha Twitter - jobuddha iPhone
  11. My FIL bought all 3 clubs, once he bought the driver he got an email offering buy BOGO for the other 2 (17 and 20 degrees I think). He hits them better than his driver and regular fairway woods, but his swing speed may top out in the mid 80's. They have really helped his game and he is right in the middle of heir target audience. I tried hitting it and it was a disaster. Way to much flex in the shaft and the loss if distance was horrible, but it did hit the fairway.
  12. My daughter has a dance competition in Myrtle Beach the week of July 4th. The whole family is going and my wife is "allowing" me and my son to take our clubs. We will get to play 2 days. We can play Caledonia and True Blue for $180 total. Anyone ever played them or have any other recommendations? Never golfed in Myrtle Beach so not sure if there are better courses, but what I've read seems to be good. Any help or thoughts are appreciated.
  13. I have the Duotrac and would love to write a review, but the damn thing just won't stay in the end of the club. When screwed into the end of the club, there is some overlap (the device is bigger than the end of the club - will try to post a pic later) and after 1 or 2 swings it will completely fall out of the club. The first time I used it, the device fell out, hit the ground and broke. It was over the winter and I was in a hitting stall so the concrete definitely contributed to the breaking. The company was great to deal with and sent me a replacement. Had the same issue. When it wasn't falling out, it would only register 1 out of 10 swings so I put it back in the box and haven't used it since. May give it one more shot, but so far I am far from impressed.
  14. Jon, Ky 13.2 Ping G30 SF Tec, Stock stiff shaft 95 , 240-250 Sandra Gal - daughter met her and was really thrilled so we are all fans now.
  15. Thinking about a new set of irons and wedges. I have hit the Mizuno 900 Forged a couple times and love the feel, but have a few more to hit before making a final decision. I guess a new set of irons every 15 years is ok.
  16. Daughter has a dance competition in Myrtle Beach July 1-7th. My son and i are planning on playing 2-3 times.
  17. Ride on weekends, walk during the week.
  18. more than happy to send you a sleeve. Just let me know where to send them. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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