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  1. Had the opportunity to test this driver during a fitting day at the local golf club. Have used Titleist drivers since the old 907 model. Currently have the TS3 in play. Can't say the TSi is not a quality product and maybe it rendered +/- 5 yds more distance. I am a senior golfer with a 6-8 handicap index and carry drives 225-230 yds. Have always been a "feel" type player and believe if a club looks good at setup, has a good sound I'll probably be happy with it. That being said TSi seemed to have a very "clunky" feel and dead "bop" sound...would not even consider this club for those reasons. Knew when the first ball was hit it was a no go for me. Probably seems a poor method of choosing a club to some of you out there but that's for us old timers who are self taught in some cases.
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