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  1. Congrats to the testers. Looking forward to learning more about these scoring clubs.
  2. If ever there wasn't a team I wouldn't have minded losing to. Hopefully an up and coming rivalry...
  3. Last month I chipped in on a par 4 for a birdie on one of the hardest holes of the course. Kicker was that it was during a member/guest event so with my handicap it was considered a net 1 for our groups score card. Now just need to get a legitimate ace...
  4. Hey all, my name is Tom. Just introducing myself real quick. If you haven't guessed from the "Topic Title", I am from the Chicago area. I picked up the game of golf last year after getting married and acquiring a brother-in-law that loves the game. I also work 12 hour night shifts so I am left with a lot of awkward free time during the day when everybody else is working, so why not pick up the perfect game of golf. What other game allows you to get out and enjoy the outdoors with some buddies, while also allowing you a hobby that you can continually work on bettering your skill set and chasing
  5. I repicked the game of golf up last fall and was averaging 110-120 a round. Currently, I average 95 a round (will work on getting the official handicap next year) and would love to watch those scores go down with the use of the SCOR set. From 100 yards and in I can be a bit inconsistent (read ballooning trajectories that leave myself scratching my head), my ScorFit actually explained that this is fairly common with these clubs. I would love to test out the technology (different weighting scheme for each club, V-SOLE) in these clubs and grow my game in conjunction with this fantastic looking se
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