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  1. William Brooks Beech Island SC 14.7 Cleveland Launcher HB 9.5 deg Cleveland Launcher 3 wood 15 deg Cleveland Launcher 3 and 4 Hyb Cleveland Launcher CBX 5 thru PW Cleveland CBX Wedges 54 and 56 Cleveland TFI Satin Elevado Putter 33 inch.
  2. I have been looking at them and really want to try them but I just can't afford it right now. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  3. William Brooks South Carolina 15.5 Srixon Z 765 9.5 Driver X Stiff Srixon Z F65 FW Srixon Z H65 Hybrid Srixon Z 565 Irons Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges. 52,56,60 Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado My Dream Bag!!!!!
  4. William Brooks South Carolina 12.5 Cobra Bio Cell + Ozik Matrix 6Q3 Red Tie X-Stiff Swing Speed-106
  5. Someone please help. Trying to put a profile pic up but it keeps telling me it's bigger than 100 lbs.

    1. Fireinthehole


      It is referring to the size dimensions, it needs to be 100 pixels or smaller.

  6. Ready to play golf!!!!!!

  7. William Brooks Beech Island, South Carolina Handicap: 14.8 Callaway RZR X Uniflex shafts- Not Good Shafts Custom Fit-Yes and No I have hit them before way before I considered myself a half way decent golfer. Would love to play them now.
  8. Denver wins 24-21 MVP will be Peyton Manning and he will throw all 3 td's. On a side note, played a round yesterday and had a meltdown on the last two holes that cost me 5 strokes. Final score: 88
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