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  1. Maybe not a flaw but a draw back to a white color. I have painted several of my woods white and it allows you to follow the club head better at the impact area vs. a dark color. Just my $.02 but I think they (Callaway) are fishing for something new themselves!
  2. Bang Center Cut Irons 6-Pw,Aw,Sw forged. SMT Nemisis 9* driver and Bang Strom offset 3&5 woods. 3,4,5 hybrids are Integra SoooLong. Wood shafts are True Temper Bi-Matrix and hybrid/irons are Apollo Hump. Putter is a Ping Asner.
  3. 1st. 9* SMT Nemisis with True Temper Bi-Matrix @ 45". Very long and straight!! 2nd. Bang Storm 10.5* with Bi-Matrix (a little high loft for me)@ 44.5" 2nd. Taylor Made SuperQuad 8.5 with Grafaloy Pro Launch Blue splined @ 44" (my stand by)
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