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  1. Unfortunately, Titleist did not send my order for 3 dozen RCT balls to my shop in the US, even though we put the order in right away. The Pro says this is typical of that particular rep. However, I was able to find a sleeve of V1X while visiting. I prefer the regular ProV, but that was the only option. I work at a Trackman Golfsim place and have been using metallic dots on the ball. It works loads better than no dots but I never feel like Trackman can accurately replicate driver. It's a whole different story with the RCT balls. No matter woods or irons, it catches every shot and now my driver seems fairly realistic compared to no dots or dots. I have chosen not to hit them with anything lower than my gap wedge (I only have 3 of them) so the ball, despite having played 5 or 6 rounds with it still looks brand new. My "wedge" ball, however looks like a range ball now. I guess it's time to put a new one in play. Trackman still misses a lot of putts, even with the RCT ball. Sometimes I have to hit 3-4 putts for it to "see" the putt but I've found that if I hold the putter up after putting it tends to see more of them. After experiencing just how awesome playing indoor golf is with Trackman and RCT balls, I'm not sure I could ever enjoy playing on Trackman without them as it just doesn't seem as accurate or realistic (indoors).
  2. I got a box yesterday as well. It’s been maybe 6 years since the last time I was sent a box of TEST balls. Maybe I’m off the naughty list.
  3. I bought these beginning of the season and ended up switching to another iron set. They are in very good condition - we do not have a sandy course and due to an injury I did not hit them very much on the range. The 5i, 9i, and gap wedge have small dings on them. they are very obvious in the pictures (I made sure). I think they are minor but others may not - you be the judge. I purposely took pictures to show as much of face condition as possible but I can say there is no wear on them, very light use. The shafts are KBS Tour X 130 and the length is +0.5", to the Ping standard. Lie is Blue dot. Loft is 1* weak on all, including the Glide 3.0 standard bounce 46* (47 actual) except the Glide 3.0 high bounce 54 is 1* strong to be a 53* gap wedge. Midsize Tour Velvet Cord in awesome condition, 2 layers of tape. The pictures are in order from highest loft down to 3i with some close ups of the flaws. I can ship these out Friday the 17th via the shipping speed you need to continental US. Unless it's something crazy like 2nd day I can split the shipping cost with you. Paypal only. Asking $999 - they cost more than $1,350 and are pretty difficult to get. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. PM might be best as they are easier to notice than a comment.
  4. I can't believe how many problems people have! I have Gen 2 sensors that sat around in a drawer for 2 years before I even tried them out. They have worked nearly flawlessly all season long. I put tape over the ends and in an opaque bag for the winter but fully expect them to work fine when I reinstall them next season. I sure hope that's how it works, anyway...
  5. Here's two shots on my wedge from tonight - surely damaging the ball each time.
  6. Thanks for starting up this thread. I'm working at a Trackman simulator business this winter so I have basically unlimited time on them. I've been using two of the test #3 and #4 balls a bunch of us got from Titleist for the MGS test along with one Srixon Z-star and a TP-5 ball with those weird triangles on them, and was using 2 Chrome Soft. I have a silver dot on all of them so they get hit on the same side quite a bit. None of them have cracked but a couple have terrible cover durability. One thing I do is use a "wedge ball" for anything more than the pitching wedge. I've noticed that dedicated wedges will make marks on pretty much any brand (compared to 3-P sets). So I'm planning to take one of the RCT when I get them and use it just for my wedges. I do use silver dots and it's night and day for TM4 to capture real numbers. It is a PITA to align it for every shot. I can't wait to use the RCT! Have you guys used them on Trackman yet? How did you purchase them? I see Titleist is out. Fortunately I had my Pro in the US order me 3 dozen a while back and they should be there by the time I am in the US mid month. Last thing - the Callaway Supersoft balls we put out for people to use cracked extremely quickly. I bet the ones I'm using have at least 200 shots on each ball, probably more.
  7. Interesting. I don't think I answered any questions at all for this one. They asked for a video of the swing with a golf ball box in the video. Then they analyzed the video and e-mailed their suggestion. I won a box of the balls as well but haven't played them yet. Found a couple though and they kind of play like a distance ball but with spin around the greens. I'd like to try their new "proto" ball that is going to be released soon.
  8. Many years ago - I'm gonna say 10-15. It was ProV1 or the X variant. Also did one with Bridgestone "virtually" this year and have done one in person in the past. They are all sales tools. The only way it would be really useful is if you had access to a big database and could hit all of them on a grass range with wedges and irons in addition to a woods ball fitting. That, IMO, is unrealistic.
  9. Well, super disappointed he didn't really ready my question at all and just said "it's for Rahm only". I feel like I asked for a Red Rider BB gun and was told "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" I would have preferred he said something like I understand you like deep faced fairways, but we just aren't gonna offer that one. Not "you don't need it". I guess I just stick to the deep ones I have for now until another one cracks. At least I have backups. Merry Christmas.
  10. Hello Mr. Wunder, I'm from Bellingham, right up the road from your hometown. I love golf and I also love deep faced fairway woods. Currently gaming a deep faced Tour Edge Exotics OG 5 wood and I have an Xhot 3Deep I like on certain courses. My question is why the triple diamond T DEEEEEEP faced fairway woods haven't been released to the public like many of the other triple D clubs have? I have an extreme interest in obtaining a 5 and maybe 3 wood version of those clubs Rahm has ITB. Is it possible to get one somehow, or are there some clubs that Callaway will ONLY allow tour pros to have? Here's a picture from your blog that I follow.
  11. Interesting - so I'm worse than I thought. I just noticed that my stats (over 50 rounds) have changed to where I "only" lose 3.4 from driving and 4.0 from approach compared to a 7 hcp. Over the last 25 it drops to 2.4 from driving and 4.2 on approach. I have been struggling with my irons...
  12. I'm gonna take a look at my statistics as well. It says I'm a good putter, lose a lot of strokes off the tee and approach. But I think a big part of the approach problem is the tee shot being in a difficult to hit the green position. Like this shot I had between birch trees (actually hit the green this time). I'm working on my swing this winter and hopefully when they open the course again in April, I'll come out punching, or "swinging" since it's golf. On the wedges, in the PNW I have always played 12* or so with sand and as much as is offered with the lob. It's not just you - most people need it out there most of the year.
  13. Yeah, that was a fantastic review @gavinski91 ! Thanks for all the effort. Too bad we didn't get to play Homestead together. You would have beat me by 2 strokes on the front that day. Was fun to see the review on a course I know. I agree that you need really high bounce wedges there. I live somewhere now called the "sun coast" where it doesn't rain nearly as much and find lower bounce lob to be pretty good... but when I went back, even in the summer it was so soft at Padden and NB that I wanted more bounce again. For everyone - how did you like the Arccos? This was my first season using the sensors and they were awesome. Just took them out of my clubs as it's indoor season now and the course is closed for the year.
  14. Wow, thank you everyone! My wife booked a trip to Malaga, Spain for us. Had a really fun Birthday round of golf too.
  15. I'm enjoying your thread (just found it). I think I could do some kind of 50% vegan type of thing and would like to explore that. There's an AWESOME resource blog called https://cookieandkate.com/ She comes up with the most delicious recipies. I'll link a couple of my favorite but the first one just has so much wonderful flavor. This can even be made with tortilla chips if you, like me, live in a country that doesn't have real corn tortilla. https://cookieandkate.com/vegetarian-enchilada-casserole-recipe/ There's so much awesomeness to choose from here, but if you just search for enchilada, you get an incredible list of foods like the one below. https://cookieandkate.com/search/?q=enchilada Anyway, since we are closing in on Thanksgiving... https://cookieandkate.com/search/?q=thanksgiving But this is what I'm making next. Well, African Lamb and garbanzo bean soup is next but I bought some butternut squash and will be making this with them. https://cookieandkate.com/thai-curried-butternut-squash-soup/ Thanks for the cool thread.
  16. Hopefully that does the trick. I have 50 rounds on my Arccos sensors, just using the iPhone 7+ and they still work perfectly. Our local course will shut down sometime this month for the winter and I'm working in a golfsim place now so I'm going to remove them and store in a bag with tape over the ends for the winter. Hopefully they do fine next season as well - some people are getting 3 seasons but not sure how common that is.
  17. I can't believe there aren't any comments yet. First, I'm so disappointed in you LeftyMatt. I bought a set of one length irons and wedges for my dad and it was incredibly good for his golf game. Of course I'm kidding about being disappointed. Your review was so honest and helpful. Thank you. Same with you Jlukes. I'm incredibly interested in that 7 wood - I've played one for a very long time. It's finally developed a crack and I'm looking for something to fill that slot. Maybe we can work a trade or something. Like LeftyMatt, I think a mixed set of OL 4 to 8 irons, then some sort of standardish stepping down would be something awesome to try. I really did buy my dad some and it really did help him play so much better. The improvement for him was incredible. Yes, even with the wedges. Anyone know what Bryson does for the wedges? Are they really all that long? I'm hoping I am picked for next year. I would commit to OL for a year for sure.
  18. Just played a couple rounds at Moses Pointe in August. We nearly melted with the 100* temps, but started our rounds early to avoid the REALLY hot part of the day. Where do you play?
  19. We were 65* today and will be tomorrow (playing both days). However, starting Wednesday, our forecast looks like that as well.
  20. That's kind of what I thought, but I started to wonder since it's September. Looking forward to when you guys do begin!!!
  21. Sorry if this is a stupid question... but have you guys started any of the competition yet? Is there a whole 'notha thread I'm supposed to be following? I only ask because at my course, we are all thankful for a bit more nice weather then sometime between now and the end of October, it's gonna get really wet and cold.
  22. Dear "Yags" - thanks for the in depth answers. It sounds to me like working in R&D in the golf industry is much like what I experienced in the bicycle industry. I already liked Cobra Golf, but your video makes me like them even more than before. I was pretty shocked at the % of iron sales you guys are doing with One Length. I haven't tried them yet, but bought a set for my dad this fathers day and it's the single best thing to happen to his golf game in several decades. So much so that I'm considering trying a set.
  23. I've been wanting to go to Suncadia for a long time now. Just beautiful!
  24. That's about where I'm at these days as well, so anything you have would be very useful for me as well. I'm supposed to be working at a simulator business this winter so I have LOTS of time for that kind of thing... wish I had the clubs to test though!
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