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  1. I personally use red matte finish balls for autumn golf here in wisconsin.I don't believe most amateur golfers are concerned that their balls go further, rather most of us are concerned with the cost of golf. I course I know a lot of name droppers that that use X brand. A yard or 5, meh.
  2. Currently I work a a remote VA Clinic as a solo provider. As a primary care provider, I was always assumed to play golf, but in fact I played very little, that is until 5- 6 years ago( not sure memory is fuzzy). Prior to this I could boom the ball but sliced and had every other bad habit that many of us amateur golfers have. Well at that time I suffered a spinal cord injury. The neurosurgeon I saw wasn't sure what happened but I ended up having a long surgery. After I was classified as an incomplete quadriplegic, I went to the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis for rehab. There they they asked me what I could do and had me swing a golf club. Disaster. With help, my swing became better and over time, many of the physical things that I had enjoyed in the past, but could no longer do, were replaced with golf. Wisconsin has a limited golf season but still, golf helped me get over my depression that developed due to my limitations. This allowed me to become alive again. In some ways I can say that golf saved my life. There were other people who helped of course, and I hope to be able to thank everyone of them, but my new passion for golf was instrumental in returning to life . My swing is much slower, no feeling in the legs, but my short game is pretty good. My experience has also given me a better understanding of the game and as fueled my desire to bring young people in to the game.
  3. uh... I use a mallet style putter none of these work for me. How about some mock ups with my style putter?
  4. Brooks Koepka, Paul Casey, Ian Poulter, Charley Hoffman, Tony Fineau, -10
  5. zkilo


    my last comments on this issues. First thanks for all the input, secondly, the one bud I play with, who complains about me not giving him the 'gimme' putts can out drive me by at least 50 yards or better. So if I give him the putt, should I ask for a commensurate 50 yards on my drive. No, the answer is that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I don't mind the short relief from the tree root but my god why should someone expect a 'gimme' putt when putting is my strength, but not give my relief with driving, which is my weakness. Cheers
  6. in a way hate to say this but I started using the Cleveland launcher hb's. I needed help with my irons and the have made a difference so as much as I wish i was a better player, I not. Great clubs, really helped my game.Oh yes I also like my older cobra fairway woods.
  7. zkilo


    Perhaps I can clarify my rant. When I play with my daughter or my sweetness, it's for fun. With guys, by our nature We Are Competitive. It in our DNA. So when there's a tree root go ahead move it but not 4 feet away, when you are under a tree, guess what, you put yourself under the tree. Play it, don't move it to give yourself an advantage over your crappy shot. I have to do play my crappy shots, and there and a lot of those, Golf should still be fun. By our nature we, as men, are very competitive with other men, but that's part of the fun. Why should you be allowed, with a poor shot be allowed to enhance that shot. I wouldn't be playing this game if not for the fun but also the competitive nature of the game.
  8. zkilo


    recently I just finished my first golf league. I know there a lot of 'gimme putts' but what amazed me is the number of players improving they lies. Astounding, I can't think of one player who didn't improved their lies. to top it off they then post scores and handicaps that don't really reflect their actual game. Then tonight, a couple of guys I play with, had a round. One of the players always improves his lie, " there's a tree root and I don't want to break my club" and other improvements. Either 'fluffing' the ball or just out right moving the ball. What really bothers me about this one player gets pissed when I don't give him a 'gimme' putt and he misses it. The way I figure, due to an injury that as limited my strength, I have to be better around the green to beat him, and to have him whine because "they would give this to me in league" boils my butt.Am I wrong in this opinion? Isn't golf a game of skill, but also of fun?. If you lack the skill get better. I realize that my skill will always be limited, but to have someone beat me because of the above issues leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Okay I know this is a rant but i needed to get this off my chest. What do other players think?
  9. tier 1 Dustin Johnson tier 2 Tommy Fleetwood Tier 3 Tony Finau Tier 4 Shane Lowery Tier 5 Kevin Na tie breaker -7
  10. Bob, Wisconsin Nike Cov​ert 2.0/True Temper Dynalite 105 regular flex 14 handicap C300's
  11. Bob, Wissconsin 14 handicap played Wilson FG 17 iron a long time ago would like to try the D300's
  12. I haven't tried this putter, nor have I seen one. Sounds very interesting and it would be nice to see a review of these putter. Thanks for the link
  13. This would be a great product, depending on the pricing. But I be glad to give this a go Bob, Wisconsin current handicap 12 Bushnell Geo XS no current shot tracking system
  14. I agree! Go out and enjoy the game! Early morning on the course, a little dew on the grass, the quite, the blue skies, green grass. Me, my clubs and the course. Great! as for the love it or leave it American group, there is nothing wrong in wanting this country to be great, but sometimes this takes reflection on the things that are not great.I served this county and love this country but I still yearn to improve this country. I vote, I participate and I love this game. Thanks for the post EP
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