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  1. This I think a very good comparison would be Wishon, who also uses a 5 step forging process and insists on proper fitting, but is a fraction of Miura's price. While I appreciated the article, I always get stuck on how much concrete benefit I'll receive. I've no doubt that Miura makes the best clubs out there, but the benefit between Miura and Wishon is probably immeasurably small. Miura's probably feel a bit better and are built to stricter standards, but is that worth the extra $1000-1500? That money could be spent on going to nice golf courses, getting lessons, buying other cool stuff, or maybe even feeding your kids. The other point is Wishons (there are other brands out there, I just know Wishon better) can be upgraded 4 times for the cost of one set of Miuras, which leads to the question, if you upgrade every two years, are 6 year old Miuras better or as good as new Wishons? I do agree that someone who replaces their clubs many times over a short period of time would probably come out even with Miuras, I just think there are more logical choices out there.
  2. Haha, I would love to play that course!
  3. Same, I'm going to have to stop telling my son to "just have fun" when we play .
  4. Love the idea and the 400g weight, it even looks like it has a ball scoop in the back. But for $249, I'll probably wait for the knock offs if it truly becomes a hit. One question, does it assume you are dragging the putter along the grass? That seems to be the only way to hit this thing dead center on the ball...
  5. Would love to know what you think of the KBS Hi-Rev vs the Spinner shaft. You haven't tried the Project X Spinner too have you?
  6. I just used Google Earth to measure shots (great way to know when to not use your driver off the tee), but I still think it's lacking. If there is nothing out there, my winter project may be to write an app that does this, so if you have any requests for features, let me know.
  7. Does anyone know of a good application (computer or smart phone) for planning shots BEFORE a round? I'm trying to find something that will let me draw arrows over a course which will automatically give yardages based on the length of the arrow. I like to try out new courses, so knowing how to play the hazards ahead of time would be great. Thanks.
  8. Great writeup. $55 is a steal for a course like that. Love the GPS. I found a video of the course: http://www.grandgeneva.com/video-golf.html No scorecard?
  9. Shouldn't it be LaCava who told DJ before accepting the job? What was Woods supposed to tell DJ? Sorry, but this is just another head line grabbing topic, any other player wouldn't make news over this.
  10. Congrats winners. I only got into it during the summer, but it was fun and next year I will pay more attention.
  11. I looked at this a long time before deciding on buying a Leupold. My main problem is the bulk. I only use a GPS on unfamiliar courses or when I'm measuring a shot, so I'd rather not have to carry that component around all the time. My second problem is that if it breaks, at best you're left with the additional bulk of the broken part, at worse you have to replace both a gps and laser. Also, any smartphone user can get this kind of GPS for much cheaper with maps built in. Plus, I carry my phone with my anyway, so it can't be considered added bulk. I do like the pouch though, the Leupold's is a pain to get in and out and I just wind up storing the unit in my cart's console instead.
  12. I emailed MG about it to find out, apparently they didn't know about this either and are looking into it:
  13. I wish I could play enough to say I need to replace my wedges every season, as it is I'm guessing they have another good year in them if not more. The Snake Eyes BX wedge line is really tempting and slick looking, though I'm leaning towards Maltby to get another 50-54-58 setup so I can offset distance loss from a high spin, heavier shaft (My PW is 47*, but with a fairly light shaft). I'm looking at KBS Hi-Rev, Project-X Spinner, and DG Spinner shafts. Too many choices...
  14. I got the CG15s before I built my set. They don't feel as nice as my irons, but I can't justify replacing them yet. Eventually, I'll probably switch to Maltby, Snake Eyes, or Dynacraft wedges.
  15. I built everything except the CG15s. I still can't say enough good things about the Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons. Love the putter too. For the driver, woods, and hybrids, I tend to have an on and off again relationship depending on how I'm swinging. The scratches in the paint of the driver and 3-wood are from hitting in a driving range that had a layer of sand under the grass. Pics are from cell phone, not the best quality And my son's bag:
  16. Post some pics if you can? I've been looking at those wedges for some time, glad to hear you like them.
  17. Love the Wishon driver and the wedges. What kind of wedges are those?
  18. I'm not sure if they're available in Germany, but the Maxfli Tour balls are urethane at 2 dozen for $40. The MG Tour C4 are $20/dozen.
  19. Huh, I just noticed the MG Tour C4 is no longer on the list of conforming balls. I wonder what happened...
  20. source: http://www.titleist.com/golf-ball-fitting/ Conventional wisdom seems to state that you want to be able to compress the ball some, but not too much. Over compressing causes the ball to deform too much, possibly break, and creates irregular ball flight. Under compressing will cause a loss of distance because the core is not be utilized as a spring. Also, most of the shock of impact is in the head of the driver. I'm not sure how true any of this is because I couldn't find a reliable source for these statements. The dimples of the golf ball effect lift: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=how-do-dimples-in-golf-ba The one thing I focus on with golf balls is the cover and flight characteristics. You can look at balls at http://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/gball_list.pdf to find ball spin ratings. Urethane cover golf balls tend to have high spin on wedges because the groves stick to the ball better, but lower spin on the driver because it holds it's shape well (so I've heard). That's why I try to find the cheapest urethane balls that are mid-high compression (110 mph SS). I still would like to do a better scientific analysis using a launch monitor, but haven't found time to do so.
  21. Can't wait to see the reviews. On the courses I usually play, I don't expect much in ways of amenities or scenery, mainly because I'm cheap. Assuming a reasonable price for a course I'd regularly play, I do highly value variety, playability (I HATE blind over-the-hill shots), conditions, practice areas, and difficulty. Someday once I have some more expendable income I'll make it a habit of playing the really nice courses every so often.
  22. I always use Ogio bags, they are generally really well built and I've liked how they distribute the pockets and the ball silo. They do take getting used to with the stand mechanism though, so try it out in the store to make sure you like it first.
  23. Any idea if they're actually going to want you to review their stuff?
  24. Now that would be a great idea, especially if it was oriented such that the bag opening always faced you (and had a convenient place to store bottles). I can imagine the weight being a problem when going through mud though.
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