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  1. I just upgraded from iphone to android and am really happy. I'm going to try out nRange Golf, Golf Frontier, and V1 Golf this weekend (I use GolfShot for my scorecard, but haven't broken down and paid the $30 for the gps version).
  2. Really? I use mine all the time when warming up to make sure my swing is correct. I've compared it to what the aboutGolf simulator I used during my lessons said and it was fairly accurate +/- 2mph. I'm not sure if these things have a warranty or not, but you might want to try contacting medicus and tell them your unit is faulty.
  3. I usually don't like the look of Cleveland drivers, but this one is a winner.
  4. How are you liking the Spinner shaft? I've been very tempted to put it into my wedges.
  5. Sounds like what softball is to baseball Personally I think people who want to play golf want to play it the way it was meant to be played. The handicap system works well enough to level the playing field. The points I've found from people who are hesitant or outright don't want to play golf are: 1. The perception that golf is not a "real" sport or it's more of an elitist activity or it's boring (usually this comes from people who have never played). 2. The cost of entry. Sure, there are cheaper clubs out there, but it's hard not to feel like you are further handicapping yourself by buying the cheap stuff. Again, this is perception since a low handicapper could use a very cheap set and still score well. 3. Finding other people who golf. This is a bit of a chicken and egg thing, but it's hard to get into golf without having friends who also golf. Anyone can play a pickup game of baseball, football, or basketball, so it's never difficult to find others to play (eventually the cream rises to the top). 4. I've yet to see anyone who starts off being able to hit the ball well. It does take commitment to stick with it, especially for those of us (myself included) who don't have much natural athletic talent. The only real way to increase interest in golf IMO is through programs like the first tee, because for the most part young kids don't care about any of the above points.
  6. Having tried many clubs, I can say that they definitely compare to the higher priced forgings. I love my Prophet forged clubs and can't say enough good things about them. They're even better in the hands of a lower handcapper than I, but by no means do I feel I suffer from them being blades instead of cavity backs. I've owned them for a full season now, and my opinion of these blades has never waivered.
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  8. I built my entire set and am happy to help with advice... The only real power tool you need is a cutoff saw. I bought this from harbor freight: http://www.harborfreight.com/6-inch-cut-off-saw-41453.html You'll need a blade for this, I bought the one from Hireko since I got my clubs from there, but you can probably find a similar saw blade with the $8 shipping they charge. Other than that, get some 80 and 120 grain sandpaper (for steel and graphite shafts respectively). Ferrules can be banged on by forcing the ferrule slightly on the shaft, then banging the shaft + ferrule into the floor on a towel. Once the ferrule is on, use the club head to knock it the rest of the way. For epoxy, get some wood sticks for stirring. I've been told you can use sugar in place of glass beads to help center the shaft, but I haven't tried this myself. If you want to get fancy, you can get a shaft spine finding tool off ebay and build your own FLO tool using a laser pointer.
  9. Not to derail the topic, but nothing beats playing golf with your kid. My son and I started at the same time when he was 5 years old. He's now 7 and drives the ball 120 yards straight as an arrow. Find a course that partners with the First Tee and has family tees. My son's hitting the shorter tees still (makes the course a little over 1100 yards). It's a great way to play an actual golf course together.
  10. I used Hireko's shaft fitting guide when I built my clubs and was really happy with the result: http://support.hirekogolf.com/customer-support/dynamic-shaft-fitting-addendum-download-free/ direct link to pdf: http://support.hirekogolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2011SFAchapter5.pdf What you do is determine if you have a fast/medium/slow swing tempo, then figure out your swing speed (I used the medicus swing speed meter). Then just match your tempo and swing speed to the column in the chart.
  11. This thread inspired me to reach for a similar goal of breaking 90 consistently (it was 100 at the beginning of the summer). Are you planning on doing this again next season?
  12. +1 to what stevenhw8 said. Three ideas I've probably mentioned before: 1) I'd really love a post your scorecard section instead of a single thread. I'd certainly update it more often and I think it would help people offer advice (I'm one of those high cappers who can't give, but will take advice!) 2) More reviews from from component manufacturers or even clones. Your review of the original dynacraft prophet blades is what drew me here to begin with. I stay because there are a lot of interesting discussions that go on. Since I've joined, I think I can count on one hand reviews from the smaller guys (I'm not necessarily suggesting reviews from my preferences, on the contrary I'd like to see reviews of clubs I don't have). 3) I would love to see long time members invited to participate in the Ultimate review system. I'm not sure how the logistics would work, but if MGS receives a club they know they don't have to return, perhaps every so often mail it to a member who you know will provide feedback for his/her contribution to the review process. The member would run through the same objective testing at a local shop that lets you rent simulators and provide subjective input with the caveat that the member received the club for free (but had to pay for shipping and to rent the simulator). I'm not saying this should be a monthly thing, but maybe once or twice a year...
  13. Taking cost out of the equation is fine, but it sort of slants reviews in favor of the major OEMs where a large portion of the cost is actually paying for their advertising, not necessarily the innovation of a club. It would be good to have the current MSRP posted in the conclusion. I know it's the first thing I look up after reading a review so that I can scale the overall rating based on my subjective view of cost.
  14. With the tip I got from my GolfTEC swing analysis, I was finally able to drive the ball consistently 270 yards after messing up my drives on the first two holes. My putting and chipping were horribly off and I missed a few birdie putts that should have been gimmes. The course itself is pretty easy and not that well maintained, but they have kids tees, so I can go with my 7 year old son, which is great.
  15. I just had my swing analysis done today. Compared to lessons I took at GolfTown, I can see how they justify their price: 1) The videos were much crisper. 2) The motion sensors give numbers of shoulder/hip turn (angle, speed). 3) They have practice for uneven lies, putting, chipping. 4) There's also a practice area to use the equipment on your own so you can practice, it probably costs something absurd to use though. There were two problems the instructor pointed out with my swing. The first is that my swing was too far inside out, which prevents my hips from turning enough and costs me a lot of power. The second is I use my hands too much, which I could see in the video: after impact my club face was ahead of my hands. But damn is it expensive. A single lesson will run $105, a set of 10 lessons over 6 months runs $799. I don't think this includes the practice facility, which is probably more $$$. As Preston said, if I had more disposable income I might be tempted to take lessons and I'm sure they would help, but it's just not in the cards for me right now.
  16. I've tried them in the store and can't say I like them or the longer putters. I'm more tempted to switch to a shorter putter and an even bigger grip than my current midsize.
  17. http://www.oobgolf.com/courses/scorecard.php?id=4127 (Highlands Hole #4) 219 yards. Luckily for normal people playing from the blues it's only 165-200 yards depending on tee/flag placement. Such a nice looking course though.
  18. I found it interesting also in this table that the Pros had a lower Peak Upper-Torso and Peak Pelvice Rotation Rotation than 15+ Handicappers, but at impact, both O-factor (pelvic obliquity) and S-factor (shoulder obliquity) were higher, showing tempo and mechanics are much more important than swinging hard. I know tempo+mechanics conclusion shouldn't be surprising, but it is nice to see the numbers.
  19. Definitions: X-factor (relative hip-shoulder rotation, positive means greater hip rotation, negative means greater shoulder rotation) O-factor (pelvic obliquity) S-factor (shoulder obliquity) Obliquity (deviation from parallelism or perpendicularity; also : the amount of such deviation) Several quotes from the paper: Being the nerd that I am, I have to say I really enjoyed the paper. Here are my notes: A positive hip angle is controlled by the bend of your knees. Power is generated by both the rotation of the hips as well as a positive O-factor (angle of your hips compared to a parallel line to the ground). The hips need to rotate faster than the shoulders during the backswing up to the point of impact, especially right after the start of the downswing. The charts show X factor slowly reduces after the peek at the top of the swing or start of the downswing. Immediately after the club head hits the ground X factor decreases and quickly becomes negative, meaning the shoulder rotate faster than the hips only after impact. However, excessive X factor where the hips are rotating much faster than the shoulder is a cause of lower back injury. According to the paper, excessive X factor is caused by shoulder rotation, so if you find you have lower back pain, try rotating your shoulders faster. I'll have to pay more attention to these things in my swing next time on the range, maybe even get a buddy to record me so I can measure the obliquity angle of my hips/shoulder and eyeball rotation speeds...
  20. Wouldn't the wedges compete with Vokeys since both a Titleist brand? That said, I'm sure a piece of string with the name Scotty Cameron would sell well.
  21. Thanks, I was just curious and hopefully didn't sound pushy . The reviews are terrific, so I'm always looking for more, but I completely understand it takes time to do them well. Keep up the great work!
  22. The new Tour Edge clubs look really nice. I love the smaller heads. I also have a question: I've seen far more JUST ARRIVED posts than reviews. Obviously it takes time to review so this makes sense, but do you expect to review all the "just arrived" clubs? Is there some list that gives a rough idea of when each club will get reviewed?
  23. I finally got around to managing my team for the past few weeks. It makes watching the tournament a lot more fun.
  24. Not to be argumentative, but the stats are very skewed due to the win and also 4 events is a very small sample size. Anyway, I agree with you that he probably won't dump Stevie, I just find Stevie's comments to be a very low class move. For fun I looked up the stats: With Stevie: WGC Bridgestone Invitational - 1st - $1.4mil Open Championship - T25 - $63k AT&T National - T3 - $322k US Open - MC - $0 Before: Crown Plaza Invitational - T65 - $13 The Players - MC - $0 Valero Texas Open - T23 - $52k The Masters - T2 - $704k WGC Cadillac - T6 - $271k Honda Classic - MC - $0 WGC Accenture Match Play - 1st - 45k Sony Open - MC - $0 Hyundai Tournament of Champions - T21 - $71k Australian PGA Championship - MC - $0 Australian PGA Championship - MC - $0 Australian Open - T23 - $10k Barclay's Singapore - 1st - $1mil
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