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  1. My driver and I were not speaking to each other at all until the 18th, when I actually faded the ball like I wanted to. I also collapsed epically on several holes after getting into trouble, should have laid up, but went for it and failed That said, I was pretty happy with my chipping and putting for once, so hopefully I'll break 90 soon.
  2. In order, my favorites are the 8th, 7th, 2nd, and 4th
  3. Hey Boz, This sounds really interesting. I looked at the test pilot program on your site and had a few questions: 1) Are all the balls 3-piece? 2) What material are you using for the cover if you can say? 3) What is the "Vision Test Pilot Project KIT"? Thanks, Will
  4. Look at http://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/wedges/vokey-spin-milled.aspx, there is a 58/12 wedge
  5. Really nice clubs. I like Wishon a lot, especially the 555C heads, I just wish they would sell their heads to the general public.
  6. But it's so ugly without the red plate...
  7. Can't go wrong with most forged irons/wedges. I'm very happy with my set, but if I were to pick from a major OEM, it would be: TMag Burner Superfast 2.0 9.5* Driver TMag Burner Superfast 2.0 15* 3-wood Adams Idea Pro Black 3+4 Hybrid Mizuno MP-63 5-PW Mizuno MP-T11 Forged Wedges Odyssey Putter of some sort
  8. I actually hardly use the PW as a wedge. For me it's more of a 10 iron. I have a 50* 54* and 58* wedge setup. I find that I have a nice 10 yard gap from PW - GW - SW - LW - 1/2 GW - 1/2 SW - 1/2 LW - chipping. I fill in the gaps from my long irons by having a 3H that is 19* and a 4H that's 22* instead of the typical 21* 3-iron and 24* 4-iron. I do have a 15 yard gap between my 4H and 5-iron, so I just typically avoid any layup that will land me 180 yards from the tee. If I do have to hit that shot, I just choke down a little on my 4H. Then again, I'm a high-handicapper, so who knows if I'm doing it right
  9. Ha! Same here. I hardly ever pick out my outfits If I were going to pick, I'd say Glover, except on Day 1, he should take Molinari's shirt that day.
  10. Yes please. The "Post your Scores" thread is getting long very fast.
  11. My typical course is Fresh Pond in Cambridge, MA. Not because it's the nicest, but because it's the closest.
  12. The bottom grip on the last picture is really nice, but holy crap are they expensive!
  13. Good point. I'll try it out and see if I gain some yards! Thanks again.
  14. I'll pay more attention to this, thanks for the tip. My problem is that if I don't pause for a split second, my club is still moving up in the swing when I start the downswing (at least that's my perception). I'll pay more attention to this though. I should probably clarify. I actually don't artificially do anything with my hands and wrists. However, if I swing with my arms, it sure feels different and I can tell the clubhead is not lagging behind my hands. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Any chance you're going to start posting scorecards as well now? It'd be great to compare how well you do to Golfspy Dave since you've both been fitted...
  16. 1 over par isn't exactly breaking 80! I'll post my own card once I have a chance to get out again. I can't post my last round out of shame of my horrible short game that day
  17. I play blades and am also probably not good enough for them, but I sure enjoy hitting them a lot more than other clubs and so far haven't seen any loss of distance. My short game/putting is what really keeps my scores high! Enjoy the new sticks, very nice looking.
  18. I like how they actually took the time to figure out your proper club length rather than just measuring your height and wrist to floor. I've always heard very good things about Wishon clubs. I just wish they would sell their heads to hobby clubmakers like me.
  19. I'd be very curious if you find any loss of distance with this driver considering it's promoted as an ultra-forgiving club, especially if you can compare it side by side with it's brother, the Acer XF leggera. All in all, the club does look very nice.
  20. As stevenhw8 said, the difference in backspin, launch angle, etc... IOTW, are certain drivers *really* longer/easier to hit/workable than others? Or in the end, does it just come down to which driver you think looks best?
  21. How much of a difference is there really between driver heads? (not talking about standard vs draw or titanium vs composite)
  22. Lucky... Perhaps if there is a contest it should be for saddest story?
  23. The top looks almost the same as the Ogio Sultan Cart bag. I have the putter in the same spot, but where you have a driver I put my 5 iron and put each subsequent iron along the perimeter. I have my driver, fw, and hybrids in the middle because I find it easier to see the irons with the woods/hybrids in the middle. I also like having the putter/wedges where they are easy to get to. To map your current setup to how I have my bag setup: Leave Putter where it is Driver -> 4 iron 4 iron -> 5 iron 8 iron -> 6 iron 50* -> 7 iron SW -> 8 iron Leave 9 iron where it is 60* -> PW PW -> 50* 7 iron -> SW 3 wood -> 60* hybrid -> Driver 5 iron -> 3 wood 6 iron -> hybrid My 2 cents. I also use a Clicgear.
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