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  1. After going through a bit of a funk where I was hitting the ball terribly, I realized I have very little natural talent to reproduce my swing without being completely analytical about it. So I sat down and wrote up a list of checkpoints in my swing and it helped me get back to normal, which isn't great but still decent. My 5 iron (27*) goes about 170. Checkpoints: Right foot placed back to promote draw -- for driver, more weight on back foot -- not so far out that you can't put your weight on the foot Club faced a little closed to promote draw Very light grip using fingers and h
  2. stevenhw8 had a good idea to have a spot on the forum to post scorecards from Golfshot/Golflogix/whatever so we can share advice about each other's game. (similar to what Golfspy Dave is doing, but without hyjacking his thread) I like the idea...any chance this could happen?
  3. If you already have steel shafts, then the length is probably the same as a 3 iron. With graphite shafts, .5" is added to normalize the swingweight because of the lighter shaft. I'd definitely agree a hybrid doesn't have the same feel as an iron, but as long as the divot looks good and the balls goes the distance, then you're probably doing it right.
  4. I think it's mental as much as anything else. I'm the opposite as you, I can hit long hybrids, but am horrible with 3 and 4 irons even though I hit my 5 iron very well. The other question is how well do you hit a FW wood? Maybe you don't like lighter clubs? It's definitely possible to build a hybrid with a steel shaft and cutting it to the same length as a normal 3 or 4 iron since the heads weight the same (at least theoretically). This will give you a bit more weight and you might like the feel of the club better.
  5. I really look forward to reading this. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I've just gotten a custom set of clubs, which I played horribly at first but they have really grown on me and I now hit them far better than my old clubs. If you want a goal, my golf instructor always told me my goal should be to shrink my spray area and lower my backspin. As you said, lowering my handicap will be a by-product of fixing these two issues. Golfshot/GolfLogix are great ways to keep track of your stats. Also, if you don't have one, get a range finder to help you get a better sense of how far you hit on a
  6. Here's a list of component manufacturers I looked at before I built my set. In the end, my choice came down to looks: Golfworks: They system called the "Maltby Playability Factor" for choosing shaft and heads. They also teach classes for golf club fitting based on their system Hireko: They have a DSFI fitting system for choosing shafts. Wishon: They advocate a similar style club fitting as was done for the Callaway review KZG: Apparently they also have a fitting process, but I couldn't find any info about how much their clubs actually cost. There are other manufacturers (SM
  7. I don't work for any golf company, component or OEM, just like I don't assume you work for Adams because you mention you like their clubs. For measuring SS, I use the medicus power meter. It's pretty accurate. I've compared it to the numbers I've gotten during a few different lessons and they're pretty spot on.
  8. I definitely like fitting reviews and would also like to see Adams. Try to throw a bone to the non-OEMs though and build a set from one of the component manufacturers. You get way more customization as far as head, shaft, and grip choices. Also, each of the component sites has their own way to fit you based on your swing speed, ball flight, distance, and preference to heavier/lighter clubs and swingweight. Speaking from personal experience and having been fitted for OEMs in the past, I can say having the objective data about components from various manufacturers to choose what is rig
  9. Writing about how hostile Tiger is to the media is all about extending a story that's really no longer there. I really want to see him back in dominant form, but I can't see it happening with his current coach. I say go the Bubba route and go solo for a while. Or if sleeping with porn stars helps his game, go for it.
  10. +1 on photo contest of some sort. IMO HDR photos with the MGS logo somehow incorporated into the pic.
  11. Look at the Dynacraft Prophet Forged CNC blades. I've been using them for a few months now and have never hit a better club. If you want OEM, look at Mizuno or Titleist forged clubs.
  12. Do you think the same applies to component club manufacturers? I've grown to love my clubs more than my previous TM burner driver/fairway, but I wonder if using shoddy welding/materials is one way component manufacturers keep down their price. I'm hoping it's not the case...
  13. I'm always looking for a good deal and this site might be a good find. The prices aren't quite as cheap as lostgolfballs.com, but I'm guessing that the later site gets most of their balls from the water. I got curious about how water affects golf balls, so I started searching around and found the following article: http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/playerschamp06/columns/story?columnist=rovell_darren&id=2380969 This has been requoted many times, but for the life of me I can't find the original 1996 study or the supposed study done by Army Research Labs (why the hell would ARL
  14. Dynamics Swing Golf Glove Anyone try this? On paper it seems like a great training aid, and one of the cheapest ones out there at $35.
  15. With these selling buy-one-get-one-free for $40, I picked up two dozen of the standard Tour balls. The cover feels fantastic and the flight off the driver and spin on the wedge are as good/better than any ball I've ever used. I've also bought a dozen MG Tour C4 balls and am planning to do are more exhaustive comparison once I have some more free time.
  16. It's also missing the screw in weights. Maybe it's a budget version or a very early prototype?
  17. Damn, your first review was almost a relief to me that there was no good indoor simulator. Now I may have to rearrange all my furniture so I have room for one of these! A few questions though: You said distances were consistent, but how do they compare with your actual distances? Are all clubs off by the same amount or does each club have it's own distance gap? Also, how well does it measure driver hits? If you miss the sweet spot by hitting at the top or bottom of you club, does it notice? Does it notice sweet spot misses left or right? Thanks, Will
  18. Great review. I can't wait to try these. One question though, how would you rate their compression? Are they easier/harder to compress off the driver than a ProV1/ProV1x? Will
  19. Yeah, I almost bought 3 until I noticed their 1 certificate at a time restriction...
  20. http://www.mggolf.com/misc.asp (scroll down to below the bag section) I noticed this while looking at their bag. I grabbed one and am planning on using it on a dozen of their C4 Urethane Golf balls. Will
  21. I was just wondering how accurate it is compared using a machine? Obviously it's more prone to human error and won't be as precise, but it's a lot cheaper than a Mitchell! I don't have access to a machine to do the comparison myself, so I was wondering if anyone on these forums has. Thank you, Will LINK
  22. I'm very tempted to order these sometime after the season starts. I was wondering if there were any plans on doing an official review on them. They're a very nice looking set of forged irons and a good price. http://www.hirekogolf.com/hireko/orderportal/catalog_presentation/by_group/0/2042/0/0/0/0/0 Thanks, Will
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