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  1. I hit a couple of their wedges, purest feel Ive ever felt, absolutely sweet
  2. Mentioned one of them was a winner of a major in the last year
  3. How about Scratch Golf, he could be a part owner, and we know he likes to design his own clubs, was at Scratch facility last week and they said they are testing with several name players, but of course wouldnt say who
  4. If I remember right there was a Srixon guy on the forum
  5. Dont know, gonna ask them on their Twitter page
  6. I may not have won your contest for my idea of "Remember when Tennis balls were white", but check out page 81 of the April 5th edition of Golf World. Srixon liked the idea, or do great minds think alike. Cmon Srixon, pony up some balls
  7. Scene: Video of classic tennis match with players hitting white tennis balls Next scene In big letters or narrator or both "Remember when tennis balls were white" Next Scene a golfer putting a white golf ball as above letters fade out Next Scene Modern tennis player crushing an optic yellow tennis ball Next Scene Modern golfer crushing a Srixon Tour Yellow Ball Final Scene "Srixon Tour Yellow" Now dont you think that would worK!!!!!
  8. "Remember when all tennis balls were "white" " Srixon Z Star tour Yellow
  9. Srixon Z star Yellow Tour Golf Balls better than blue !!!!!
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