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  1. Funny you say that because I think on his 13th or 14th hole...can't remember...I was thinking exactly the same thing. At least a 58, which would have been very cool. He birdies his 17th hole and I think we would have seen a 58 out of him.
  2. I don't think the impact zone and aiming point encourage hitting down at the ball with the driver. I suppose there may be a little bit of it, but the whole premise is to aim your hands 4 inches ahead of the ball which encourages you to hold onto the lag longer. There shouldn't be any intentional hitting down on the ball. In fact, the ball 'isn't even there' really. Give the driver section another read.
  3. I just posted a reply to a guy that was hitting some big hooks...I think the post was old...my suggestion was to look at Bobby Clampett's The Impact Zone book. I read it this past winter, and will likely read it again. Helped with my short game and long iron play. And my driving was off the charts as well - I need to get it back. Has anyone else ever looked into it? Obviously, you can get the book at any book store, or order it. Here's a link to one of his youtube videos that I always enjoy watching...
  4. Looks like he lived to see another day. Hopefully we start seeing more of DJ...
  5. Have you ever considered getting an impact bag? You don't need to make big swings with it. even little quarter swings to help you feel the position that you're looking for. I worked on it over the winter and found that it actually helped me a bit...more with short game stuff but the principles in golf are all the same. I'd even consider looking at Bobby Clampett's book the impact zone. A different approach to the game and working on what the real concern should be...the moment of truth. Worked for me with my irons as well. The link is for a youtube video that I could watch over and over. You can get the book or order it at any book store.
  6. I'm likely not that nice. I have woman in my life that would likely say otherwise...
  7. Perhaps I should have clarified with the power fade...likely not for a high handicap player trying to fix a hook or even learn how to play for that matter. Little tips and tricks like this one are more likely geared towards guys that have been playing for awhile and can get it around pretty good. If starting out...learning how to hit a power fade is likely not or should not be much of a concern for anyone. Tee it up and let it rip is better. You'll figure the other stuff as you go. I've been playing this ridiculous game for a long long time...and I'm still trying to figure it out. You'll get there. And if you want to get yourself down from a 16-handicap spend more time on the short game. Go with the 80-20 rule of practicing, with the 80 on short game. Short game from 100 yards in. Chipping around the greens - different lies and different spots...get good with your sand wedge Bump and runs from fringe to holes further away...using an 8-iron or whatever you like. even out of lies in the rough where you can get the club on it. Putting - 5-feet and in, different holes, different locations. If higher handicap players were honest with themselves I'd bet my last dollar that the list above would 6 to 8 shots around they're throwing away. Give it a try...Let us know how it works for you...
  8. I think it's been longer than that. I've been dealing with some health issues since saturday. Maybe friday. All fun and games...haha... And i think it was still the wrong decision. He'd get them 3 or 4 points for sure. He may not be the guy to put in the last or second to last group on sunday to finish it off but either is Webb right now. Time will tell.
  9. Furyk's 59 was very very impressive. Under those conditions. Dude was on fire and very precision like. I don't know if it was me, but even under the pressure of what he was doing he seemed a lot less fidgety than normal...which is a good thing of course.
  10. I've only seen a little bit of Lydia Ko...and from what I can see, obviously, she is really solid. And has a great attitude. But they all do at that age. Or it seems. That would be my only concern is she keeps that attitude of hers going as i think that's why she plays so well. Time will tell. Remember Sergio when he first came out...great attitude and lots of fun and now look at him. Although, i think it is a little different because when you're 'high' like he was your lows can be very low and miserable. As he's proven. I think Lydia Ko is generally a very level player and person with a great attitude. It will be fun to watch her ride it out. Hopefully, it's not another Michelle Wie mess..
  11. That's interesting you would say that. I'll have to keep that in mind. I've been told they're as soft as butter. It would be nice to try them at some point. The small blades look pretty sweet.
  12. I say all that and my last round out I managed to stink it up pretty good in spots. At times not so much fun, but when I'm playing the kingsley club really nothing matters. Only wish I could get out everyday. It'd be nice to see where I could get my game to right now as putting is great and short game is much better. Driving is off and on. I tend to go as my driver goes. And I can still amaze myself with how good I can hit my irons at times...and how bad I can hit my irons at times...
  13. Thanks for the reply...rules of forums can be a little confusing. I guess self serving in the sense of wanting to know what people like to read. Sorry for the confusion and unintended disrespect... And by the way...my way of hitting a power fade is still the best. Have a good one...
  14. It's how Hogan played...mind you he used a much weaker grip. I've tried it that way and only bad things happen...for me. Everyone is different. I prefer a neutral grip.
  15. Try it...it works for a power fade. I'm not talking a slice or anything like that. There's a better link, without a video, that explains it but it's from another golf forum, so I didn't know the rules or be disrespectful to how open mygolfspy is. Google power fade vs. fade and you'll see it from there...
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