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  1. Hey, Whiskey. If you have any specific questions regarding designing putters in SW feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you out. Tim
  2. Hi, Whiskey. Try this: www.bellumwinmore.com
  3. Digging the C100's. Remind me of the VRS_Forged
  4. Not a Rick Reilly fan by any stretch, but anyone who cares enough about this topic to post should really read the "Who's Your Caddy" chapter about Dewey Tomko. Not sure how much embellishment is sewn into the prose, but it was a fun read.
  5. Hey there, The sole camber is a full radius. If you don't mind my asking, what is your personal preference? Tim
  6. Many thanks to T for posting these pictures. The back view on the black looks sick.
  7. We wanted to be able to see the name from space. In all seriousness the sole graphics and subsequent font size substantially delayed the first run. Can you believe that my partner and I met in the middle? LOL
  8. I went on your website for the first time yesterday and am very impressed. I love the recycling aspect of the grid iron and major leaguer. Can your grips and putter shoes be branded?
  9. Thanks, Richard. Your back and forth with me augmented our approach more than you know.
  10. First of all I'd like to thank Tony for taking the time out to give it a roll as well as taking all of these pictures. The toe hang on the 707 is 4:30. We're targeting the beginning of August for release, but we're still debating price. Tony was right. We will be offering a minimal amount of customization, allowing for a choice of sight lines, face milling, and paint fill. Initially we will offer the 707 with a simple bead blasted finish as shown in the pictures, but our intent is to add finish options at a later date. Regarding the design pipeline, we'll be following up the 707 with a mallet, followed by a #9. Thank you everyone for all of the support and positive sentiment, and let me know if I can answer any questions. Kind Regards, Tim
  11. Duke

    Anser Proto Pics

    Thanks, dude.We were at best trying to get the general shape of the design. The sharp edges will all fillet at .05 to .0625". We filleted around the face just to get an idea of what the radius would be, but decided to forgo the back side as we'll be working quickly to get the one-piece designed and milled. Thanks for the input. Tim
  12. Duke

    Anser Proto Pics

    I think this will work
  13. After all the valuable feedback we received on our last post we immediately dug into designing an Anser, as well as a #9 and a nice, compact mallet (we have yet to cut metal on the last two). There was a design flaw where the primary bumpers meet the lower bumpers at the toe and heel, which has since been remedied. The next step is converting this to a one piece design that includes the hosel.As always, all feedback is welcome, and I apologize in advance if these images show up as downloadable files rather than in the body of the post. I'll have to consult T if that ends up being the case. Tim Back 1.pdf Front 1.pdf ISO 1.pdf ISO 2.pdf Top 1.pdf
  14. Ping Wack-E mallet IN. Makes putts and picks up my favorite Brazilian Soaps.
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