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  1. In shorter terms. it's #1 with me in regards to the WOW Factor. Go to the Island casino website and do the package deal. Best prices in Michigan. You can play Timberstone, Greywalls and Sweetgrass for a very reasonable price. The casino treats you very nice also!! Check it out!!!
  2. Any inside info or rumors of what TM has up their sleeve regarding new weapons off the tee?? Would love to hear about any new information!
  3. I am a 67 years old with a 5 handicap. I play between 50 to 75 rounds a year. I have played 40 of the top 100 in the USA. I have played at least one of the top 10 in 18 different states. I have also played 159 different courses in my home state of Michigan!!! I have bought golf balls from every place listed. I search for the best prices I can find!!! I am very interested in testing the Snell golf ball as I have heard very good reports on it. I want to find out if it can best my top three which are the pro V1, Taylor Made Project A, and the Srixon Z Star. Give me a chance!!!! Bob Forberg
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