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  1. So far, mine is my current gamer. Cobra F9 w/ Aldila NC 2KXV Blue 70x at 44.5". Longest drive I have GPSed was 318. I am thinking about getting a new one as my swing has changed a little and I am launching it a tad high with a few hundred too much spin.
  2. I enjoyed the article. I went and looked and the 001 Sycamore has a head weight of 380. That is one hefty putter. I put weights on my spider to get it to 375 and that thing feels like a tank.
  3. I am loving what I have read about these irons. The T100 seem like just the ticket. MGS bringing the heat!
  4. Congratulations Dawg Daddy!!! Posted from my phone. Autocorrect​ is not always my friend.
  5. Index: 11 State: North Carolina Swing speed: 110 Average Carry Distance: 265 Preference: F7+
  6. Bill!!!! I am jealous. I am excited to hear your thoughts and get to try this myself next time we play.
  7. I have seen this a few times, but I will say it too, Lowe's driveway markers for my alignment sticks/head cover holder.
  8. There was a lot of buzz back in the day that his Nike ball was really produced by BStone. As a matter of fact, I was at a certain Ryder Cup style event thrown by a different forum and there was a BStone rep there. After we got a few drinks in him, he said that they made his ball. Can never really trust everything reps say, however.
  9. I am excited about the Epic, but my 2017 equipment budget is zero
  10. Yeah. He seems like a very intelligent person, but I bet he over thinks everything.
  11. My username is lame, but I have had it since I was a teenager.
  12. 1. I average around 75 rounds per year 2. Current index is 11.4 3. Current putter is a TM Spider Limited
  13. Went through a very rough stretch of golf. I was a 9, but now I am an 11.7
  14. Best answer in this got dang thread.
  15. I didn't take your last post as contrite. What I was thinking is if there was truly a "Best Ball In Golf." If one was to take a cross section of balls from the top 5 ball manufacturers and do an autopsy, which brand would be the most consistent. Like you said, it would not likely matter much if at all, but it is interesting to think aboot.
  16. This right here! I was hoping someone would know, but it seems a thing we all take for granted. I suppose, as has been pointed out, that tolerances are so good these days that getting 12 exact duplicate balls is not a real issue, but who has tested it?
  17. I love being a fat American with my silly, well aligned teeth.
  18. Thanks for the insightful reply. There is so much that goes into the manufacturing of balls. Think about it, a V1x has 4 layers and each layer has to be a uniform thickness and centered properly. They sell devices that will show you the balance point of a ball. I don't use this or ever seriously thought about buying one, but that tells me that there is something to this thought. IMO, the imperfections in the turf would have more of effect while putting. As far as surface imperfections, I would not think these would have a drastic effect on flight unless it has bad path rash.
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