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  1. In general, I think the shaft does very little to affect the performance, however it does affect feel and affect how you swing. If a shaft feels too stiff and boardy, one would tend to swing harder just to get the right feel, resulting in overall poor performance. The right shaft matched to a club head of choice WILL result in very significant performance improvements. I say that with confidence because that is exactly what happened to me. That said, when dealing with club heads like SLDR, finding the right loft matters because here again you want to get the right launch and spin num
  2. Don't worry about the turbulators. Maybe somebody will come up with a DIY project to add these to their SLDR
  3. Jetspeed isn't a bad driver at all, I believe if properly fitted, its as good as any other drivers anytime. The lesson I have learned during my SLDR fitting yesterday, regardless of club head, it's the shaft that would make a tremendous difference in performance. However the same shaft which worded so well for one club head might not work as well for another club head. Back to SLDR heads, it is indeed a very low spinning head, and you have to disregard the stated loft on the club head and be really objective - look at the numbers you are getting. About buying a Jetspeed for as litt
  4. Today I finally got myself properly fitted for an SLDR at Adidas Taylor Made. Loft is 10.5, had to set to fade slightly to compensate for my tendency to close the club face too quickly. The head was matched to a Matrix Ozik Red 6Q3 shaft in S flex. Gotta admit this has been then best feeling combo I every swung in years. That said, this has been the second time I really got properly fitted for my golf clubs, the first time was years ago with my ZB forged irons which I still use today. I'm all excited about the new driver and can't wait for my order to be shipped to my hands.
  5. How I wish I could have all of that... whole selection of shafts and club heads. Wonder how much it would cost to have all that?
  6. I'm a little baffled by the numbers. I always thought based on a best humanly possible smash factor of 1.5, a 90 mph ss should result in 135 mph ball speed. The high spin rates you are getting vs the ball speed also does not match. Personally I suspect the launch monitors you have used were off by quite a fair bit. I think it also takes a very extreme out / in + open face contact to get the kind of spin rates you have got with the moderate loft you are using - or at least extreme enough for the name eye to see that the swing is not quite right. So if the tester is also baffled, my sus
  7. For my irons, length and correct lie angle is everything, while accuracy and distance control matters more than anything. However modern drivers have better MOI and large forgiving faces. What matters is comfort and with square face contact. A small miss towards the toe or heel, near crown or near the sole shouldn't cause too much damage.
  8. I tried the Covert... didn't like the weight and feel of it. I clock 3 mph lower swing speed compared to Bio Cell... I also hated the Covert grip, feels as if the club would fly out of my hands post impact. Maybe that's one factor affecting it's performance.
  9. Like most other component-brand name - like SMT, Alpha, Bang, Nakashima really do offer excellent quality stuff. Among these brands, Alpha and Nakashima has always been the best quality I have seen. It their hay days, Nakashima had always been quite pricey compared to Bang and SMT golf. Nowadays, nobody really want to play these golf clubs much. Not for want of quality or technology. But rather a TaylorMade or Callaway is about the same price as a fully assembled component club and has more brand recognition. If ever there's a head to head test of these component clubs of yesteryear
  10. For me longer shaft means that I tend to hit the ball more towards the toe for my irons. It's very hard to make solid contact that way when the sweet spot is very near to the heel. So my irons are always cut 1/2 inch shorted and 2 degrees flat. I guess one man's meat is another man's poison applies here.
  11. There are some clubs that I never get to use, I reckon I could get rid of certain clubs too. My utility is my old faithful workhorse, whenever I need to get from point A to point B and there's quite a bit of real estate in between, so this 1 club replaces my 3 wood, 3, 4 and 5 irons. My 3 wood & 3, 4 and 5 irons are almost never used. So is my 9 iron, which goes the same distance as my PW, but I'm way more comfortable with my PW. So at most I can get rid of 5 clubs here.
  12. I fear to think... do you know what this implies? There's no more "extra yards" to be yielded from the latest and greatest! I was on the verge of pulling the trigger and buy an SLDR, now this changes things a bit
  13. Nice! But it's too much shaft for most average golfers anyway
  14. I like to sum up my discovery which I think has totally transformed my game - without boring everybody with the details too much. I found that it is not how hard or how fast you swing. It is possible to swing and move so fast that you left the club head behind (way too much lag), and the club head never had enough time and space to build up its maximum speed just before or at impact. That had been my problem all these years. It's all in the technique and timing. Brute force, swinging faster counts for nothing if all that momentum is not transferred to the club head. In my case, I had t
  15. For me I'll go for the 712MB anytime. I just don't like AP2 design, seem like too much going on. That's just based purely on looks, I'm not sure about feel though.
  16. TheHacker


    That's it! I'm painting my RBZ fwy wood black!
  17. IMHO, I think the most beautiful blades are either the 712MB or the Cleveland 588 series. I love the 712MB satin finish, hopefully when the 714 is available in the market, I can get the 712 more cheaply. Comparing the two generations, 712 and 714, I think 712 has a purer look. I'm not sure what's the story behind that slot under the muscle, to blade lovers it's quite redundant.
  18. For me I prefer to use recycled balls nowadays. It's more psychological than anything. No matter what brand I use, if it's brand new from the sleeve, there is only one destination - it goes straight to the water hazard. Brand new balls rarely last more than 3 holes for me. But a used ball, maybe slight scuffed up, can last at least 9 holes before it becomes too scuffed up for use.
  19. My swing speed varies significantly from day to day depending on my energy level. For me a high carbohydrate breakfast consisting of cornflakes and soya milk actually reduced my performance, compared to a high fat breakfast of bacon. I have experimented on this enough to more or less conclude this is the case for me. With high carb diet, I am not as energetic and my endurance is affected. My typical swing speed rarely go above 105 mph. However with high fat breakfast, my typical swing speed goes up to 108 - 112 mph. There is also a marked improvement in energy level and endurance.
  20. Looks like a widow maker on wheels to me.
  21. "Yeah I hope its F888ing expensive!" That's a good one! Those punks have no business being there.
  22. The problem with white clubs is they get dirty real quick. I'll take black anytime, and never worry about using beat up looking clubs.
  23. My take is a bad swing is a bad swing no matter it's a blade or a ultra forgiving game improvement club. I have a bag of Cleveland HB3 hybrid irons thats so easy to use, if you can't play golf with these, you should consider picking up tennis. However it's not very satisfying to hit game improvement clubs. I switched to my current set of mix cavity and blades initially just to "train" myself to hit the ball better. Initially I loss a lot of distance, I was so short (2 clubs shorter) that it was not funny. I hit my 8, 9 and PW exactly the same distance - all of 90m - with roll . But
  24. My preferred weight for driver shaft would be something in the 50 - 60 gram weight, while 3 wood in 70 - 80 gram feels best to me. So I do not have the same shaft for driver and 3 wood. I used to be quite a fuss pot over this issue, and insisted that at least brand wise, my driver, 3 wood, hybrids must be the same, although of different weight range. Now a days I find that it doesn't matter. I still suck no matter what shaft I use.
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